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What if you woke up one night a Vampire? Kat Holmes Guest Post

Ever wondered how you’d react if you woke up one night a vampire? Would you be angry, tormented, or happy as a lark? That’s the question I asked when I decide to write about my favorite subject…vampires! I love vampires from the heroic to the evil. And they are perfect for Halloween too.

Vampires live forever. Well, they live forever as long as they don’t get staked, set on fire or beheaded. But it’s very hard to get close enough to one to do any of those things and kill them, so they mostly have very long life spans. Just think about all the things they’ve seen. Empires rise and fall, the dawn of science and free-thinking, all the way to modern times with men on the moon and amazing CGI work in games and film. What will they see next?

When I decided to venture into my own vampire story, I wanted to add my own unique twist to the vampire lore so I brought in Hekate to the mix. She’d the Goddess of magic, the dark moon and death and is known as the Goddess with Three Faces. Thus Hekate’s Web was born.

Book one is Hidden and introduces the urban fantasy world of my vampires. The main HQ of the good vamps in the book is Boston and we meet Benjamin Fortescu, leader and natural born vampire. He’s not undead, he was born a vampire. He’s a vampire king to be exact and after 3000 years he’s pretty arrogant and sure of himself, until he meets an unknown female vampire.

Lilith Fischer is undead and doesn’t want to be. She was turned at her brother’s wedding and now has a huge hate on for anything fanged and bloodsucking. But she also has a secret, she’s been trained by none other than a goddess and she’s the most kick-butt vampire the world has ever seen.

Through the two of them we meet other characters, learn about a long standing war and discover Hekate has plans, though no one save the goddess herself knows what they are. And now we come to book 2.

Seeker is releasing from Muse It Up Publishing this Friday, November 1st and I’m psyched. It’s the story of one of Benjamin’s generals, Atu, and a woman just as powerful in her own way as Lilith. Edeline Comstock will bring Atu to his knees.

I love the cover for this book done by the extremely talented Suzi Safi. I can’t wait. It’s available right now for pre-order for $1.10 off the cover price if you order it now. Normally it’s $5.50 but right now you can get it for $4.40.

Back Cover

Atu is an ancient warrior and vampire long in the service of his king. He has no desire for home or family. But when the Goddess Hekate tasks him with finding an ancient artifact before his enemies do, he is forced to enlist the aid of a woman who drives him crazy.

Edeline Comstock has the sight and has been cursed and reviled for it by her family. When she finds herself under attack from a monster, a dark and dangerous man is her only salvation, or he might be her destruction.
Forced to aid Atu, time is running out to uncover the secrets of the past. But a far greater danger stalks Edeline, one from which there may be no return.


The face that stared back at her was wan and haggard. How she hated days like this. The past couple of weeks had been rougher than usual and the stress and strain just added to her already existing problems. God, she was sick of problems.

Edeline Comstock was tired. And what was worse, she knew already, as she always did, that her day wasn’t nearly over. Nope, like it or not, she’d call. That damn news article had seen to that. There’d be no avoiding Stephanie’s ranting rage even though Edeline really wasn’t up for it.

At least she no longer lived with the bitch. Once she’d turned eighteen she’d inherited her mother’s fortune. She hadn’t even waited till her father and stepmother returned from Europe before she rented a townhouse. She’d packed her things and left her brother and sister in the care of their nanny without a second thought. Wyatt and Courtney didn’t like her any more than her stepmother did thanks to Stephanie’s so-called nurturing over the years.

Freaky, weird, scarecrow, beanpole. She’d heard all those insults and many others over the years. Her stepmother created a few more choice insults to call her when the words everyone used failed to fully express the total scope of Stephanie’s hatred. It didn’t help that as her father climbed the political ladder, he withdrew more and more from any role in Edeline’s upbringing, allowing Stephanie unhampered control over her.

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#MIHBlog ~ Announcement to Erotic Romance Authors and Muse It Hot Authors

Wild Darkness Calls – Short Stories – Call for Erotic Submission (open to all erotic romance authors – you do not have to be a Muse It Hot Publishing author to respond to this call out).

