Friday, August 2, 2013

#MIHBlog - Craziest Location - Craziest Circumstance by Alix Richards

Craziest Location…Craziest Circumstances…

Hi everyone. I am going to put a small twist on this post. Although it is somewhat crazy, I’m going to make it romantically hot as well. *winks* Oh and mix with craziest circumstances.

Okay, first off, you have to have a significant other to share it. So, now that you’ve grabbed the sizzling mate next to you (please, tell me they know you…*quirks eyebrow*…can’t have you arrested for stalking now can we? Although, that brings to mind something rath…err…well, maybe that should wait until another post), let’s get down to location.

Location…a secluded cove. It’s not exactly crazy, but hear me out first. A secluded cove complete with beach greenery (you know, palm trees and ferns), rock face (cliffs), glistening sand, waves lapping at the shore (must have ambiance)  and a full moon (gotta have a full moon for the romance). Sprinkle varied sized pillar candles all over, maybe add a gauzy canopy, with silken cushions and fuzzy blankets (all to lounge on, can’t have sand getting into certain places, if you know what I mean? *wink*) strewn about. *smile* Romantic setting complete.

I know it’s not exactly ‘crazy’ however, it is romantically hot. Since I live in a locale where there are no natural beaches and coves, this is kinda crazy to me. Now, you have to add thunder and lightning…would that be considered crazy? Along with pelting rain, what more could it be? Think about it, lounging on the beach comfortably, listening to the waves, and watching an awesome light show above…you would lose the full moon, but afterwards? Oh man! The way the clouds would streak across her face. Now that’s just great!

Opps! Sorry. *blushes* Got sidetracked. Crazy…that’s where I was. Or would it be called insane? You tell me. So, you’re on the beach with selected hottie and a thunder storm breaks overhead, instead of running for shelter you continue…well…yeah, whatever it was you were doing with said hottie. *chuckle* The threat of getting struck by lightning would just enhance the aphrodisiac. In my opinion, of course.

I am definitely going to use this! Love when something comes to mind and my imagination just takes a hold and won’t release it. Anyhoo…I’d say the circumstances are crazier than the actual setting, then again, sometimes that’s the way it happens. You know those moments when you and your significant other just can’t keep your hands off each other? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, all that matters is the two of you. So are the circumstances more insane then the locale? I’d love to hear your craziest location, or even circumstances.


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Anonymous said...

Alix - I loved this now I know where the ideas came from for Twin Flames: Soul Bound;)

I can imagine being out on a secluded beach at night because..., but add that lightning and storm to the whole thing...and WOW.

Thanks for sharing...excellent post:)

Rhobin Lee Courtright said...

Enjoyed your post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for stopping in Rhobin:) Alix has quite the creative her work.

Alix Richards said...

Thank you Kay Dee. :) You caught me. *grin* I believe there was a massive storm rolling through when the idea hit me.

I'm glad you enjoyed it Rhobin.

I do believe I just blushed. Thank you again Kay Dee. :) I apologize for my lateness, internet hasn't liked me much recently. lol