Monday, October 28, 2013

#MIHBlog ~ Announcement to Erotic Romance Authors and Muse It Hot Authors

Wild Darkness Calls – Short Stories – Call for Erotic Submission (open to all erotic romance authors – you do not have to be a Muse It Hot Publishing author to respond to this call out).

Due March 1, 2014  

Editor – Attn: Susan Davis

6,000 – 10,000 word stories
Must have some form of the word Dark in the story title.

Topics to weave-in however it works for your story – Dark and stormy, One of the four seasons, Rustic Setting

Story contains one or more of the following: hiding or searching, may be captured, lost, or does the capturing

Lust and love must play a part, ends with Happy Ever After OR Happy for Now.

Must be erotic romance (F/M, M/M, F/F, M/F/M, or any combo) of any sub-genre (contemporary, paranormal, thriller, horror, sci-fi, mystery, historical, etc.) with a love relationship.

Wild Darkness Calls – Short Stories – Call for Erotic Submission

These short stories will be a series written by many authors (rather than an anthology) ~ goal is to publish one of these short stories once a month starting October 2014 for this Wild Darkness Calls series. Send your best…

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Muse It HOT! Publishing Authors only - Calling for posts & banners

The #MIHBlog (Muse It HOT! Blog) doors are wide open for our Hot Romance writing authors to post. Open themes. This is a ‘hot’ publishers sight, so any hot parts should be tastefully done – other than that – you’ve got pretty much no limits on what you want to write;) Introduce us to your story-stars, how your story idea came to you, what’s most important in writing your story, what’s up and coming for you, abilities of your paranormal hero/heroine, topics are endless…send us something and we’ll post it;)

BANNER DAZE – Any day we have enough for a parade of banners we’ll be Highlighting any Muse It Hot author or book banner that gets sent to us – We will have a limit of five per post – those will then move to our banner page making room for the next five that come our way:)
Please email me (kaydeeeroyal AT msn DOT com) with your guest post and/or your banner and the link you’d like to use for it to direct your readers/fans;)

Thanks so much for supporting the Muse It Hot blogJ

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