Friday, February 7, 2014

#MIHBlog - Wild Darkness Calls - Try a Walk on the Dark Side of Erotic Romance

Coming soon - A new line of themed stories: Wild Darkness Calls

Sexy, dark erotic romance stories to suit many tastes, including paranormal, horror, sci-fi, historical, contemporary, thriller, and more. Each tale is a sensual, hot read that satisfies all the way through to the ending :)

For Authors:

Wild Darkness Calls – Theme for Short Stories – Call for Submission (Open to all erotic romance authors)

Due June 30, 2014  (changed from March 1, 2014)

6,000 – 10,000 word count

Must have some form of the word Dark in the story title.

Topics to weave-in, however it works for your story – Dark and stormy, One of the four seasons, Rustic Setting

Story contains one or more of the following: hiding or searching, may be captured, lost, or does the capturing

Lust and love must play a part, ends with Happy Ever After OR Happy for Now.

Must be erotic romance (F/M, M/M, F/F, M/F/M, or any combo) of any sub-genre (contemporary, paranormal, thriller, horror, sci-fi, mystery, historical, etc.) with a love relationship.

For Readers:

We have a couple spring releases coming soon (warmer weather brings darker erotic from Muse It Hot;)

Dark Secret by Ruby Red - Kinky lovers arouse their deepest needs and desires, making their hidden inhibitions reality.

Dark War by Meg Amor - Lonely Charlie disappears with sexual deviates. Can Henry and Izzy rescue him and prove to him that he’s their hearts desire?

Dark Sanctuary by J.T. Seate - A man takes refuge in the crawlspace beneath a woman’s home and a strange relationship evolves with his benefactor.

Cold Darkness by Michele Michael Rakes - Lance’s inner demon isn’t like everyone else’s. She’s real and when she takes control, he loses more than his Lamborghini.

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Erotic Romance Readers – What’s your favorite genre of Erotic Romance?

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