Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Frolics: Sexiest Costume

Hello, hope your October is frightfully good

It's Halloween time, time for costumes...your sexiest :)

Might make you blush again, Chris, but here goes.

The sexiest costume I've seen in a long while was a built buddy of mine dressed up as a naughty cop. His hair was high and tight, though long enough on top for a few curls to be visible. Uniform shirt open at the top with a tuft of dark chest hair bursting out, reflective sun glasses, tight shorts showing a large bulge held up with a black utility belt, long hairy muscular legs finished off with a pair of calf-high black leather boots. The utility belt held a flashlight, handcuffs, a bottle of lube, and a long black nightstick with a handle (the end without the handle was ribbed and ready for action). Rowr!

Sexiest costume?

Hmmm...for a male I'd have to say bikers with long hair and Harley, tattoos and leather. Sunglasses and chains. *sigh* Or maybe a HOT vampire? Were-wolf? Oh geez, now there are three sexiest costumes! Okay, so I gave you three sexiest costumes. Sorry, I can't break that down any more. It's too...well, yeah, hard. *smiles*

As for females? I'd have to say either a vampiress or a dominatrix.

Are you seeing a pattern here?'m gonna have to sit in front of the fan for a minute.

Sexiest costume – I have the costume Evelyn wears in Trick or Treat. It doesn’t fit, but it’s still downstairs. I believe it’s a teal satin.


The royal blue satin skirt I’d made was dangerously short, and the matching top was basically a wide strip of satin with a single button in front. It barely covered my full breasts. I put a hooded cloak over the whole outfit for the long drive from my apartment to David’s end of town.

Anyone of the gentlemen of The Village People...Glenn the Biker or David the Construction Guy. Female? Think Elvira...long slinky with peek-a-boo slits. Although, fishnet onesies.

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