Wednesday, November 6, 2013

#Wicked Wednesday: Lovers On A Train by Randall Lang #Erotic #MIHBlog

So glad you all came by for another installment of #WickedWednesday, where I share a steamy excerpt from a recently released Muse It Hot title. This week my guest is Randall Lang and his short and spicy erotic tale, LOVERS ON A TRAIN

Here are all the juicy details:

by Randall Lang

Genre: Erotica

Length: 37 Pages

Description: He’s 50, divorced, burned out, and moving south to start a new life.

She’s 72, twice widowed, and travelling south to escape the cold and to live with her daughter.

An unlikely pair to become Lovers on a Train.

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Now, as I promised, here is your steamy tease...

    I left my room and made my way down the narrow hallway as the car rocked and rolled.  Pulling out the note she had given me, I reconfirmed that 14-A was my destination.  By her description, she should be in the next car toward the engine from mine. Feeling suddenly nervous, I hit the buttons that opened the doors between the cars.  In the hallway of the next car, I could see the numbers beside the room doors and was surprised that 14-A was the first door.  Nervously I tapped on the door.  It slid open and I was suddenly once again face-to-face with Julia.  She took my arm and pulled me into the dimly lit room. The door closed behind me and I heard it lock.  She was in my arms with our lips pressed together. Her freshly-applied perfume filled my head with the scent of flowers and a touch of musk.  It was intoxicating.  This time my tongue pressed forward into her yielding mouth where it danced against her tongue.  My hands slid down the silky fabric of her robe to her butt.  I pushed her hips against me, grinding my rapidly stiffening cock against her.  It was a long, intense, and exciting kiss.  When our lips separated, I was surprised when she moved back, holding me momentarily at arm’s length.  She looked down at the floor while she collected her thoughts.  When she was ready she looked up at me.    “Look, I don’t know what you’re used to, but I’m not one of your perky forty year-olds.  I’m seventy-two years old, my skin is loose and wrinkly, my boobs are flat and saggy, and I have arthritis in my legs and hips. Beautiful I ain’t, so if you’re having any remorseful feelings, this is your last chance to escape.”

So, what did you think? Saucy! Love it when we get a look at love and sex from a different perspective. What about you?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below and see you next time!


Anonymous said...

I love Randall's stories...they are so realistic it makes me wonder if it's a past experience *grins*
Sorry, Randall, couldn't resist;)

Nice pick, R. Wicked Wednesday at definitely wicked, saucy, and sexy:)

Randall Lang said...

Hi Kay Dee,

Thank you, my love, but a gentleman never tells.