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#MIHBlog ~ Anything Goes ~ Intro to Story-Stars of Seeker by Kat Holmes

Hello everyone! Today for Anything Goes, Kat Holmes is here for an interview/intro to the story-stars of Seeker, 2nd book in the Hekate’s Web Series, paranormal urban fantasy romances.

Welcome Kat…you’re definitely not a newbie at Muse It Up Publishing, nor are you with Muse It Hot ;) You have a number of romance novels out…and if anyone would like to check them out and find out more about Kat and her books – go here: Kat’s Author Page

I’m excited about your latest series, Kat…just finished reading Seeker and let me tell you, what a love story :) I’m hoping there’s more to come with both Atu and Edeline – they both seem to play major roles in Hekate’s Web Series.

Let’s get started with Hekate – who is she and why is the series named after her?

First off thank you. I am so glad you enjoyed SEEKER :-)
To answer your question Hekate is the goddess of magic, death, and the night. She’s also up to something, though no one, myself included, knows just what that is. But the one thing I do know is before she’s done, the vampire world will be forever changed.

Please give us the scoop on Atu – who is he and where do his loyalties lay?

Atu is a vampire, a very old vampire. He’s not a natural born vamp like the two leaders of the separate vampire factions who are at war. He was turned to help the leader of the good vamps fight the leader of the evil ones and his undead army. His loyalties lie completely with the Enclave vampires and their king, Benjamin Fortescu.

Edeline Comstock, 23 year-old, is shunned by her family…why?

That’s rather complicated. When she was very young her mother died and her father couldn’t handle it. Edeline looks too much like his dead wife and he’s unable to cope, so he withdraws. Unfortunately he remarries a woman with ambitions and who despises Edeline for even existing. Throw into the mix Edeline’s psychic abilities and a very serious physical problem, and there is nothing the stepmother won’t do to make Edeline’s life a misery.

What are Edeline’s parents like...well, Phillip and Stephanie that is?

Phillip was once a good and loving father, but his wife dies and part of him dies with her. But Phillip is one of the upper crust families of Boston and when he remarries he makes a bad choice. Stephanie is a social climber.
She has plans for Phillip and intends for him to one day be in the White House, but his daughter Edeline makes that difficult. Edeline has issues. She’s psychic and she also has a more urgent problem.
Because Phillip can’t look at his daughter without hurting he gives Stephanie unfettered control of Edeline’s upbringing, which guarantees that Edeline’s childhood is a nightmare.

How about Edeline’s step brother and sister – Wyatt and Courtney?

They aren’t her step-siblings, but her half-brother and sister. They were raised by Stephanie to be cruel to Edeline. The worse they were to their older half-sister the more approval they received. Plus, unlike Edeline they’re “normal.”

What’s the scoop on the True Ones…who are they?

The True Ones were formed by natural born vampire Montague who over time came to believe humans were nothing but sheep. He wants to rule the world and enslave the human race as both food source and entertainment. To achieve his goals he began creating an army of turned vamps who are every bit as violent and cruel as he has become.

Then there’s Ben and his vampires – the Enclave…what’s so different about them?

The Enclave is the only defense against the True Ones. They need blood to survive but do not kill their human donors as the True Ones do. Also, except in emergencies they only feed from willing donors.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the story-stars in Seeker? Any tidbit you’d like to add about the story:)

Edeline is psychic, but she has another issue going on that you don’t find out about until the end, though there are hints. Edeline is extremely fragile, but in her fragility there is a well of strength that most people don’t have. That is what makes her a strong heroine in my mind.
As for Atu, he starts out with some major attitude. Watching him tumble was a joy for me. And yes, there will be more books. I am currently working on book 3 as we speak.

Kat, thanks so much for giving us some insights into Seeker…now I need to go back and read Hidden – the first in this series :)

Blurb for Seeker: 

Atu is an ancient warrior and vampire long in the service of his king. He has no desire for home or family. But when the Goddess Hekate tasks him with finding an ancient artifact before his enemies do, he is forced to enlist the aid of a woman who drives him crazy.

Edeline Comstock has the sight and has been cursed and reviled for it by her family. When she finds herself under attack from a monster, a dark and dangerous man is her only salvation, or he might be her destruction.

Forced to aid Atu, time is running out to uncover the secrets of the past. But a far greater danger stalks Edeline, one from which there may be no return.

Blurb for Hidden: 

Lilith never expected when she attended her brother’s wedding that the night would end in her own death at the hands of a vicious vampire. Nor was she prepared when the Goddess Hekate took a personal interest in her plight. For decades she’s been hidden away from the rest of the world and her fellow vampires. But with one act of violence, her undead life changes forever.

War is raging in the vampire world between two factions. Female vampires are scarce, so when Benjamin Fortescu comes across an unknown female, he’s not only intrigued but drawn to the secretive creature.

But she bears news that shocks him to his core. And before everything is over, she will be betray him to the enemy. Can love overcome both betrayal and insanity?

About Kat Holmes: I’m a dreamer and a lover of words. Books have been my passion since I listened to my mother reading to me as a child. The love she instilled in me has culminated in my desire to write the kind of stories I have always loved to read. I believe books are the single most important invention mankind has ever created. I started writing when I was only fifteen for my own enjoyment. I still write for my own pleasure, but now I get to share that love with my readers.

Book Review – SeekerBook 2 Hekate’s Web Series

Author – Kat Holmes

Genre – Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance

First Sentence: The face that stared back at her was wan and haggard.


Atu, an ancient warrior and vampire in the service of the king, is dispatched to find the “seer” who will lead them to a powerful talisman.

Edeline Comstock, a human, has “the sight” and because of it is shunned by her family pretty much her whole twenty-three years of life.

There’s war between the Enclave, vampires sworn to protect humanity, and Montague’s army of True Ones, natural born vampires that love to kill and prey on humans.

Atu captures Edeline for her gift of sight, but Edeline hates being used, until a purpose develops for both of them. 

Ms. Holmes creates a world between worlds with an intricate ‘search and find’ puzzle/riddle that must be solved in order to keep the True Ones from actually taking over humanity. It’s a great well-developed plot and the evolving relationship between Atu and Edeline held my attention through their story.

I haven’t read book 1 in the Hekate’s Web Series, Hidden, and it was not an issue for following along in this story (although now that I’ve read this book, I’d like to read the first in the series because of Hekate and her Goddess web of control :) Compelling.

There’s a definite unexpected twist at the end, which is a reason to read the next book in Ms. Holmes series. It opens up a whole new world of creatures/beings, and I look forward to getting to know them all better.

Kay Dee


Anonymous said...

Kat - loved your book and love spending time with you - thanks so much for sharing your story-stars...and for spending time at the #MIHBlog:)

I look forward to reading more of your Hekate's Web series:)

J Q Rose said...

What a host of interesting characters. Kat, you have a creative mind and lots of imagination. Best wishes on this new release!

Kat Holmes said...

Thanks Kay. I love being here.

Thanks JQ. I love vampires so this series means a lot to me. I also really enjoy the research that goes into each story.:-)

N.J.Walters said...

Great interview and a fascinating series.