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#MIH Blog - What Makes or Breaks Sexy? Keeping It Real by Elizabeth Coldwell

What Makes Or Breaks Sexy? Keeping It Real
By Elizabeth Coldwell

What makes sexy for me? Well, I suppose I ought to start by saying what breaks it. Channel surfing the other evening, I came across one of those so-called erotic thrillers from the Nineties that became very fashionable after the success of Basic Instinct and Wild Orchid – I say “so-called” because these films usually turn out to be neither erotic nor thrilling. Anyway, this particular scene was set in a club where male strippers were strutting the stuff on stage. You know the type of man I mean– great, oiled slabs of masculine perfection, bulging in all the right places, right?

Well, that’s my definition of what really isn’t sexy. Too big, too fake, and far too much work involved. If a man’s spending more time in the gym than he is with me, I think I’ll pass, thank you very much.

To me, sexy is a little more real, a little more attainable. Though I’ve written about billionaires, rock stars and Hollywood actors with impossibly glamorous lifestyles, I do enjoy creating heroes who are ordinary working men with dirt under their fingernails. These men have honed their muscles by carrying bricks on a construction site, not by spending hours on the treadmill or working with weights. They have bills to pay and food to put on the table, but after the grind of the nine to five is over, they know how to kick back and have a good time – and how to make a woman feel like she’s the most desirable person who ever lived.

The guy who lives next door can be just as attractive, considerate and fun to be with as the one who lives in a mansion, and you’re far more likely to bump into him as you both go about your daily lives.

Indeed, that’s exactly the kind of guy I created for my short story, Make Mine a Double, part of the Lacey’s Lamp collection. The premise of this series is that Lacey Flowers is a bartender with a secret – she’s really a genie who has the power to grant wishes. If a woman is in need of some sexual adventure, or is feeling lonely and unfulfilled, she’ll find herself drawn to Lacey’s bar.

I loved this idea when it was first created, and knew I wanted to submit a story to the series, but I wondered what wish Lacey might grant for my heroine. As the only thing better than having one cute man paying you lots of attention is having two cute men paying you attention, I decided that Ronnie’s fantasy should be a threesome. And because wishes often come true when you least expect them, she would find the men of her dreams on her own doorstep.

Sexy is very different things to different people, but if you like to keep it real, then there are many down to earth, blue-collar heroes out there. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoy writing about them.

Story blurb:
Ronnie has a dull office job and no man in her life. Made to work late by her boss, she feels her Friday night has been ruined, until she steps into a bar she’s never seen before, Lacey’s Lamp. Its mysterious proprietor, Lacey Flowers, tells Ronnie she’s a genie who can grant the innermost desires of women. Persuaded to admit what she really wants is a threesome with two hot men, Ronnie doesn’t believe her wish will come true – until she bumps into her hunky neighbor, Luke, and his equally attractive brother, Jamie...

Letting myself into the block of flats where I lived, I climbed the stairway halfway to my floor before stopping. Two men, carrying a black leather sofa between them, were trying to maneuver it up the narrow flight of stairs. One of them I recognized as Luke, my next-door neighbor. He’d moved in about a month ago, and I’d spoken to him a couple of times. He worked the night shift as a security guard in the City, which meant I normally bumped into him as my day ended and his began. His companion was a stranger to me.

“Having fun there?” I asked, as Luke gently eased the sofa down. Dark patches of sweat marred his gray T-shirt, and I wondered how long he and his friend had been struggling with their wayward piece of furniture.
“Oh, hi, Ronnie. Sorry about this, but when my brother said I could have his old sofa, guess I really should have thought about how I’d get it up to the flat.”

Luke’s smile stretched wide as he greeted me, dimples appearing in his cheeks. Looking at him, I remembered my words to Lacey, “A man to exercise my brain and a man to exercise my body.” His damp T-shirt clung to an enticingly broad chest, and the faint male smell of his sweat triggered a rush of liquid heat between my thighs.

I glanced over at his companion, taller than Luke and wearing jeans that molded to a nice, tight ass. Luke must have spotted me checking the guy out because he quickly said, “This is the man to blame. My older brother, Jamie.”

“Nice to meet you.” Jamie wiped his hand on his T-shirt before extending it to me. He had a firm grip. Looking at him, I spotted the family resemblance at once. Both men displayed the same green eyes and dirty-blond hair, though Jamie wore his longer, curling almost to his collar. They shared an identical strong jawline, but Jamie shaved close while Luke sported a slight, sexy growth of stubble. Two hot, charming men, placed in my path just as Lacey promised.

But what I’d discussed with Lacey had been just a crazy fantasy, but in my mind, I couldn’t help picturing these two hunks stripping me of my clothes and pleasuring me on Luke’s new sofa. Real life didn’t work that way. We would make a little more small talk, they would finally move the sofa out of the way so I could pass and my evening would end as I’d originally planned it. Sinking into a scented bath, alone.

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Elizabeth Coldwell lives and writes in London. She’s always loved to make up stories, particularly ones involving hot men. Her other big passion is her home town football club, Rotherham United, and at weekends she can be found cheering them on to victory (hopefully!).

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Hi Liz, I love your down home kind of hero...great post, btw:)

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