Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Darkness in Her Tears

When you wish for your one and only, be certain to summon only one. 

Moira has always longed for a man to love. But the men in her village shy away from the bold and wild woman, unable to trust that no other would steal her away while they are out to sea.

Desperate for the love of a devoted husband, she approaches the local witch for a love charm, but not before shedding seven tears into the ocean. Her tears summon Murtagh, a selkie and the one destined to be her mate. 

The witch later tosses Moira's coin into the waters, which calls an evil finnmann Darcy to shore. He is bent on stealing away the dark beauty to serve as his captive wife under the waves until the end of time.

In the flickering light of the midsummer's bonfire, Moira is seduced by Murtagh. However, their joy is short lived when Darcy arrives, ready to challenge the selkie. 

Under the silver shadows of the moonbeam, the shifters enter into an epic battle—one that will end in Moira's happiness, or her perpetual torment.

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