Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Frolics: September 4 2015: Hello

just whistle, just pucker up and...


There I’ve gone and said it.

Hot steamy naked adult fun.

Okay, a little more to the point.

Giggles, moans, and sighs…oh my.

What’s a kiss without a slip…of what? Really? You’re visiting MuseItHOT and you need that question answered?

Erotic, erotica, is a popular genre to read and write. It’s one of the top genres in sales. Everyone here is invested in the genre. We enjoy exploring the freedom of adult fun…with respect, with consent, with whatever our imagination can conceive. Live? Experience? Tell me that’s not a question everyone asks when reading one of our stories…has the author done this?

And you, dear reader…well, we’re all readers (wink wink nudge nudge)

Let’s get down to business…no not that business…the start of a new MuseItHOT weekly visit to Friday Frolics.

Like our Sunday Musings and our family-aimed Saturday Morning Musings, each Friday please join us as we muse on the erotic/erotica. Visit our authors and their characters. Learn what really makes the difference between a sex story, sexy story, and a hot melting sexy story. What’s not enough and what’s too much.

Humour? Murder? Dark fiction or something from the garden club? The possibilities are limitless.

Now don’t be shy if there’s something you’re curious about drop me a note at with Friday Frolics as the subject.

Keep having fun!

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