Due March 1, 2014  

Editor – Attn: Susan Davis

6,000 – 10,000 word stories
Must have some form of the word Dark in the story title.

Topics to weave-in however it works for your story – Dark and stormy, One of the four seasons, Rustic Setting

Story contains one or more of the following: hiding or searching, may be captured, lost, or does the capturing

Lust and love must play a part, ends with Happy Ever After OR Happy for Now.

Must be erotic romance (F/M, M/M, F/F, M/F/M, or any combo) of any sub-genre (contemporary, paranormal, thriller, horror, sci-fi, mystery, historical, etc.) with a love relationship.

Wild Darkness Calls – Short Stories – Call for Erotic Submission

These short stories will be a series written by many authors (rather than an anthology) ~ goal is to publish one of these short stories once a month starting October 2014 for this Wild Darkness Calls series. Send your best…

~ ***~

Muse It HOT! Publishing Authors only - Calling for posts & banners

The #MIHBlog (Muse It HOT! Blog) doors are wide open for our Hot Romance writing authors to post. Open themes. This is a ‘hot’ publishers sight, so any hot parts should be tastefully done – other than that – you’ve got pretty much no limits on what you want to write;) Introduce us to your story-stars, how your story idea came to you, what’s most important in writing your story, what’s up and coming for you, abilities of your paranormal hero/heroine, topics are endless…send us something and we’ll post it;)

BANNER DAZE – Any day we have enough for a parade of banners we’ll be Highlighting any Muse It Hot author or book banner that gets sent to us – We will have a limit of five per post – those will then move to our banner page making room for the next five that come our way:)
Please email me (kaydeeeroyal AT msn DOT com) with your guest post and/or your banner and the link you’d like to use for it to direct your readers/fans;)

Thanks so much for supporting the Muse It Hot blogJ

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#MIHBlog Post by Thomas Briar: Are You Interested in BDSM?

Hi there,

My name is Thomas Briar. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to drop by the MuseItHOT Blog and visit with me. So, now that you're here, I'd like to ask you a question: are you interested in BDSM?

Please know upfront that I'm not referring to roleplaying BDSM where there is no palpable tension. And I'm definitely not talking about the kind where the supposed submissive tops the supposed dominant from the bottom. No, no. I'm talking about real BDSM where there's a real Dominant and real Submissive who are committed to each other.

Forgive me for being presumptuous but I'm pretty sure I know what thought just crossed your mind… real BDSM is kind of scary. Yes, it certainly can be. But then, I've found taking great risks to hopefully win great rewards is always a little frightening. I suppose it’s the uncertainty of 'what all could happen' that brings out the emotion.

Anyway, before I digress any further, let me tell you about this young woman I once knew. Her name was Lana Cross. She was a misfit floating on the sea of life, one of those unfortunate girls who could never get what she really wanted. Then one day, quite by accident, she met a guy by the name of Nick Navarro who offered to help her reinvent herself. And just like a sunflower thriving beneath warm rays of sunlight, she blossomed under his instruction. It's true…she really did.

In all honesty, it surprised me when they asked me to document their relationship. What I witnessed astounded me. It also caused me to question everything I thought I knew about healthy sexual relationships between consenting adults.

In retrospect, I've come to believe they were predestined to meet and then ascend into the lifestyle to discover what fueled their sexuality, what could kill it, and what would ultimately sustain it.

Yes…without sustenance a couple's sexuality will most certainly die.
Now, if reading about such a relationship interests you, then please take a look at Earning The Right And The Name.

But be forewarned, if you read the book it might alter your belief of what defines a loving BDSM relationship.

About The Author
Thomas Briar lives in South Georgia. He strives to exalt the virtues of love and lust in every erotic story he creates, but BDSM within alternative lifestyles is his absolute favorite subject to write about. This will probably always be so, no matter which sub-genre of erotica he finds his mind turning toward.

