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#MIHBlog - Sexy or Not Sexy? - Marion Webb-De Sisto shares her take on it:)

Sexy or Not Sexy?

Please welcome Marion Webb-De Sisto. She began writing Non-Fiction
books back in 2000, and then branched out into Fiction several years
later. Marion is offering a free copy of her latest Fantasy Romance
story – Taken – to a winner whose name will be drawn from the
‘comments.’ If you would like to enter the draw, leave a comment and
don’t forget to include your email address so that Marion can contact
you. This drawing is open until 07/22/13.

What does our guest think makes or breaks 'Sexy' in a story? What is
sexy to her? Let's find out.

Thanks for the welcome; it's great to be here. I didn't attempt penning a sexy story until 2011, so I don't consider myself to be an expert, but I’d like to share my opinions. Previously, I’d written three non-erotic Fantasy Romances. Then my first erotic story was written for a publisher who was planning to release an ‘Adults Only’ anthology. By doing that I guess you could say I quickly became hooked into writing naughty-but-nice tales. Presently, I'm creating my fourth one.

To answer your questions - Heroes who are only do-gooders aren't sexy to me. They might be 'eye candy', but I'm one of those girls who like the bad boys. If the hero only strides through the story, fighting the villain, while declaring his love for the heroine, he doesn't interest me. He has broken my hope of reading a 'Sexy' tale, and needs to show me some duality within his character in order to make me take notice. I want the hero's personality to be somewhat on the dark side, but he has an inner self that is definitely not evil. 

In my opinion, this makes a story sexy. For example, the hero in one of my stories is a fallen angel who became an incubus. In the early part of the story he’s doing his dirty deeds, but then realizes he mustn’t lead the heroine on a downward path. In another, entitled Taken, the hero is a demgel, meaning he’s half demon, half angel. I had fun allowing both sides of his nature to take turns at being revealed.

When a story has sex scenes throughout most of the chapters, I believe this breaks the ‘Sexy’-ness in it. For me, it then borders on pornography rather than detailing the feelings and actions of love that develop for the hero and heroine. I prefer them to have some type of conflict between them while trying to ignore the mounting attraction to each other they are also experiencing. If they only fully display their true passion in one or two chapters, this makes the story sexy.

Purple prose in a sex scene is a ‘turn off’ for many readers, as is, for me, an abundance of crude sexual words/terminology. One reviewer cited my sex scenes as explicit, not erotic, but that doesn’t mean I’m stuck in a Biology class. I enjoy reading, or writing, the odd easily-recognized slang word, but too many of them breaks the ‘Sexy’ in a story.

If a story has a Fantasy setting, it has that ‘Sexy’ factor for me. I love those demgels, demons, fallen angels, shifting-weres and vampires. {I actually prefer the spelling – vampyres. To me it’s sexier.} Several of my stories are set in the magical world of Cymllon where hunky bad boys abound. It’s also fine for the action to take place on Earth, as long as the hero isn’t just a ‘normal’ human guy.

Finally, I haven’t mentioned what should be sexy about the heroines. I don’t want them to be wimps or prudes, and they don’t have to be gorgeous, other than in the eyes of the hero. However, they do need to be spunky. And, of course, they must be unable to resist the bad boy hero.

Taken – Tales of Cymllon Series
Book Blurb:

A blind date with a guy dressed as an angel is what Esther Nolan's friends give as her thirtieth birthday present. Reluctant to accept, she nevertheless goes to dinner with the pseudo angel, named Zortek, and he's rude, chauvinistic and very odd. The following night he suddenly appears in Esther’s apartment and takes her captive to the magical world of Cymllon. There she learns he's a demgel, someone who is half demon, half angel. Rescued by another demgel, named Dreydon, she spends time with him in his home. Esther quickly develops feelings of attraction toward Dreydon, but tries to ignore them because he isn't human.

Rescuing Esther is a very unusual act for Dreydon. He doesn't normally concern himself with what other demgels are doing. Yet he feels drawn to her. Having her company fills the loneliness in his life. Dreydon discovers and shares with Esther a truth about herself that she finds impossible to believe. He also realizes she is his mate.

Will Zortek want revenge because Dreydon took Esther from him? And will two unalike individuals from different worlds find lasting love?


When she reached the corner, she dared herself to take a peep around the bend. If she came face to face with Dreydon, she’d want to die of embarrassment. Holding her breath, Esther allowed herself a quick look in his direction. It wasn’t possible to see him clearly because this second waterfall was even more turbulent than the one under which she’d stood. His wings were outstretched and vibrating, as though the water was energizing them. Then he curved them forward, letting their underneath sections benefit from the plummeting flow.

Esther withdrew her gaze. She should go back to her clothes and get dressed, but she hadn’t yet gained a proper view of him. She’d take just one more peek, and then she’d behave herself. Carefully, she peered around the corner. Now, Dreydon was standing at the side of the waterfall, facing the body of water below. This side view of him left no doubt in her mind that he was extremely well-endowed down below, and with regards to his ass, Anna would describe him as having “gorgeous tight buns.” He really was a magnificent creature.

Dreydon’s folded wings vanished; he leaned forward and dove into the water below. She presumed wings would be a hindrance when swimming. For a few moments Esther watched his powerful strokes carry him away from the waterfall. Then she went back to her clothes and toweled herself dry.

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Marion’s Bio:

I was born and grew up in England, but spent many years working and raising my family in the USA. After taking early retirement in 1999, I was finally able to find time to write and began pursuing a life-long dream. At the present time, I live in the Greater London Area of England with my American husband.

I believe my writing career was inspired by my passion for reading from a very early age, and I describe myself as a people watcher. In particular, I’m fascinated by males who appear to be somewhat dark and threatening, but have a core of goodness within them. I use my many years of working and communicating with people as a blueprint for 'fleshing out' my fictional characters.

My Fantasy novels are filled with demons, angels, shifters and mythical creatures, while my non-fiction books offer information on metaphysical subjects.


Margaret Fieland said...

Marion, I enjoyed the post -- and the excerpt. As to what I find secy -- the photo in the post below (Hot and Bothered) makes my list. As to the rest, conveying real desire is a big turn-on for me. Sadly, I find many sex scenes boring, a turn off, or both.

Marion Webb-De Sisto said...

Thanks, Margaret and, yes, I agree with you, that photo is definitely sexy.

Anonymous said...

Margaret got it right, Marion...WOW, sexy hot match your novel, Taken?? *grins* Oh, yea:)

Marion Webb-De Sisto said...

Oh yeah, super sexy. :-) said...

Hey Marion!! Great post!

Marion Webb-De Sisto said...

Thanks, DeNita. I enjoyed writing it and being a guest.