Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Frolics: Sexiest Monster

Happy Halloween Eve

Let's get to the point - what's the sexiest monster?

Sexiest monsters hands down for me are vampires. They ooze charm, sexuality, persuasion, desire, and hunger, but yet are extremely dangerous to encounter! The sex scenes are amazing to read, and if the human can survive the encounter, the vampire leaves the character feeling fulfilled...if not a little drained.

Vamps ooze sexuality due to their power over humans and looking human. But, I'm a werewolf gal, maybe cause I'm also a hairy guy lover, too. Think Sam Elliott...the facial and chest hair...heck arm and leg hair. Yup, dark hair rules, too

Sexiest monster? Dracula considered a monster? If not, then maybe a were-wolf? I'm sticking with Dracula though. There's just something about biting, blood and immortality that just makes me...well, you I do believe my heart races as does my pulse just thinking about Dracula. *happy sigh* Okay, now I sound like fan girl with the whole sigh deal.

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