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#MIHBlog - Book Review by Kay Dee Royal - Her Last Day

Hello Muse It Hot fans/readers/authors;) One of our goals here on the Muse It Hot Blog is to share the excellent stories of our authors. I had the pleasure of reading a book written by two of them - good friends, sister Musers, and a Mother/Daughter duo - if you enjoy what you read, please share this post...and most definitely buy the book:)  


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Book Review – Her Last Day by Kat Holmes & L.J. Holmes

Genre: Historical romance with a touch of paranormal & spice

First Line: Daria woke.

Book Review:

Daria, a natural beauty and humble woman from a family of means, gets bartered off as a wife to the highest bidder.

Titus, a business man, philanderer, and control freak, lives every minute with high expectations and a low tolerance for humanity in general.

Together they act as abuser and the abused. It’s August 24th 79 A.D. in Pompeii, is there any chance in hell for Daria to find a few hours of happiness before her world turns to ash?

To be honest, the title told me the heroine dies and why would I want to read a story with a sad ending – I don’t do sad. I came very close to passing over it for another of L.J.’s stories, but I’m so glad I reconsidered.

Kat and L.J. Holmes created a historical romance, introducing an impacting depth to the story through its characters and passion. They summed it up with a satisfying ending that this happily-ever-after-freak (moi) found amazing.

There’s a paranormal twist that isn’t really mentioned in the tags or description of the books. These two authors pulled a rabbit out of the hat and you’ll see why when you read it ;)

No spoiling it…the resonating depth of this love story kept me thinking about its story-stars long after I’d finished reading their story. I hope these two authors continue writing more stories together – and I definitely recommend this story as an excellent historical paranormal romance.

Kay Dee

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Her Last Day Excerpt: 
August 24th 79 A.D. 
7:30 A.M.

Daria woke. Her body twanged. Every morning she prayed not to see the sun, but every morning she woke and the sun’s rays mocked her.

Sliding from her bed, liberally festooned in silks and the finest lines money could buy, she bit down on the wince from bruises not yet coloring her pale skin.

She knew Titus expected her to wait for her personal slave to dress her for another day in her own private hell, but Daria wanted no one to see the remnants of the night she’d just endured at her husband’s mercy. Not even her personal attendant, the slave Iola.

Iola arrived in time to help her into her breakfast shawl.

“I won’t need your help until after I break my fast,” Daria said.

The older woman did not respond. She met Daria’s eyes, nodded, and then bowed her way back out of the bedchamber. Iola always knew what her mistress hid beneath her breakfast wear, she’d seen it many times, but there was nothing Daria could do to change what was.

Slipping her tiny feet into her silk slippers, she checked the reflecting glass. Titus would find no cause to chastise, unless she didn’t get to the dining area and was demurely waiting for his arrival. Like the slaves, she had expectations to meet.

Taking one more steadying breath, she schooled her features to show no emotions, and headed for breakfast with a man she detested the most in the entire world.

Kat Holmes:

I’m a dreamer and a lover of words. Books have been my passion since I listened to my mother reading to me as a child. The love she instilled in me has culminated in my desire to write the kind of stories I have always loved to read. I believe books are the single most important invention mankind has ever created. I started writing when I was only fifteen for my own enjoyment. I still write for my own pleasure, but now I get to share that love with my readers.

L.J. Holmes:

I’ve got snow on my roof with roots in my brain, knees that creak, and joints that often protest, but I’m having the time of my life writing to my heart’s content.


Anonymous said...

Both of these authors have quite a library of books they've written...and both are amazing authors of the romance genre...also of the spicy romance genre;)

Be sure to check out the author links to see them for yourself;)

Have fun!!

Lin said...

Thank you Kay Dee from the bottom of our hearts. Kat and I are blown away by what you've written here. We're SOOO glad you liked our story. Daria holds a place deep in our hearts, too, and always will.

Again...thank you!