Saturday, July 13, 2013

#MIHBlog - What's Sexy to Me - Alix Richards shares her take:)

What’s Sexy to Me
Hey everyone, I’m going to tell you about sexy. Okay, maybe not exactly like that. *grin* Guess, it’s more what’s sexy to me, as a woman and a person. Now, I have to admit this before I continue. There are two me’s, by that I mean there’s the writer me and the reader me. You wouldn’t think there are differences, as we are the same person, but there is. Have I confused you yet? Sorry, that wasn’t my intent. *chuckle* Honest. The variance isn’t huge, but I did notice it almost from the very beginning. Needless to say I was as surprised as you are by it. *smile*

First, the reader in me is very interested in the story between the hero and heroine. I enjoy the buildup of sexual tension as well as the explicit action, not to mention the sensual byplay and jokery. No, I’m not a ‘behind closed doors’ sort of reader. I want my mind seduced and my imagination vividly caressed. I want to feel what the characters do. My heartstrings need to be pulled and a lump forming in my throat. The moments when I want to throttle the heroine for her obliviousness and kick the hero in his ass for his. I truly do enjoy all facets characters have, including their carnal desires. You could say if they are well developed and real, I find them sexy. All that they are. *wink*

Second, the writer in me loves the interaction with the hero and heroine. Each and every interaction between them, including those most considered mundane and insignificant I find sexy. Whether it’s their emotional or spiritual, physical or mental, I like watching the two come to terms with their attraction to each other. The way they are with each. How they become a couple, together. Their separate journeys as well as the shared travels. People intrigue me. It’s interesting how some can be so unaware while others are on top of their game. I’ve found everyone has their moments of obliviousness, even the most observant person can miss a small detail. I find human nature to be completely sexy and how that relates to the characters, we create. As much as they are in fact, fictional, they are also very much real.

Now, if you mix all of the above together and I’m in sexy heaven. Entertain the reader and fascinate the writer, that’s the ultimate goal for me. Finding those books that have all those elements. Sexiness to me isn’t all about the sex, or even the heat. It’s the combination of everything rolled in together. Memories, for example and past experiences, their triumphs and losses. What’s sexy to you?

Twin Flames: Soul Memory


An accident wipes away Joy Lyons-Morgan's memories, but she's haunted by visions and dreams of a man she loves unconditionally. How will she find him without even knowing who she is?

Jairo Silverthorne understands his and Joy's struggles over being Twin Flames. They mirror and magnify each other in everything, including positives and negatives. So, where is she and why can't she hear his need?

Separated and alone, can Twin Flames find their way back to each other with only soul memories to light their way?

Alix Richards

Where fantasy and reality collide...
Twin Flames: Soul Bound from Muse It Up Publishing
Twin Flames: Soul Memory from Muse It Up Publishing


Anonymous said...

I have a lot of admiration for the two you's:) Your books carry such deep character POV - the reader is privy to their thoughts and we're working it out right along with them...I love your style and voice, Alix.

Thanks for sharing your post today:)

Alix Richards said...

Thank you Kay Dee. :-) I didn't give sexy much thought until I was working on this. Funny how a question gets the gears rolling. :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL - yes, I know exactly what you mean:)