 Click Cover for more info


"What in the fuck are you talking about?" Lana felt like she was talking to a crazy person. This man had to be crazy. He just had to be. Sane men didn't assume they'd be dating any one long enough to be fucking them into oblivion upon a happenstance, first meeting. Did they?

Nick Navarro let loose a long breath. "I'm talking about helping you remake yourself into who you really want to be. It's a very simple concept, really. People have been reinventing themselves for thousands of years, by their own hand or with the help of others."

"How could you possibly know what I want to become?" Though Lana's voice was filled with righteous indignation she had every intention of following this conversation to its conclusion. What Mr. Navarro had said earlier was true; she'd never met a man such as him. He exhibited enormous confidence in his words and demeanor, like he knew something about her no one else did.

"What is it that you want?" Nick Navarro made a pretension of musing. After an adequate pause he gave a grimace. "That's easy. You want what most every young woman wants, to know what it's like to feel beautiful and desired by many men. You don't necessarily want to fuck a lot of different men, you'd just like for them to want to fuck you."

"How can you know that?" Lana knew asking this question only admitted the validity of his statements. And yes, his words were certainly true. She did want exactly that since she had never experienced it in her twenty-one years of living. It wasn't fair she should go through life not knowing what it was like to at least once be the center of attention, turning every man's head in the room, giddy with the joy and confidence that came with knowing you were a genuine object of beauty and desire. It had to be the most exciting feeling in the world.

"I know what you want because I know you, whether you think I do or not," Mr. Navarro stated, staring Lana directly in the eyes, never for a moment backing down.

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#MIHBlog - #MIHAuthors Banner Day Parade - Exquisite, Unique, and Wildly Sexy

Hello everyone;) Muse It Hot Authors would like to throw a parade...yep, some of the finest artwork and designs of unique and wildly sexy banners on display here. 

Let's set a fire by clicking on these banners to learn more about the authors, their heroes and heroines, and their stories. You'll be re-directed, but please come back to check them all out - and don't be shy about sharing this lovely collection of amazing authors on your favorite social media:) We love you for sharing our parade and helping us celebrate Banner Day:)

On with the show...enjoy:)

Come on Muse It Hot Authors...we want your banners to keep this parade lined up and moving:) Send them to Kaydeeroyal AT msn DOT com

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#MIHBlog - 6 Tips to Writing a Paranormal Series

I love reading a ‘good’ paranormal series ~ books carrying plot and character threads and elements from one book to the next all the while staying true and precise in every detail and nuance. For someone who has the memory of a stick that can be a huge task. (grins)

I’ve had some help along the way, so there will be name dropping in this post as well as workshop recommendations.

Before I even made the decision of writing my first series of books, I read a number of series, the last being Mary Abshire’s Soul Catcher Series (very good books I might add that kept me hanging until Jessie’s next adventure). I suggest you find and read a good book series in the genre you write before getting started.

FIRST – The idea – does my story merit more than one book? What is the common thread or element through my series – and it isn’t always the main characters.

In my current Lycan International Investigation Agency Series (LIIA), the agency is the common thread through my series. My MC’s (Main Characters) will be sharing the stage. They also switch around for each book, stepping down and finishing their personal story or adding to it as a separate running thread in the books that follow, while a new hero and heroine takes center stage.

SECOND – Establish the paranormal. I took an awesome workshop, Writing Paranormal by Susan and Harry Squires, through Savvy Authors – . If you get the chance to take this workshop (which I believe was eight weeks long), do it. Even if you don’t write paranormal, their lessons really “popped” with me for laying out plot, characters, and scenes. Good instructors and authors, I might add, and constant input throughout the course.

There’s a lot to consider when developing non-human main characters. In my story, my paranormal MC’s are Lycan (werewolves), but I wanted my own unique Lycan. Yes, they have some characteristics, abilities, and society structures that are traditionally known and accepted, but with a few additional as well, a blending of their own.

A few questions I considered in my Lycan development:
* What makes them different than humans? Abilities?
* Where will they live? Community?
* How will they interact with humans? Are they a secret society?
* What is their society structure – like territorial? Hierarchy? Birthright? An Elders Council?
* How do they procreate? Do they mate for life, many partners?
* What are the laws/rules of the pack? The Alpha?

