Saturday, July 6, 2013

#MIHBlog Sizzling Theme - What's Sexy to You? Christine London's take...

What do you think is sexy?

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Here's some thoughts to get you started:

Sexy is eighteen and sweet—unjaded by the pressures of a too-fast-to-grow-up world.
Sexy is kindness and wisdom of seventy.
Sexy is knowing it's more important to be loved for being a genuine version of yourself than a pale imitation of someone else. 
Sexy is that thoughtful look in your eyes before you answer. It proves to me that you care that I know what you think and feel—and that you know how much I care to hear it.
Sexy is dewy fresh skin of youth and the golden weathered wrinkles of age.
Sexy is the way you carry yourself with the confidence of someone who lives his passion and knows the powerful magnetism that exudes.
Sexy is meticulous grooming. No matter the fashion or age, you look your best when you care enough to put your best self forward.
Sexy is setting up the coffeemaker the night before so there's a fresh cuppa and an air of rich brew in the air when I wake.

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Sexy is recognizing the real allure of age is the depths and layers it adds along with the scars that have strengthened the heart.
Sexy is growing old gracefully.  

Sexy is finding a clean bathroom and no dishes in the sink when I arrive home.
Sexy is the way you blush when you catch me admiring you.
Sexy is your face in the firelight.
Sexy is a shoulder soft kissed by the sun.

Sexy is finding your doing a chore I know you hate because you know I hate it just as much.
Sexy is a man who reads romance for good ideas to woo his woman. Ditto on attending 'chick flicks'.
Sexy is you finding an excuse to see me.
Sexy is a foot massage.
Sexy is being given anything tied with a real satin bow.
Sexy are your footprints in the sand next to mine.
Sexy is a smile meant just for me.
Sexy are sleeves rolled up.
Sexy are thin pajamas a bit too large that hang 'just so' leaving to the imagination what lies beneath.
Sexy is corn popped for us to share.
Sexy is your straight razor, natural soft bristle brush in a shaving cup on my sink.
Sexy is the crooked smile that is yours alone.
Sexy is the sunlight playing on your hair.
Sexy is a hint of fragrance as your walk by—clean and fresh.
Sexy is soft crisp sheets on a warm summer's eve.

Sexy is you in a cashmere knee-length overcoat, soft scarf tucked in at the neck.
Sexy is a dimple at the cheek, chin, and more.
Sexy is the way you apply lotion to my legs and back.
Sexy is a man vacuuming.
Sexy is the way you trust me.
Sexy is a man willing to humiliate himself in front of his friends to demonstrate his feelings for the woman he loves.
Sexy is slow dancing, soft music and candlelight.

Sexy is a B&B bedroom without TV, with big Jacuzzi tub.
Sexy is your breath at my ear.
Sexy is you caring for my things as much as I do.
Sexy is respect.

Reluctant Companions


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Anonymous said...

Hi Christine - WOW, what a list:)

I like the man sweeping...could use one of those today *grins*

What I think is sexy is a simple touch in passing, around the waist, on the shoulder, a quick embrace from behind...unexpected and's a sensitive form of affection and only takes a second, but it remains on my mind long after:)

Gemma Juliana said...

Hi Christine, I love your list... you covered just about everything, too, so I've got to dig deep. Let's see, sexy is when you know inside your love is watching you from across the room. When you turn to look, sure enough your eyes meet and a secret message is exchanged. Thanks for making me dig deep for that pearl.

Rose Anderson said...

Great list! Sexy is watching him interact tenderly with people and animals. Sexy is him pulling you close beside him even though he's sleep.

Robena Grant said...

Sexy is playful laughter...a shared joke.

Christine London said...

"Simple touch, unexpected and loving, interact tenderly, secret message exchanged..." Love them!

Jana Richards said...

How about sexy is when the man you love treats your parents with love and respect? That was always a great one for me.


Christine London said...

Absolutely, Jana--especially the female family members. Waitresses and other service personnel as well.

Christine London said...

Congrats, Gemma--you're the winner of an e-copy of Reluctant Companions for your lovely comment on the "What's Sexy to You" blog!

Also a special thanks to everyone for your comments.