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#MIHBlog - Michele Micheal Rakes - Author Intro and Interview

Welcome Muse It Hot Readers ;) We are introducing our Muse It Hot authors and also asking a couple interview questions that might be fun to know about them. We’ll be sharing our MIH authors with you as often as we can…promise.

So, for today - please put your hands together for Muse It Hot Author, Michele Rakes, who has written an erotic paranormal tale for the Wild Darkness Calls themed call-out. You’ll never think of vampires the same…who knew any of them had this kind of power over a human – Ms. Rakes created something every woman may like at one time or another – living inside a man’s body. How amazing does that sound?  Check out her upcoming release – Cold Darkness  set to release June 13, 2014: ) Let’s hear more about Michele…

Please tell our readers a little about yourself – 5 things most people don’t know about you; )

Well, I ride a Harley.

Carry on long conversations with an opinionated cat.

Laugh my ass off at the antics of my ferret, Teeny Tiny Ferret Feet.

I assist in the removal of body parts…anything from testicles to tonsils. A nice healthy testicle is all pink and be-speckled. Rather cute if you ask me.

I’m more comfortable around testosterone than estrogen. My body kicks back my own estrogen…it explains so much.

Oh, and I’m a soon-to-be grandma of a baby girl. Yeah, Aislinn, I outed you’re baby.

Tell us about the genres you write and what or who inspired you to write it.

I write some paranormal stuff. I’ve always had a love of werewolves, heavy metal, and vampires. I combined them for a, as yet finished, trilogy. That trilogy gave birth to Cold Darkness

I also write m/m romance, which is my main genre to write. I’m thinking about expanding into some gay romance YA. Just an idea I’m kicking around. 

I also write BDSM, which is a personal passion of mine, and I’ve written a novel surrounding the themes of BDSM, bisexuality, and polyamory.

What’s your favorite movie? Why?

I can’t narrow it down. There are so many to choose from, so in order of appearance in my life: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Always, The Crying Game, all the X-men movies and Wolverine movies (mainly for Wolverine…a fan of his comic for years. Loved him in Madripoor sans the yellow spandex. The eye patch was sexy, too.)

What’s your favorite TV series? Why?

So many: Firefly, Longmire, Big Bang Theory, Scandal was pretty good. Castle. Arrow (only cuz he was scarred and shirtless at least twice an episode).

Where would you like to go for a week with a group of friends and why?

Joss Whedon’s house. Looks like a fun place to be...not sure how he’d like it though. Maybe to Loki’s lair. He looks like a partier. Maybe not as much as Iron Man, but hey…we can bring along the big guy.

Tell us a few ways ideas have come to you.

Watching football. All that slap ass, man. Good stuff. All the testosterone and athleticism. Mostly I think about people and situations just wondering what would happen if I dropped them into the f**ked up worlds in my head.

Favorite Holiday?

Samhain and Yule…Beltain’s good too.

Favorite Male Movie star?

Hugh Jackman and Gary Oldman

Favorite Female Movie star?

Zoe Saldana

Favorite author you read as a kid?

Terry Brooks and Agatha Christie…some Stephen King. The Dancers of Arun by Elizabeth A. Lynn was my favorite book. Still is…it struck a chord with me when I was about eleven. Someday, I’ll get around to reading her other novels. Her stuff is out of print, but not impossible to find. Some of it in e-format on kindle/amazon.

What’s your favorite thing about writing?  Least favorite?

Least favorite thing is editing. Ah..God…hate editing. Deadlines…hate deadlines.

Now, my favorite thing about writing is spending time with my characters, trying to figure out what comes next, and how to make their lives richer. Out of their torment comes the prize, the love, the sex, the great toll and great reward. Let’s face it…writing it is fun and writing sex scenes is a lot of fun…but it’s the adventure and journey as much as the reward.

I like introducing characters who maybe aren’t on the same page…making them hate each other and then love each other. I like to get two people with differing personalities and let that spark be the catalyst for love and great sex. Often there is justice to be had, but sometimes not so much. I like giving my characters a rich history, good and bad.

What’s your burning question for your readers?

I write characters that the reader will either love, or hate. I’d like to know what they love and what they hate. In one of my books, there is what has become known among my beta-readers as the Infamous Chapter Nine. It has even sparked debates among them about the necessity of this brutal scene. I love that debate. I love hearing what people think: good and bad.

The interesting thing is the readers who are overwhelmed by the protagonist of that book, and those who are head-over-heels for him. It’s an interesting thing to play with and to interact with the readers in such a fashion about my characters is my favorite thing to do.

