Friday, November 1, 2013

#MIHBlog - Forgetfulness, Writer, or Life Happenstance? Post by Alix Richards

Forgetfulness, Writer, or Life Happenstance?
I would like to share with you an absentminded moment in a pantsers (I don’t plot, I literally write by the seat of pants and what happens, happens) writers’ life. Now, I know you’re probably thinking this occurs in everyone’s life at some point, being forgetful that is. And you are right. However, this episode I speak of is finishing a piece of work, rereading it and rereading it multiple more times, each time through knowing you’re missing something. But you can’t put your finger on what it is that’s absent. Nothing rolling through your mind goes ‘Ah-ha! I got this.’ Nope, I’m talking about days of wondering through a manuscript and coming up empty each time.

A handful of week’s back I completed the first book in another series I’m working on and was extremely happy about my accomplishment because it was another short story, under 20K. After proofreading, I let it sit and stew, but something kept nagging at the back of my mind. I had forgotten some vital information; I didn’t know that at the time though. 

Then while I was driving (you’d be surprised how much you can think about when you’re alone in the car in Wyoming back country!) out of nowhere I realized what I left out. Arriving home, I proceeded to add what I thought was a chapter, which turned into three chapters, and the short isn’t as short as it was when I completed it. Talk about laughing at myself. I could even point out exactly where my mind turned forgetful.

I write about Twin Flames, the ultimate relationship/connection we all strive to find in our lifetime. While growing up my grandmother told me those stories and I, in turn, shared them with friends, siblings, and cousins building my own characters along the way. Throughout the years (18 actually), I’ve slowly built and expanded on the idea. Adding creatures and abilities, creating a whole world where my shape-shifters, hybrids, and deities could romp and play all while appearing like everyone else. As I zoomed through (that’s how fast the time went it seemed) the piece I got caught on the heroine being a hybrid and completely forgot I was introducing a new species, a new kind of hybrid. Lesson learned.

I’ll admit this honestly though and completely without embarrassment, (you have my permission to laugh beforehand) I will do it again. Because, you see, it’s my life as a pantser writer. Have you ever forgotten something and knew it was missing? Or better yet, are you like me and know you’ll do a repeat performance? We’re all in this together so share your moments of forgetfulness.

Alix Richards
Where fantasy and reality collide...
Twin Flames: Soul Bound from MuseItHot Publishing
Twin Flames: Soul Memory from MuseItHot Publishing  
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Twin Flames: Soul Bound

In an effort to escape the reality that steps from the deepest recesses of her mind, Joy runs away for a long weekend alone in a friend’s cabin. She hopes to use the time to gain a logical perspective on an impossible situation.

Joy lives in her dreams, but no longer lives there alone.

Jairo needs Joy to be happy, even if it comes at his expense. Forced to remain patient, he walks away from the woman of his heart and soul. He confines himself to his family’s cabin to give Joy the time alone she requests.

Dreaming with Joy isn’t new, but waking with her physically in his arms, sexy and wet, kicks Jairo’s desire for her into a new stratosphere.

            Confusing dreams and unexplainable reality drops them into attack mode, neither quite ready for what destiny pushes their way. As nature and destiny collide for both, Joy and Jairo, nothing will be the same.

Twin Flames: Soul Memory...

An accident wipes away Joy Lyons-Morgan's memories, but she's haunted by visions and dreams of a man she loves unconditionally. How will she find him without even knowing who she is?

Jairo Silverthorne understands his and Joy's struggles over being Twin Flames. They mirror and magnify each other in everything, including positives and negatives. So, where is she and why can't she hear his need?

Separated and alone, can Twin Flames find their way back to each other with only soul memories to light their way?


Thomas Briar said...

Hi Alix, I can definitely identify with your post. And your books sound very interesting. Thanks for making Book Buying Friday a little easier for me today!

Alix Richards said...

Thank you for stopping by Thomas! It is nice knowing you aren't totally alone in those moments. :-) Glad I could be of assistance. Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hugs Alix;) Like Thomas, I resonate with your post - it's the craziest thing when story ideas and whole scenes and even stories come at ya;)

Thanks for sharing your moment of story enlightenment;)