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Blushing Book Reviews

Ah---it's Monday again! The start of a new work week for many of us. I'm here to get your Monday off right. Check out these awesome reviews, you just might find a new book to kick off your week with!

Review #1
May 24, 2013 J Kanno rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Anyone looking for old-fashioned love in a fantasy world!                
This is a passionate love story. The two main-characters are well-developed and the mythology used is fresh and unique. I don't want to give too much away, but think "shifters!" (The naked kind.)

Also, what appreciate about this particular author is the character's inner conflicts are just as real as those attributed to the fact that they're paranormal creatures. There is a strange vulnerability each character has that makes them all the more real.

The author has a really different and poetic way of writing and it really added a very different depth to the type of eroticism and love being portrayed.

My only complaint is that it was too short! I want to see more of this world and the characters that populate it.
Review #2
Jun 08, 2013 Sarah rated it 4 of 5 stars                
Shelves: indie
I rate this book 4 stars.

Normally, I don't read erotica but the premise had me intrigued.

The author, Alix Richards is a skilled author with a great future!
I am a fan!

The story was well written, nearly flawless. I don't want to give any of the amazing storyline away, but I honestly feel I paid way too much for such a short story.

Friends asked why I wouldn't return it, since I was not happy with the length, but the truth is, I read the story and enjoyed it.
In an effort to escape the reality that steps from the deepest recesses of her mind, Joy runs away for a long weekend alone in a friend’s cabin. She hopes to use the time to gain a logical perspective on an impossible situation.
Joy lives in her dreams, but no longer lives there alone.
Jairo needs Joy to be happy, even if it comes at his expense. Forced to remain patient, he walks away from the woman of his heart and soul. He confines himself to his family’s cabin to give Joy the time alone she requests.
Dreaming with Joy isn’t new, but waking with her physically in his arms, sexy and wet, kicks Jairo’s desire for her into a new stratosphere.
            Confusing dreams and unexplainable reality drops them into attack mode, neither quite ready for what destiny pushes their way. As nature and destiny collide for both, Joy and Jairo, nothing will be the same.

Daniel Haynes has the world at his feet—fame, fortune, so why does he feel so empty inside? What is his interest in Rachel Warner, a girl from a quiet Home Counties English town? Why does she hold the key to his happiness?

But Rachel Warner is scared. Daniel's interest in her threatens her ordered yet unsatisfying life because she has to live with the shadow of her ex-father-in-law breathing over her shoulder. Can she let go of her fears?

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5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful love story that keeps you guessing January 6, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
Cold Cold Heart
Viviane Brentanos
It's always a joy and experience when I have the opportunity to read a book from a author I have not been acquainted with, because it's uncharted territory and I never know what to expect.
Cold Cold Heart has a mixture of a lot of different elements that make a book a great page turner. This one happens to be about Daniel who has been in love with the same woman his entire life. As a matter of fact, since he was in grade school, because of one heroic act on her part. To Rachael it was just helping someone out, never giving it another thought. But for Daniel, it changed his life forever.
Take the journey of a undying, unconditional love that stands the test of time. This book offers the reader drama, betrayal, anger, disappointment, all the good ingredients for an awesome book. The author had a way to bring the reader into the story so they can experience the feelings and emotions the characters were going through. I found it to be a beautiful love story but I have to admit, I was waiting for the other ball to drop and find out that maybe, just maybe Daniel was waiting for Rachael to actually fall in love with him just to maybe laugh in her face for what he felt she did wrong to him?
I am not going to tell you anymore about this book. It is a book that holds a few surprises that need to be found by the reader to make it enjoyable. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a great love story with a touch of eroticism .
Does it have a happy ending? Well, you have to find that out for yourself. Read it, study it, think about the words, and see if you can predict what Daniel's motives are with Rachael, if any.
I give Cold Cold Heart give stars *****
Reviewed by
Nora Chipley Barteau
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Viv is an author not to be missed. Truly unique, entertaining, creates an emotional landscape to rival the best.