THIRD – With the idea and paranormal aspects in place, I write up my MC sketches – the hero, heroine, and villain (protagonists and antagonists). I go a little more detailed with these, greater depth, especially if there will be a number of characters by the end of the series. I don’t want every hero and heroine sounding and acting the same. I’ve developed my own set of questions.

FOURTH – Meet in the Middle Plotting, Plot Your Novel in 15 Minutes! This is something I learned by Claudia Suzanne at a The Muse On-Line Writer’s Conference – .

Before I took Claudia's workshop I flew by the seat of my pants for plotting or outlining. I can’t believe how simple and fast this is and how much time it has saved me while writing…keeping me on track in the long haul.

Quick instructions from Claudia: “Number a piece of paper from one to fifteen. Write a one-line blurb of where the story begins next to number one. Then jump down to the bottom and write the ending next to number fifteen. Now go back to the top and write a blurb for what happens after the opening next to number two. Scoot down to number fourteen to write what happened just before the story ends. Continue bouncing up and down from the top of the page to the bottom and in a matter of minutes – voila! Modify this basic outline of the entire novel with additional sequences, subplots, and character plots, motivations, actions, etc. to bring the story to life.”

For complete instruction on this wonderful writing tool – go to:

For more information about Claudia Suzanne, you may connect at any of these links:

Claudia Suzanne, Ghostwriting Expert

Join her on:

FIFTH – I wrote the first book, Staring into the Eyes of Chance, which took three to four months from first draft to the finished product. When the final draft was completed, I submitted it.

SIX - I printed a copy of my book. I went through each page with a highlighter and pen, making notes of thread lines, character elements, and anything I came across I wanted to carry into my following books. This part took me days completing, but I knew it was something I must finish before beginning the second book.

And now you have it, each book would be a repeat of these steps.

There are a couple other workshops I found helpful in my character and story development that I'd like to share.

Intensifying Emotion by Lauri Sanders - I actually took this one twice, the first time through Muse Online Writer’s Conference and the second time at Savvy Authors. It’s a lot of good, intense information for romance writers…or mystery, suspense, and thriller writers; great for making strong characters.

The Dark Hero by Misa Ramirez, Tonya Kappes, and Lee Lopez - I took at Savvy Authors. I found this one helpful with creating a hero where one misstep, one moment of weakness can throw him over to the dark side as a villain. I’m striving hard to make this hero happen in my work.

Writing Erotic Romance by Louisa Bacio - another great workshop I attended through Savvy Authors. This course gave awesome direction on what it takes for writing a good love/sex scene and all the emotions, plus the events leading up to it and following it. Louisa had some good input over and above her lessons.

May I add, there are many...many great workshops at The Muse On Line Writer's Conference, held on-line every year in October (actually going on this week). It's a week-long conference and well worth your time. There are excellent instructors, and workshops for any caliber of writer. They also have publishing houses in attendance ready to take your pitch. 

I’m an ever evolving writer and appreciate learning new and better ways. Do you have a different way or a tip for writing a paranormal romance series? I’d love for you to share with a comment, helping each other along the way.

Thank you for stopping by, if you like what you've read, please feel free to share it on your favorite social media;)

Kay Dee

Kay Dee Royal writes paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary erotic romance—maybe because it's also her favorite genres to read! She pens tales with wild, rugged heroes and strong, intelligent heroines. She'll give them both a few shadowy secrets, making her stories intriguing and fun. She resides in Southern Michigan with her family (her dog, her cats, her caged husband... you get the idea). You can find the latest on her titles from her publisher, MuseItHot.

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The Many Levels of Intimacy - #Hot&Bothered #MIHBlog #Erotic

First, let me apologize for being late. I'm on vacation and more jet lagged than expected so it took me a while to get it together this morning.

When thinking about what I wanted to write this month for Hot & Bothered Thursday really gave me pause. Everyone has their own definition of what it means as do myself. So I decided to speak to the concept itself.

