Monday, June 2, 2014

#MIHBlog - Kurt Dysan - Exclusive Author Intro and Interview

Welcome Muse It Hot Readers ;) Thanks so much for stopping by – you won’t be disappointedJ We are introducing our Muse It Hot authors and also asking a couple interview questions that might be fun to know about them. We’ll be sharing our MIH authors with you as often as we can…promise.

So, for today - please put your hands together for Muse It Hot Author, Kurt Dysan, a paranormal erotic romance author who has written a story for the Wild Darkness Calls themed stories – talk about ghostly fantasies - yummy: ) Let’s hear more about Kurt…

Please tell our readers a little about yourself – 5 things most people don’t know about you; )

1.      That I have no idea what people think they DO know about me.
2.    That I am basically a quite solitary person, more comfortable among strangers than people I know.
3.    That whereas some people don't travel well, I don't stay put well.
4.    That I once cared about politics.
5.     I have no desire to win the lottery (which is okay, seeing as never buying a ticket precludes even a remote possibility of it happening).

Tell us about the genres you write and what or who inspired you to write it.

I write erotic crime stories because the erotic often deals with darker emotions. When you begin turning over spadesful of  emotions to get to the deeper feelings, what you find is fascinating.

I write paranormal erotica for a similar reason. I don't go beyond the unexplained (or possibly inexplicable) and deal with supernatural legends, such as vampires or such, as things just marginally outside of our ken are sufficiently eerie to send the appropriate amount of chill to the right places.

I explore the erotic, because it is so much part of our essential and existential nature, regardless of how we feel about that. It might be embarrassing or freeing, joyful or even objectionable, but people will find it hard to be neutral about the erotic. It matters.

What’s your favorite movie? Why?

The Man Who Wasn't There.

It is a lovely exercise in minimalism. Makes me think it is the kind of film that Camus would have made, if he were into such things.

What’s your favorite TV series? Why?

Bones. For no earthly reason I can think of. But then I don't own a television and only see it when I am traveling and sometimes Bones has been the only thing on. There is something curiously appealing about watching a show like that in SE Asia.

Where would you like to go for a week with a group of friends and why?

To a tropical beach on the islands off of Malaysia. But that is today. Tomorrow some other place might have taken my fancy. When going somewhere for a week I would feel the need to get away from organized anything. Just get together with a small number of friends to explore whatever was there.

Tell us a few ways ideas have come to you.

Staring at the ocean. Walking on a beach. Chasing pipe dreams.

Favorite Holiday?

Three weeks spent in The Seychelle Islands

Favorite Male Movie star?

Johnny Depp

Favorite Female Movie star?

Meryl Streep

Favorite author you read as a kid?

Mark Twain

What’s your favorite thing about writing?  Least favorite?

Favorite thing... pushing the envelope and finding new ways to express ideas so they resonate with people from different backgrounds.
Least favorite thing... retyping after editing (I prefer to edit with a pen on paper, and unfortunately that means retyping the changes).

What’s your burning question for your readers?

How in the world do you find new authors (reviews, recommendations from friends, luck?) and what leads you to try a book by someone you've never heard of? What intrigues you, truly gets under your skin?
[That just looks like three questions. It's really one put in different ways for clarity.]

List your links (website, FB, Twitter, Blog, etc.)

Amazon author page


Traveling in strange places means you often aren't in a position to update social media. Rather than do something halfway, or badly, I find it more productive to ignore it altogether.

Current Upcoming Release at Muse It Hot Publishing:

A Dark and Stormy Promise

Wild Darkness Calls Themed Story


The house Ellen and Gary bought in the country seems to radiate a curious and sexually arousing energy. Being in the house re-energizes their marriage and then some.

Ellen invites friends to come from the city for a weekend of sex. A huge thunderstorm blows in, making travel impossible and the friends cancel.

A couple arrives at their door, stranded by the storm. Ellen and Gary invite them in and finds out the couple once owned the house.

Ellen and Gary fall under their spell and Ellen is swept into the powerful currents of her wildest sexual fantasies.

(To be released in the fall 2014)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kurt:) This story sets quite a stormy fantasy come true...I had the opportunity to read it in advance and it's quite sensual with that extra special twist at the end: )

Kurt - I can so relate to being more comfortable in the presence of people I don't know...and who don't know me: ) I'm a great watcher of life with no expectations, but am always pleasantly surprised:)

Anonymous said...

I didn't answer your burning question for readers - how do I find new first draw is the cover (I know this is shallow of me, but it's true) it needs to physically attract me first, the next is the back cover...if it snags me, I'm into the first paragraph/page of the story...

I listen to other authors who write similar stories as mine - if they read someone that rocks their world...well, I want to read why;)

What intrigues me and truly gets under my skin is a unique storyline and deep, well-developed story-stars...if I resonate with them, I'm totally sold: )