Friday, February 28, 2014

#MIHBlog - Ruby Red - Exclusive Author Intro and Interview

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Welcome Muse It Hot Readers ;) We are introducing our Muse It Hot authors and also asking a couple interview questions that might be fun to know about them. We’ll be sharing our MIH authors with you as often as we can…promise.

So, for today - please put your hands together for Muse It Hot Author, Ruby Red, an erotic paranormal romance (with a nice touch of BDSM) author who writes about secrets, lies, control, and vampires  in her upcoming Wild Darkness Calls theme story, Dark Secret due to release this spring…the first of a trilogy; )

Please tell our readers a little about yourself – 5 things most people don’t know about you; )

·        I don’t eat fish, mollusk or seafood – the  mere thought makes me nauseous
·        I’m double jointed and when younger I  could go into a ‘crab’ position and bring my ankles over my shoulders, onto the floor, level with my head  - interesting thought  for an erotic writer
·        I saved a 3 year old’s life, whose mother went into a panic when the little girl started choking
·        I’ve always wanted to write stories  but never got round to doing it
·        Being fed-up when people ask if I’ve had a boob job, and no, I haven’t – it’s all about decent push-up bras…

What’s your favorite movie? Why?

The Entity. Released in 1982 based on the novel by Frank De Felitta.
It’s my earliest memory of a supernatural film whereby a spirit/invisible force invades and takes over a human body. I’ve had numerous experiences myself and can totally relate to this film

What’s your favorite TV series? Why?

The Saint with Roger Moore.
A man in a suit with a touch of a particular after-shave about him – drives me wild.

Where would you like to go for a week with a group of friends and why?

It’s got to be a haunted building and watching my friends squirm with fear.

Tell us a few ways ideas have come to you.

The stories that I write in the supernatural/paranormal or any other realm are seen, heard, felt and brought to me in dreams or visited by me through astral projection. The erotica ideas can come from something witnessed visually or audibly that I can jot down to read and possibly create into a short story at a later date.  In this trilogy being published on Muse it Hot, some ideas I’ve gleaned from conversations at work or even looked at a guy and the way he holds his head or smiles for example.

Favorite Holiday?

Ahem…presume you mean family holiday?
Love them all.

Favorite Male Movie star?

This is a toss-up between Sean Connery and Clint Eastwood. Sean looking suave and handsome as James Bond, the guy you want to sweep you off your feet with his gorgeous greying hairy chest or Clint in his Spaghetti westerns showing his rugged looks beneath his cowboy hat and bad boy poncho – ah…fantasies.

Favorite Female Movie star?

Sigourney Weaver – great all round actress

Favorite author you read as a kid?

Alistair Maclean, Stephen King

What’s your favorite thing about writing?  Least favorite?

Favorite: Being overwhelmed with ideas and getting them down on paper or pc. Erotic Fiction is escapism, something needed sometimes in this rather, busy, hectic world.

Least:  Not getting the ideas down quick enough

What’s your burning question for your readers?

Does my trilogy of erotica excite you? Do you find the sexual elements stimulate you? If there is an erotic idea you’d love to read, let me know and I will try to include it into another story. 

List your links (website, FB, Twitter, Blog, etc.)

I have none at the moment, only email.

Wild Darkness Calls….. themed stories

Dark Secret, the first in the trilogy
By Ruby Red

Erotic BDSM Paranormal Romance

Schmidt. A person who has one goal in one mind – or is that two goals in two minds?

Schmidt possesses a dark secret or two and lives for one goal, Western Terrier’s love.

Western Terrier holds her own secret, so does their Bossman, owner of a BDSM playhouse.

What happens when all three discover each other’s darkest unknowns? Will passionate love ever be a possibility?

Be Ready - Coming to you – Spring 2014

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Ruby:) Speaking as one who has read some of your stories...I believe you have everything just right...and I absolutely love the dark side or erotic romance...when there's a happy ending:) Especially when there's a crazy twist that takes me by surprise:) Yep...that's this first story for sure...can't wait to read the rest.

Ruby...I find most of my ideas through dreams also...I love when they come to me that way:)

You've had experiences with spirits? Care to share a bit more?

My most memorable run in was seeing my grandpa reaching for me during the night while I had a sleepless night (I was 7 or 8 years old). Came to me two different times, and scared the crap out of me both times...

Alix Richards said...

Hi Ruby! Nice to meet you and welcome to Muse, can't wait to read what you in store for us. Have to admit, I'm a bit curious already. :-)

Oh Sean Connery...he's just yummy at ANY age. Keeps getting hotter. Some guys are just like that.

Stephan King...a must read for anyone with dark tendencies I think.