Saturday, November 22, 2014

Immortal Bond by Alix Richards

Sunny has always enjoyed her sexual freedom, but only Bentley sates her hunger. Why is he always ready and waiting? 

Immortal Bond by Alix Richards
Erotic Paranormal Fantasy
Cover Designer Cora Graphics
Releasing December 9

“As much as I’d love to help you through this, I can’t.” Iyanna looped her arms around her shoulders and hugged her. “There are certain things in life we have to do alone. This, in a sense, is one of them. I’m here for you, but in the end, this is something you have to decide on. He will have to too. That’s the way it’s works.”
“And if our families can’t handle it?” Sunny’s eyes widened at her words. Her gaze flying up to her sister’s. “I mean, if he happens to belong to another race.”
Solana Dorian knew who her divine mate was, had for centuries. Now the time had come for her to make a decision. Accept him, even if it caused a rift within her family, or walk away.
Centuries of patiently waiting for Sunny to grow up weighed on Bentley D’Lyons’ nerves. He refused to pressure her, yet at the same time wished she’d hurry up. Could he handle many more decades of her not accepting him completely?

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Congratulations Alix...Love your story-stars and stories: ) Here's to another excellent series: )