Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thomas Briar: Have you read J.T. Seate's...?

Hi there. My name is Thomas Briar. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to drop by the MuseItHOT Blog and visit with me. I really appreciate it.
Today, I'll be talking about Dark Sanctuary by J.T.Seate.

The premise of this story appealed to me on so many levels that I knew I was going to buy it before I even finished reading the synopsis. Yeah, some stories just grab my attention and won't let go. His horror novella Something About Sara is guilty of doing the very same thing. And I'm happy it did, because it just happens to be another excellent book by Mr. Seate.

Anyway, before I digress any further, Dark Sanctuary is one of those very different stories that I believe erotica connoisseurs will really enjoy. For starters, Paul isn't a man of wealth and privilege – he's actually a homeless guy who lives in the crawlspace underneath Emily's bedroom. And Emily, well, she's not really putting herself out there in the dating game either. The very idea that they could ever fall in love seems farfetched, to say the least. But Mr. Seate brings them together in spectacular fashion.
In fact, as I read the story, I felt like I was in that crawlspace along with Paul, listening to Emily moving around inside the house above us while we both wondered what she looks like, what kind of clothes she's wearing, or isn't wearing, what exactly she is doing, and what she will do if she discovers Paul hiding underneath her house.

Without a doubt, when events conspired to force Paul to make his presence known, I busted out of that crawl space alongside him to cheer him on, while also fearing that Emily might ultimately reject him.

Okay, not wanting to give the whole story away, so I will only say that what followed was a most satisfying conclusion because Paul and Emily end up saving each other in every way each of them can be saved.

Oh yeah, the sex is HOT, as well as very sensual. And I just know that Emily and Paul are going to live happily ever after together.

So, if you're an erotica connoisseur, or someone who simply wants to read something to get your blood pumping, please do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Dark Sanctuary by J.T. Seate…because it delivers on every level…

Having recently contracted his seventh book, Thomas Briar strives to exalt the virtues of love and lust in every erotic story he creates. Also, he loves reading and writing the kind of erotica that stretches the traditional boundaries of the genre.

Back Cover

The forbidden desire to be with a stranger can be powerful.

In this tale of strange bedfellows; one above ground, one beneath it, a homeless man has sunk about as low as he can go before seeking refuge beneath the living quarters of a single woman’s suburban home.

Following days then weeks in this sanctuary, he forms a strange relationship with his benefactor. Dreams of better times fills the man’s nights as he listens to the woman move around her house and wonders, What if…?

Their separate paths collide when a challenge comes along, greater than any threat they present to each other.

Will the situation prove the salvation of both as they seek to break out of their personal unique, lonely worlds?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas - I loved this book...something different from the norm...a little out there, but so plausible as well. There's definitely a "what if" to all of it and the way the sensual relationship evolves...well, it's beautiful on so many levels - and I'm a real softy for happy ever after endings: )

Thanks for sharing this review:)

Thomas Briar said...

You're welcome, Kay Dee.

Author Troy Seate said...

Kay Dee and Thomas, Thanks for your kind words and glad you enjoyed the star-crossed tale. Look forward to reading your works as well.