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#MIHBlog ~ Danielle Ravencraft's Steamy Trace Series -n- a Shakin' Up Message

Hi Everybody;) We’re going to be doing something a little different next month here at #MIHBlog. Shaking things up a bit around here, we’ll bring you more variety in posts…exciting, fun, wild, interesting, sexy, and a whole lot more. Some great stuff for readers who love sizzling hot stories and some things for authors, tooJ  We’ll be looking to our MIH authors for posts…and anything goes for themesJ

Which brings me around to this post and what I have going on…let me introduce you to ~ A Trace of Love and A Trace of Passion;) Two stories written by my wonderful friend, colleague, Muse and Ravencraft sista, Danielle Ravencraft.

I had the pleasure of reading Trace and Ophelia’s stories a while back and wrote up a book review on both that I’d like to share with you. There’s something about the realism in these stories that grabbed me…maybe in some way it resonated a bit of my life from a time past (like a much younger time - *grins*). Their story drew me in and didn't shake me away…as I patiently await the rest of their story… *hint, hint*

A Trace of Love – Book Review

Author: Danielle Ravencraft

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Publisher: Muse It Hot Publishing

First Line: Ophelia sat in her favorite spot in the entire world; the little bar in the very back of The House of Blues.

Ophelia, a loner, writhing with low self-esteem, but a beauty in her own way, loves to hang out at The House of Blues.

Trace Curtis, born as Matthew Curtis and unbeknown to him is Ophelia’s forever heart-throb, plays lead in the Molten Silk band.

They discover each other in an evening of bliss – for Ophelia it’s a longtime crush consummated, for Trace it’s something he’d never known with another woman.
Ophelia knows there will be no relationship beyond that night, but Trace believes different. Ophelia wants to believe, but reality smites her away.

Is it possible, love at first sight? According to Ophelia not in the real world…or can it?

Miss Ravencraft pulls a longtime crush to the forefront, holding Ophelia and Trace to a one-night-stand and the realities that go along with a hunky traveling band member and a shy hometown girl.

Miss Ravencraft writes sensual and real, leading her reader into the thralls of Ophelia and Trace’s rocky relationship. She also binds the threads to her next book, A Trace of Passion.

This sexy, short story promises more to come, passion with a bite of reality. Good read! 

A Trace of Passion – Book Review

Author: Danielle Ravencraft

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Publisher: Muse It Hot Publishing

First Line: Ophelia rushed into the first stall.

Ophelia Martinez, star of Trace of Love, returns in Trace of Passion. Eleven months, twenty-four days, six hours and eleven minutes later and still she holds tight to the reasons NOT to contact the love of her life.

Trace Curtis, blue-eyed, dark-haired wonder and lead singer of rock band Molten-Silk, died a little last time he sang at The House of Blues. Now he’s back and expecting answers from the woman who broke her promise and his heart.

What happens when their two worlds collide at a rock concert? There’s only so much a person can avoid, right?

Ms. Ravencraft’s Trace of Love hooked me to her story stars, but Trace of Passion locked me in a room with them. She’s created impressive strong emotional characters, each unique in their realism. I crave reading tight, clear prose that carries me away within a romance and Ms. Ravencraft delivers.

I’m looking forward to the next in her series ~ Trace of Hope…I’m not quite finished with Ophelia and Trace’s story. Highly recommended read.

***To find out more about these books – check out Danielle Ravencraft’s Author page


Anonymous said...

Danielle - I'm betting you're going to see this and wonder why I didn't inform you...well, I decided it was time to shake things up a bit around here - like the post says *grins*

AND, why not, right?

It was a last minute decision on what I was going to be posting...since there's a whole slue of open dates...well, someone needs to be postin' I dug through some of my reviews of erotic romance authors at #MIH...and guess what - there you were;) you are *grins*

Loved the stories and I'm wondering when Ophelia and Trace will get their act together again;)

Lynn Crain said...

Wonder blog, Kay Dee and Danielle!

Thanks for sharing.