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#MIHBlog - Sexy Scenes or No Sexy Scenes? by Suzannah Safi

Sexy scenes or no sexy scenes?

Some readers love to read the hot sexy scenes in romance and some prefer it sweet romance. Personally, I love hot romance stories that has a well-developed love scene or well developed romantic scene. As a reader and author, I immediately spot the author who is not comfortable writing hot scenes and for me to read those undeveloped scenes is like experiencing a root-canal surgery. I believe writing a hot scene does not have to mean that ALWAYS a detailed scene with lovemaking, sometimes writing a scene with a kiss can deliver a whole lot of emotions. Today, I picked a sexy scene, can I write simple kiss? No. So, get ready I will leave you with a tantalizing scene form my new published paranormal romance novella    

Insatiable Hunger - Book One in Vrykolakas the other Kin Series 

Genre  Paranormal Romance – Hot Romance
Release  July 19, 2013
Editor  Lea Schizas
Cover Designer  Suzannah Safi
Words  24822
Pages  93
ISBN  978-1-77127-376-3
Price  $3.50

To all fang lovers enjoy this ride!

Silver cold eyes stared into the core of her soul, his face hard and motionless.

She twisted in his arms. “No, please, let me—” With one fast flip he swung her, back slamming into the wall of his chest, power and strength surrounding her.

He secured her hands with one of his. She froze, tensed at the pain she expected after watching what the other woman went through. Closing her eyes, she heard everyone in the party room cheer for Draven as though winning his noble prize for the day.

His tight grip on her body made her attempts to escape impossible. He pushed her hair with attentive care away from her neck. Her body shivered as one of his fingers slid along her carotid artery sending spurts of adrenaline course through her veins.

Jewel winced as his soft tongue licked the place where his finger trailed. Then his two sharp fangs tickled the soft spot on her neck before a stinging piercing shot to her brain. Trapped in his strong arms, she stiffened as he sucked her blood.
His muscles and grip tightened as her legs collapsed.

He went down with her, supporting her in his lap. A growl rumbled in his throat, his massive body stiffening behind her shuddering body. Heat radiated from him, and his breathing quickened. The pain eased and something eliciting seeped into her senses—a sweet, strange sensation.

She wanted to turn but her body wouldn’t budge. She wanted him, wanted his lips all over her. Was she hallucinating because of the pain, the panic that claimed her? No, something else claimed her body and drove her to the edge, improper things she wanted to do to this man and she couldn’t help but surrender to the sweet sensation.

Warm fluid rushed between her legs. She licked her dry lips and fought for more air as her heart raced. Arching her back, she rested the back of her head against his broad shoulder. His palm caught her breast and he squeezed. Hard pulse of his arousal nudged the side of her buttocks. A tantalizing notion claimed her mound and gradually vibrated to the core of her vagina. She cried as a blinding, pulsing moment of release hit her in a series of waves.

He withdrew his fangs out of her flesh and licked the puncture wounds, taking his time, or aiming for every drop of her blood. His breathing calmed, hers didn’t.

Wanting to sleep and collapse, he pulled her up with him and looked at her, but directing his words to Lykourgos. “She is innocent,” he said, his voice padded with weakness and agony.

She locked her gaze with his. Hazy and blurry the image of his massive body swayed in front of her eyes. Fatigue won over, her legs wobbled beneath her and before she hit the floor, his arms claimed her, and the purple lights became darker and darker.

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Suzannah Safi Bio
I started reading romance novels gazillion years ago. Not far back, precisely, seven years ago, I started writing and never stopped and became a multi-published author. I sometimes wonder if I can breathe without writing.

For many years, I worked with numbers, finance, and credit. But eventually my addiction to writing took over. I visited many exotic places and met many interesting people. The stories they share with me about themselves I tend to spice them up with creative fiction twists, and the end result is a story nagging at my brain to write it and let my readers enjoy the tale. Romance is the base of my writing, but I add sub-genres to spice my romance stories.

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Anonymous said...

Suzannah - I'm not sure how this book got by being such a paranormal romance freak *grins* Your excerpt is a real sizzler...definitely pointing me to buy. Will I ever catch up on my reading??

Thanks for posting - Hugs!!

Suzannah Safi said...

Thanks for having me on your beautiful blog. I am glad you like the excerpt, and I assure you, you will love the story.

Again, thanks for having me here.


Alix Richards said...

Oh man! *waves face* I don't think I'll ever catch up on my reading list. I keep adding more and more. I've been warned. Gotta read what I have...that...could take a while. *smirk*

Awesome excerpt btw, Suzannah So looking forward to getting my little hands on this one.

Marion Webb-De Sisto said...

Loved the excerpt, Susannah. Ooh, who wouldn't want to be bitten by Draven? Insatiable Hunger is now on my 'to read' list.

Marion Webb-De Sisto said...

Oops!! Just noticed I've come up with a new way of spelling your name. Sorry, Suzannah, you'll have to send Draven to punish me. (giggle)

Suzannah Safi said...

Alix~ thank you so much dear for visiting and commenting. I will soon make this one into print as well. If you are interested in a free copy as a thank you, please email me.

Marion~ thanks dear! and for punishing you I will send Draven your way lol. That was a good one and made me giggle too.