Being mainly, an erotic writer I write to all the levels of sensuality. Every story requires something different but in every one I have ever written the levels of intimacy remain the same. There are many great articles written on this subject with good reason. For us, the romance writer be it erotic or sweet or sensual, how people fall in love are basically the same.

Writing love scenes is imperative that you have these steps. There is also a lot to be said about body language, which says more than words ever can. All of the steps are important and even though you might be able to skip a step or have it happen outside the scope of a story, for the most part all these steps need to happen to get your reader invested in the story.

It is also important to note that the love scenes can make or break a novel.

How I am going to approach this will be a little unconventional. First, I'm going to list out the different steps here. Then next month, we will go over a couple of the steps in detail with examples from Muse It Hot books. I've done this before in this column but not to the level of detail I intend with the next few columns. Many of us are visual and I plan to give stunning examples of what each of the steps really mean.

Here are the eleven steps of intimacy:

1 ~  Eye to body
2 ~ Eye to eye
3 ~ Hand to hand
4 ~ Hand to shoulder
5 ~ Arm around waist
6 ~ Mouth to mouth
7 ~ Hand to head
8 ~ Hand to body
9 ~ Mouth to body
10 ~ Hand to genitals
11 ~ Genital to genital

Again, not every one of these steps have to be present for a novel to be great. Each step is a sensual journey and needs to be approached that way. As an author, we need to remember what each step entails and how to make it easy for us to write and memorable for each reader.

See you next month as we continue our journey to Hot & Bothered...have a great month!


Lynn Crain has penned over 25 novels in romance in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and contemporary romance, erotic to tame in nature. She always knew that writing was her calling even if it took years at other professions to prove it. She has belonged to EPIC and RWA for more years that she cares to think about. Currently, she lives in Europe while her husband of nearly 30 years pursues his dream of working internationally. Her state-side home is in Nevada where family and friends wait patiently for their return. You can find her hanging out at A Writer In Vienna Blog ( and various other places on the net (;; ). Still, the thing she loves most of all is hearing from her readers at

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It's #WickedWednesday Again! Let Me Tempt You With Some SAVAGE SMOKE #MIHBlog #Erotic #Romance

Hello again, HOT readers. I'm happy to say #WickedWednesday has returned. *grins* This week, I have the pleasure of sharing a spicy tidbit from one of my favorite MuseItHot authors, Kay Dee Royal. This particular tease comes from her latest release, the newest addition to her Lycan series -- SAVAGE SMOKE.

If you aren't familiar with the story, you really should get on that. It's good stuff, folks. Here are the particulars:

by Kay Dee Royal
Genre: Paranormal Romance (Erotic)

Description: Chance and his LIIA pack of agents search for rogue Lycan mastermind, Smoke, kidnapper of Lindsey and fifteen other human women he plans to use for procreating his own army.

Trevor, Chance’s right-hand Lycan, wants his mate back, but believes she’s fallen for her captor. Lindsey loves Trevor but believes he’s given up on her.

Will Trevor come around in time to rescue Lindsey and save her from shifting into Smoke’s pack, and will she even want back with Trevor after spending so long apart?

Sooo... Do you all feel teased enough yet? No? Still want more? Of course you do. I can't blame you.

As I promised when I started this post, here is your Wicked Wednesday excerpt:

Bliss chuckled, a titillating melody of soothing tones. She unfolded from her chair and stepped closer. Her eyes closed and she took a deep breath through her nostrils, as if smelling Lindsey. She walked around Lindsey, again with the deep breathing, each exhale created a warm moist aphrodisiac event wherever Bliss’s breath came to rest. Spine tingling electric charges spun through Lindsey’s body, all snapping at her nerve endings. Her urgency for escape shifted and for one wild moment she wanted to rip this woman’s clothes off. A tremor buckled Lindsey’s knees and quaked at her core, moistening the thong she wore in a blaze of heat. She stood frozen, yet on fire. Her arms hung helpless at her sides.
            “What are you doing to me?”
            “You want me, I want you. Just making it happen a bit faster. I’ve been starved of pleasure and what better way to fulfill my appetite.” Bliss ran a trembling finger across Lindsey’s lips, along her jawbone, and downward.
            Lindsey’s body shuddered of its own accord, but remained standing in front of Bliss and her wicked finger. Lips brushed against Lindsey’s, and a tongue snaked between her lips, drawing a moan from deeper than Lindsey had dared to go since Trevor. A psychic connection, her mind opened like petals of a flower, full and ready to bloom. Bliss gained access to Lindsey’s memory nuggets and pulled on all passion threads, sending Lindsey into an immediate earthshattering orgasm.

