Monday, October 19, 2015

Mistress Musella: Role Playing vs Playing a Role

We all have our roles in life. Each appropriate for a time in our life whether you are talking work, play, family, or lover. Like with good organization a role has its proper time and place. If only life was as easy as a bookcase with storage bins.

Who are we kidding, but ourselves, when thinking these personas do not crossover into each time and place.

Who hasn’t given thought to last night’s luscious orgasm while sitting and falling asleep in a board meeting. Nothing kills great foreplay than hearing your child vomiting down the hall crying for you.

Sometimes you need a full escape from who you are. By day you’re meek and mild but at night you’re the tigress in charge. All day you’ve solved world problems and now you’re on all fours obeying.

You’ve mentally undressed the _____ who passed by; now your lover is ______.

Childhood games take on new dimensions.

The rules between you and your lover are few – keep it legal and keep it comfortable and permissible. Don’t and No are vital between you both.

Lover is uncomfortable – Respect!

Allow your mind to take you away to your fantasy partner.

A strip tease isn’t the only way to show yourself. Let you lover watch what works for you, play your own role and you never know, next time…

But never play a role that isn’t part of you. Lying isn’t the same as lying. One is a betrayal of who you are, who you are presenting to the one you are most intimate with. The other is…well…a little more fun.

Role Playing is allowing yourself to have fun, to release yourself mentally while the physical happens.

Playing a Role? In the end it’s the bite in the ass you didn’t want.

Do you dare give yourself over to Mistress Musella and her MuseItHOT family? I hope so because we have lots in store for you.

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