List your links (website, FB, Twitter, Blog, etc.)

Cold Darkness

by Michele Micheal Rakes

 Back Cover

Girlfriends. Wives. Lovers.

At some point they all nag, but only Kilar, a vampire demon, can nag her way into a possession, taking over Lance’s body for a night of sexual exploration.
Lance, Kilar’s blood slave, cannot escape and giving into her whims only leads to more devastation. Trapped in a psychic link, Lance grows weary and weak with her constant demand for freedom.

Kilar’s body remains hidden by the vampire tribunal due to a loathsome pact Lance made with them in order to contain his destructive girlfriend and prevent Armageddon.

So, what’s a guy to do? Kill the nag? The thought has crossed his mind…but first he has to find her.


Love and hate was the only way Kilar could feel anything for him. Part of her ached inside for tormenting Lance, but she couldn’t help herself. The jerk was out there living his life while she rotted in a hole, sealed in by the LA vamps. Lance had given her up to save the world. Ten years ago she had loved him. Now, it twisted into something insane.

“Wake up. It's time to go out.”

Lance groaned and scratched his side.

“I said, let’s go!”

Lance fell from the bed. “What the?”

“Feeding time.”

“I'm too wasted. Let’s go to sleep.”

“No. I want to feed. You’re the only way I can, Lance. You owe me that much.”

“I seem to owe you a lot,” he mumbled. “You know it’s only psychological, right? I’m the one who gets juiced.”

Kilar tapped into the anger that ripped through him and his thoughts of being her blood whore, his body already sobering, metabolizing the alcohol and drugs.

“Blood slave, Lance. You’re not a blood whore. You benefit from it too. It’s why you look so youthful after ten years of drinking and drugging. Oh, let’s not forget driving fast. Or wrecking even faster. How many broken bones? Not to mention all the years in extreme sports. The dangerous stunts.”

“You sound like my wife. There’s good money in stunt work. You enjoy my lifestyle.”

“I’m tired of putting you back together.”

“Then stop. Let me die in peace.”

“More like pieces. Now, let’s go.”

“You’re driving. I’m gonna pass out. You’re on your own, sweetheart.”

It was rare for him to allow her complete control. Only once or twice when driving across country did he give over his body. Lazy drunk knew how much energy it drew from her mind, but she was hungry. Kilar paced in the dark. Her vision took over his and her mind commandeered his body. She stopped him in front of the mirror in the hallway.

“You look like crap, Lance. You need to brush your hair, at least.”
Kilar finger-brushed his hair into submission.

“I don’t care what you do, just don’t wake me up,” he snarled. His consciousness crawled into a dark, hushed place in his mind to sleep.


She looked in the mirror again.

“Lance?” she said aloud, watching his lips move as his voice repeated her words. “Cool, I’m going to have a lot of fun tonight, Lance.” His smile broadened. “First thing’s first, we’re going to shower and get dressed up nice.”


She brought the Lamborghini to a stop in front of a club, opening the door, she tossed the valet her keys. Lance can eat dirt. She allowed the valet to handle his baby.

Kilar needed a drink.

People stared. They couldn’t help it; her blood aura surrounded Lance. People were drawn in for the kill. It irritated Kilar. Sycophantic blood bags.
Yet, hunger drove her mad. To hell with what might happen when a little human draws her attentions. In the back of her mind Lance rolled over in a drunken haze.

Blood, warm and inviting, pulsed through the human bodies. Kilar’s cooled in Lance’s veins. Feeling crocodilian, she moved through the writhing bodies, unhurried while spindling nefarious instincts within the crowd. The music thumped in his chest. Dancing quickened despite the chill following Lance through the room. Skin glistened even as their breath frosted over as Kilar slithered through the mass of malevolent flesh. The sensation of standing in a freezer on a blistering desert day surged through the club, like breakers in a rising tsunami. Each wave greater than the next.

Tempo increased. Kilar’s bloodlust rose along with the pheromones in the room. Something else peaked. Desire. Actual physical desire

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Kay Dee Royal said...

Hi Mikey: ) Love your burning question...the infamous chapter nine...makes me wonder about that:)

I've had the opportunity to read this book and there is a touch of horror...even though it might be every woman's dream to live inside a man for a time, it's got to be horrifying for the man *LOL* I love that concept and you've written it so well it feels just like being inside a man's body for a while.

Your characters are definitely wild, maybe touching on insanity at times, unique, and deeply rich in spirit - great story, Mikey:)