*fans self*
I bet you really want a copy of this one now. Don't you, darlings? Once again, can't blame ya!

Here is where you can grab a copy of SAVAGE SMOKE:

About the Author: Kay Dee Royal writes paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary erotic romance—maybe because it's also her favorite genres to read! She pens tales with wild, rugged heroes and strong, intelligent heroines. She'll give them both a few shadowy secrets, making her stories intriguing and fun. She resides in Southern Michigan with her family (her dog, her cats, her caged husband... you get the idea). You can find the latest on her titles from her publisher, MuseItHot.


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#MIHBlog - Where Do Story Ideas Come From? by Alix Richards

I didn’t used to wonder about this question until I received my first contract. Then I froze at the thought of someone asking me it. Yup, sure did. As a writer the thought of where ideas came from never crossed my mind. They were just…there…and that’s what mattered. Now, mind you, I’ve answered the question a few times and I no longer panic when asked. Usually I smile and wonder if they’ll believe me when I tell them the truth. *smirk*

A handful of months back, I was finishing the final chapters on Soul Destiny (due this winter) and in the middle of Soul Design (due next spring) when my daughter had control of the TV remote. By that I mean, I had no say over what was chosen. I was working, so watching television was the farthest from my mind. Until…

Let me tell you about daughter #2, she’s into romantic dramas. ALL the time! Now I can handle them in small doses (I’m more horror, action and thriller kind of gal) but not hour after hour day after day. So, she has the remote and starts dishing about this movie. I believe the title was something like ‘I Married Who?’ or ‘I Married Him?’ one or the other. Sorry, brain refused to retain that info once it started down its creative track.

Point of the story…woman engaged to another man has bachelorette party in Vegas, gets plastered, and ends up married to some guy. There’s more, but that’s all my mind heard, Vegas, drunk and married…those three little words and—BAM! I was onto another story while still working on two others.

Needless to say, I couldn’t ignore the niggle. I halted work on Soul Destiny and Soul Design and started typing away on what would become Soul Nature (due next summer).

I admit, I grumbled and my daughter laughed (the little bugger told me to ‘suck it up’! *shakes head* Kids these days I swear! LOL). Under a week and I had it ready for submission. Talk about insane! Until that happened, I hadn’t really considered where the ideas came from. They were there and that’s that.

Since then I’m slightly more careful about what I hear/listen to while working. Sometimes I’ll even remind daughter #2 that I have to get this finished before she can watch another movie like that. She laughs and says ‘you’ll be fine Mom, you’re a writer’…

Have you ever wondered where your ideas for stories come from?

Alix Richards

Where fantasy and reality collide...

Twin Flames: Soul Destiny coming winter 2013/2014
Twin Flames: Soul Design coming spring 2014
Twin Flames: Soul Nature coming summer 2014

About Alix:

First a storyteller, Alix Richards didn’t get around to recording her stories on paper until she was ten. The creative worlds grew with time and experience in her imagination. Finding her own ‘twin flame’ inspired her to look again at those worlds and characters she’d set aside when life demanded her full attention.

Between plotting, chatting writer friends off their balconies, love stories and meeting new people, Alix spends time with her family and friends, happy to share her real life with the ones who mean the most to her. She’s friendly, stubborn, and outspoken but still enjoys laughing and crying while reading a good book. She’s a romantic with a harsh realistic twist, because some things just don’t happen in everyday life. However, it doesn’t stop her from believing anything is possible.