Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's #WickedWednesday Again! Let Me Tempt You With Some SAVAGE SMOKE #MIHBlog #Erotic #Romance

Hello again, HOT readers. I'm happy to say #WickedWednesday has returned. *grins* This week, I have the pleasure of sharing a spicy tidbit from one of my favorite MuseItHot authors, Kay Dee Royal. This particular tease comes from her latest release, the newest addition to her Lycan series -- SAVAGE SMOKE.

If you aren't familiar with the story, you really should get on that. It's good stuff, folks. Here are the particulars:

by Kay Dee Royal
Genre: Paranormal Romance (Erotic)

Description: Chance and his LIIA pack of agents search for rogue Lycan mastermind, Smoke, kidnapper of Lindsey and fifteen other human women he plans to use for procreating his own army.

Trevor, Chance’s right-hand Lycan, wants his mate back, but believes she’s fallen for her captor. Lindsey loves Trevor but believes he’s given up on her.

Will Trevor come around in time to rescue Lindsey and save her from shifting into Smoke’s pack, and will she even want back with Trevor after spending so long apart?

Sooo... Do you all feel teased enough yet? No? Still want more? Of course you do. I can't blame you.

As I promised when I started this post, here is your Wicked Wednesday excerpt:

Bliss chuckled, a titillating melody of soothing tones. She unfolded from her chair and stepped closer. Her eyes closed and she took a deep breath through her nostrils, as if smelling Lindsey. She walked around Lindsey, again with the deep breathing, each exhale created a warm moist aphrodisiac event wherever Bliss’s breath came to rest. Spine tingling electric charges spun through Lindsey’s body, all snapping at her nerve endings. Her urgency for escape shifted and for one wild moment she wanted to rip this woman’s clothes off. A tremor buckled Lindsey’s knees and quaked at her core, moistening the thong she wore in a blaze of heat. She stood frozen, yet on fire. Her arms hung helpless at her sides.
            “What are you doing to me?”
            “You want me, I want you. Just making it happen a bit faster. I’ve been starved of pleasure and what better way to fulfill my appetite.” Bliss ran a trembling finger across Lindsey’s lips, along her jawbone, and downward.
            Lindsey’s body shuddered of its own accord, but remained standing in front of Bliss and her wicked finger. Lips brushed against Lindsey’s, and a tongue snaked between her lips, drawing a moan from deeper than Lindsey had dared to go since Trevor. A psychic connection, her mind opened like petals of a flower, full and ready to bloom. Bliss gained access to Lindsey’s memory nuggets and pulled on all passion threads, sending Lindsey into an immediate earthshattering orgasm.

*fans self*
I bet you really want a copy of this one now. Don't you, darlings? Once again, can't blame ya!

Here is where you can grab a copy of SAVAGE SMOKE:

About the Author: Kay Dee Royal writes paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary erotic romance—maybe because it's also her favorite genres to read! She pens tales with wild, rugged heroes and strong, intelligent heroines. She'll give them both a few shadowy secrets, making her stories intriguing and fun. She resides in Southern Michigan with her family (her dog, her cats, her caged husband... you get the idea). You can find the latest on her titles from her publisher, MuseItHot.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Bex...thanks for sharing the Savage Smoke little scene...Bliss steps into the story like she's been there all along - her special abilities drop her right in running, sassy and sexy. She's one of my favorites...