Friday, August 23, 2013

#MIHBlog - Jairo's Craziest Location (Twin Flames Series Super-Star)

Jairo’s Craziest Location


Did you know writers get sidetracked easily? Yeah, they do, at least mine does. And often!


Hi, I’m Jairo, Alix Richards’ hero. I know that sounded…strange, but that’s the title she gave me. Now, my mate—Joy—has told me to behave and I agreed, of course…to a point. *smirk* I mean, this is a HOT blog after all, right?


I noticed while roaming through Alix’s computer (which I do often since she grounded me for getting lost at a Muse Christmas party a couple years ago) and found something very interesting. Something she was supposed to post and, sadly, didn’t. Then again, that’s Alix for you. She writes many pieces then decides which one is best. Gods love her. I know I do. Sorry, Joy. *blushes*


Craziest location, huh? The balcony of an apartment building in NYC, against the wall outside? It’s a scene I wanted Alix to use and she didn’t. *chuckle* Although, I’m sure it’ll be recycled into another story, as that’s another adoring trait writers have. I, of course, am assuming. *grin*


I’m not talking about a huge balcony, just one large enough for a couple chairs and foot area. You don’t want people looking, at the same time, you do. *wink* Subtly, of course. While Joy and I were unaware of each other, I fantasized about the two of us sitting on my Manhattan balcony talking. One thing led to another and I had her in my arms pressed up against the brick façade. From my back, anyone looking wouldn’t know we were making love. I had my jeans on and she was wearing my shirt, perfectly decent in my opinion.


There are just times when I can’t keep my hands (and body) from Joy, that was one of them. I wanted her so badly we didn’t make it past the door. I did try of course. Kudos for the attempt. *smirk* I didn’t care if anyone was watching, if they were so inclined to gawk so be it, I’d give them a show.


Pretty crazy location, huh? Normally I’m not an exhibitionist, when it comes to my baby, I honestly don’t care where we are or if anyone is watching. Beach, dressing rooms, kitchen, you name it I’m sure we’ve tried it out. What’s your craziest location?




About Alix Richards: First a storyteller, Alix Richards didn’t get around to recording her stories on paper until she was ten. The creative worlds grew with time and experience in her imagination. Finding her own ‘twin flame’ inspired her to look again at those worlds and characters she’d set aside when life demanded her full attention.

Between plotting, chatting writer friends off their balconies, love stories and meeting new people, Alix spends time with her family and friends, happy to share her real life with the ones who mean the most to her. She’s friendly, stubborn and outspoken but still enjoys laughing and crying while reading a good book. She’s a romantic with a harsh realistic twist, because some things just don’t happen in everyday life. However, it doesn’t stop her from believing anything is possible. 




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Blurb for Soul Bound...

In an effort to escape the reality that steps from the deepest recesses of her mind, Joy runs away for a long weekend alone in a friend’s cabin. She hopes to use the time to gain a logical perspective on an impossible situation.

Joy lives in her dreams, but no longer lives there alone.

Jairo needs Joy to be happy, even if it comes at his expense. Forced to remain patient, he walks away from the woman of his heart and soul. He confines himself to his family’s cabin to give Joy the time alone she requests.

Dreaming with Joy isn’t new, but waking with her physically in his arms, sexy and wet, kicks Jairo’s desire for her into a new stratosphere.

Confusing dreams and unexplainable reality drops them into attack mode, neither quite ready for what destiny pushes their way. As nature and destiny collide for both, Joy and Jairo, nothing will be the same.
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Blurb for Soul Memory...

An accident wipes away Joy Lyons-Morgan's memories, but she's haunted by visions and dreams of a man she loves unconditionally. How will she find him without even knowing who she is?

Jairo Silverthorne understands his and Joy's struggles over being Twin Flames. They mirror and magnify each other in everything, including positives and negatives. So, where is she and why can't she hear his need?

Separated and alone, can Twin Flames find their way back to each other with only soul memories to light their way?


Twin Flames: Soul Destiny coming soonJ The rest of the story;)




Anonymous said..., you're a hoot. So down to earth and yet such a romantic. Love your stories...and I'm so glad you allowed Alix to share them with the world:)

Alix Richards said...

I have to hurry, Alix is away from the computer and she'll be back any moment. *smirk* She's working on one of my cousin's stories, and she's not happy, so I really don't want to get caught peeking. *grin*

Thank you Kay Dee. I can't help being a romantic when it comes to my mate. *smile* I am this way because of her. I'm happy to hear you enjoy them. It was more Joy's idea I agreed as long as it was accurate.

I think Alix did an awesome job. *smile* I LOVE the emotion. Does anyone else have trouble reading through the love scenes? Sometimes I have to stop in the middle. *wink* Thank you for posting this, Kay Dee. It was very nice of you. I won't tell Alix you helped me. :-)