Friday, October 4, 2013

#MIHBlog - Where Do Story Ideas Come From? by Alix Richards

I didn’t used to wonder about this question until I received my first contract. Then I froze at the thought of someone asking me it. Yup, sure did. As a writer the thought of where ideas came from never crossed my mind. They were just…there…and that’s what mattered. Now, mind you, I’ve answered the question a few times and I no longer panic when asked. Usually I smile and wonder if they’ll believe me when I tell them the truth. *smirk*

A handful of months back, I was finishing the final chapters on Soul Destiny (due this winter) and in the middle of Soul Design (due next spring) when my daughter had control of the TV remote. By that I mean, I had no say over what was chosen. I was working, so watching television was the farthest from my mind. Until…

Let me tell you about daughter #2, she’s into romantic dramas. ALL the time! Now I can handle them in small doses (I’m more horror, action and thriller kind of gal) but not hour after hour day after day. So, she has the remote and starts dishing about this movie. I believe the title was something like ‘I Married Who?’ or ‘I Married Him?’ one or the other. Sorry, brain refused to retain that info once it started down its creative track.

Point of the story…woman engaged to another man has bachelorette party in Vegas, gets plastered, and ends up married to some guy. There’s more, but that’s all my mind heard, Vegas, drunk and married…those three little words and—BAM! I was onto another story while still working on two others.

Needless to say, I couldn’t ignore the niggle. I halted work on Soul Destiny and Soul Design and started typing away on what would become Soul Nature (due next summer).

I admit, I grumbled and my daughter laughed (the little bugger told me to ‘suck it up’! *shakes head* Kids these days I swear! LOL). Under a week and I had it ready for submission. Talk about insane! Until that happened, I hadn’t really considered where the ideas came from. They were there and that’s that.

Since then I’m slightly more careful about what I hear/listen to while working. Sometimes I’ll even remind daughter #2 that I have to get this finished before she can watch another movie like that. She laughs and says ‘you’ll be fine Mom, you’re a writer’…

Have you ever wondered where your ideas for stories come from?

Alix Richards

Where fantasy and reality collide...

Twin Flames: Soul Destiny coming winter 2013/2014
Twin Flames: Soul Design coming spring 2014
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About Alix:

First a storyteller, Alix Richards didn’t get around to recording her stories on paper until she was ten. The creative worlds grew with time and experience in her imagination. Finding her own ‘twin flame’ inspired her to look again at those worlds and characters she’d set aside when life demanded her full attention.

Between plotting, chatting writer friends off their balconies, love stories and meeting new people, Alix spends time with her family and friends, happy to share her real life with the ones who mean the most to her. She’s friendly, stubborn, and outspoken but still enjoys laughing and crying while reading a good book. She’s a romantic with a harsh realistic twist, because some things just don’t happen in everyday life. However, it doesn’t stop her from believing anything is possible.


Anonymous said...

Alix, you never cease to amaze me on your stories...and I love to find out how ideas come to authors - thanks so much for sharing. Made me giggle.

Alix Richards said...

Thank you Kay Dee. :-) Sometimes I am amazed at my stories. LOL

It is interesting isn't it? :-) Giggles are a good thing. They constitute as laughter, which is very healthy I've been told. ;-)