Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What if you woke up one night a Vampire? Kat Holmes Guest Post

Ever wondered how you’d react if you woke up one night a vampire? Would you be angry, tormented, or happy as a lark? That’s the question I asked when I decide to write about my favorite subject…vampires! I love vampires from the heroic to the evil. And they are perfect for Halloween too.

Vampires live forever. Well, they live forever as long as they don’t get staked, set on fire or beheaded. But it’s very hard to get close enough to one to do any of those things and kill them, so they mostly have very long life spans. Just think about all the things they’ve seen. Empires rise and fall, the dawn of science and free-thinking, all the way to modern times with men on the moon and amazing CGI work in games and film. What will they see next?

When I decided to venture into my own vampire story, I wanted to add my own unique twist to the vampire lore so I brought in Hekate to the mix. She’d the Goddess of magic, the dark moon and death and is known as the Goddess with Three Faces. Thus Hekate’s Web was born.

Book one is Hidden and introduces the urban fantasy world of my vampires. The main HQ of the good vamps in the book is Boston and we meet Benjamin Fortescu, leader and natural born vampire. He’s not undead, he was born a vampire. He’s a vampire king to be exact and after 3000 years he’s pretty arrogant and sure of himself, until he meets an unknown female vampire.

Lilith Fischer is undead and doesn’t want to be. She was turned at her brother’s wedding and now has a huge hate on for anything fanged and bloodsucking. But she also has a secret, she’s been trained by none other than a goddess and she’s the most kick-butt vampire the world has ever seen.

Through the two of them we meet other characters, learn about a long standing war and discover Hekate has plans, though no one save the goddess herself knows what they are. And now we come to book 2.

Seeker is releasing from Muse It Up Publishing this Friday, November 1st and I’m psyched. It’s the story of one of Benjamin’s generals, Atu, and a woman just as powerful in her own way as Lilith. Edeline Comstock will bring Atu to his knees.

I love the cover for this book done by the extremely talented Suzi Safi. I can’t wait. It’s available right now for pre-order for $1.10 off the cover price if you order it now. Normally it’s $5.50 but right now you can get it for $4.40.

Back Cover

Atu is an ancient warrior and vampire long in the service of his king. He has no desire for home or family. But when the Goddess Hekate tasks him with finding an ancient artifact before his enemies do, he is forced to enlist the aid of a woman who drives him crazy.

Edeline Comstock has the sight and has been cursed and reviled for it by her family. When she finds herself under attack from a monster, a dark and dangerous man is her only salvation, or he might be her destruction.
Forced to aid Atu, time is running out to uncover the secrets of the past. But a far greater danger stalks Edeline, one from which there may be no return.


The face that stared back at her was wan and haggard. How she hated days like this. The past couple of weeks had been rougher than usual and the stress and strain just added to her already existing problems. God, she was sick of problems.

Edeline Comstock was tired. And what was worse, she knew already, as she always did, that her day wasn’t nearly over. Nope, like it or not, she’d call. That damn news article had seen to that. There’d be no avoiding Stephanie’s ranting rage even though Edeline really wasn’t up for it.

At least she no longer lived with the bitch. Once she’d turned eighteen she’d inherited her mother’s fortune. She hadn’t even waited till her father and stepmother returned from Europe before she rented a townhouse. She’d packed her things and left her brother and sister in the care of their nanny without a second thought. Wyatt and Courtney didn’t like her any more than her stepmother did thanks to Stephanie’s so-called nurturing over the years.

Freaky, weird, scarecrow, beanpole. She’d heard all those insults and many others over the years. Her stepmother created a few more choice insults to call her when the words everyone used failed to fully express the total scope of Stephanie’s hatred. It didn’t help that as her father climbed the political ladder, he withdrew more and more from any role in Edeline’s upbringing, allowing Stephanie unhampered control over her.

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Anonymous said...

Kat - I have these two books on my TBR Soon list:) I can't wait to sink my teeth in them *grins*

Your Vamps sound like something a bit different...a bit dark...and whole lot sizzling hot;) Even though they're undead.

Thanks for a little perspective on being in an immortal's fun, til I got thirsty;)

N.J.Walters said...

Love the covers for both books. Great except too!

Kat Holmes said...

Kay Dee it is a bit dark. Vampire stories are great therapy when you can let your violent streak out without worrying about jail. LOL

N.J. thanks I love both covers. I've gotten very lucky with covers.