Thursday, June 25, 2015

Eternally Yours by Maxine Douglas

What sacrifices are BFF Cassandra James and Paige Matteson willing to make for love?

Cassandra Jameson and her best friend, Paige Matteson, have opened a store in an ancient part of town called Eternal Pleasures. Cassandra is obsessed with pleasuring herself as no man has ever been able to accomplish, and finds herself an old, tattered book of erotic Victorian tales. She becomes obsessed with a male character which appears in each of the stories she reads and begins to fantasize about him.
Garrett Alexander lived his life performing the teachings of pleasures of the body hundreds of years before. His shop Eternal Pleasures was located in the very same spot that the new Eternal Pleasures has now opened. Having heard the siren call of CJ, Garrett finds he cannot resist the burning desire to pleasure her as no mortal man has ever done before.
Paige Matteson has some promises to fulfill to her best friend…and herself. The mysterious Russell Canterbury may just be the one to take her into a world of sex she’d thought impossible. But Russell has other ideas. He’s travelled hundreds of years to seek revenge of CJ for the death of his dear friend, Garrett. Or is it jealousy that spurs him now that Garrett has found peace instead of walking in the shadows of the undead for centuries? What sacrifices are they willing to make for love?

Pre-order and save 50%...releasing July 10.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Cemetery Girl...last chance

There’s still time to take advantage of our $2.99 special for newly released, 
Cemetery Girl by MK Barrett
Paranormal Erotic Romance.
Cover Designer Celairen

Growing up in a cemetery, Ella never wanted much to do with humans. Why would she when she had a plethora of delightful ghosts and ghouls to entertain her. Only problem was, they couldn’t provide physical comfort or fill the empty hole in her heart. Resigned to a life alone, Ella is shocked to discover a boy she once knew has come to the cemetery to find her. The chemistry between them is magical and soon they’re living as a mated pair. Life couldn’t be better until Chuck’s father comes to retrieve him. Chuck it seems isn’t just any male, he’s heir apparent to the werewolf empire.

Still available at a super deal…ends June 20.

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