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#MIHBlog - The Sexy Klutz - D.C. McMillen

The Sexy Klutz

The topic of the month is (more or less) sexiness, and what makes or breaks the sexy. I promise I’ll get there but I plan to do it in my typical, roundabout fashion. So stay with me as I begin by saying I am a total, hopeless klutz.
To exemplify my klutziness, I will let you know that I fell in a hole this past Saturday.

Yup, a hole. 

It was the middle of the night and the hole was filled to ground level with inky black water, rendering it a very camouflaged and stealth deathtrap. It could’ve happened to anyone but it didn’t – it happened to me because I am a klutz. I stepped right in the stupid hole and one leg went down while the other leg splayed in the opposite direction. I recovered quickly and gracefully enough, as only true blue klutzes can (because we have had so many opportunities to hone our abilities to bounce back).

Unfortunately, I re-damaged the hip I managed to injure on a roller coaster ride last summer and I also re-sprained the thumb I hurt when I fell up a set of stairs a few days before the hole incident.

Just because a girl is a klutz, does not mean she’s not sexy. Look at Bridget Jones! She’s the queen of clumsiness, the high priestess of awkward, and yet she has scoundrels and gentlemen alike fighting in the street for her attention. There is no doubt that goofy accident-prone lady is sexy. And Jones isn’t the only make-believe character who seems to endear people toward her with her zany, klutzy awkwardness. If she were, the entire genre of romantic comedy wouldn’t even be a thing.

I, myself, love to write about klutzy, goofy chicks. They’re the best, aren’t they? They allow us to combine humour with hotness, to create heroines that readers can identify with and devise plots that are light and fun yet touching enough to give a little pull at the heartstrings. Of course, we have to be careful as to when and where we scale back the funny and ramp up the sexy, and vice-versa. In my experience, and probably yours, everything in fiction that leads up to the sexy scenes is fair game when it comes to demonstrable klutziness. Once the clothes come off, however, the heroine somehow needs to transform from an accident-prone goofball into a graceful, perhaps even acrobatic woman.

When plotting and writing, I have, unfortunately, never found this transformation to be entirely believable. In real life, our true selves don’t turn off just because we’re turned on. That’s why I try to keep the zany vibe going, not through a bedroom blunder (an accidental fart in a sex scene, for example, is NEVER sexy) but instead by ensuring I stay true to character. 

Perhaps she’ll walk backwards around the room before she’ll turn her back to her partner because she doesn’t want to show off that wicked bruise she earned when she fell on her ass two scenes before. Or, one of my characters stayed true to her odd self by pulling out a cowboy hat and insisted on riding her guy like a bull while shouting, “Yee-haw!” I know that doesn’t sound sexy but I promise, it was. You kinda had to be there.

Before I go, because I’m in a sharing mood and because you have put up with me thus far, I’d like to like to give you a laugh. Here is a decidedly funny and unsexy sexy moment that I experienced when I was about twenty:

My guy and I were taking a bath together. It was our first time together so I went all out. I lit candles, put out some of those cliché sexy snacks and bubbly, used up my expensive bath bubbles, blah blah blah. Everything was going swimmingly until I had to extend my body half over the tub and half on the tile to reach the champagne. Of course I fell. Hard. Just as my hand reached the bottle of bubbly, my foot slipped out from under me. My torso landed with a perfect smack on the rim of the bathtub, one leg and one arm over each side, while the bubbly, food and several candles went flying. 

The guy burst out laughing and so did I. After ensuring the bathroom was not about to go up in flames in the way our perfect sex scene just did, we decided I’d have less chance of hurting myself if we moved to the relative safety of a soft mattress.

And because that memory is now so vividly ensconced in the forefront of my mind, I think I would like to switch gears. How would you like to meet a character who is the opposite of clumsy? She’s a woman who has everything pulled together and would never fall down a hole, up the stairs or in a bathtub. Karen Valentine is completely in control until that moment when she strategically chooses to hand over the reins.

Karen Valentine in The Rental

Cool and confident Karen meets Allan while she is in search of a fabulous short-term rental. At first Karen is underwhelmed with potential landlord Allan's limp handshake and personality of wilted lettuce. As he shows her around his luxurious apartment, however, a more seductive and adventurous side of Allan is revealed, and Karen becomes determined to discover exactly what deliciously depraved fantasies lurk beneath his passive demeanor.

D.C. McMillen, Bio

D.C. McMillen enjoys writing about dirty sex in questionable places but has been known to write about other subjects, on special occasions. She is featured in MuseItHot’s Short & Spicy line up with The Rental, The Wedding and A Decent December. D.C.’s short stories and flash fiction can be found in several anthologies and other print and online publications. She is obsessed with Twitter and invites you to look her up at @mcmillendc, on her blog, or Facebook.

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#MIH Blog - What Makes or Breaks Sexy? Keeping It Real by Elizabeth Coldwell

What Makes Or Breaks Sexy? Keeping It Real
By Elizabeth Coldwell

What makes sexy for me? Well, I suppose I ought to start by saying what breaks it. Channel surfing the other evening, I came across one of those so-called erotic thrillers from the Nineties that became very fashionable after the success of Basic Instinct and Wild Orchid – I say “so-called” because these films usually turn out to be neither erotic nor thrilling. Anyway, this particular scene was set in a club where male strippers were strutting the stuff on stage. You know the type of man I mean– great, oiled slabs of masculine perfection, bulging in all the right places, right?

Well, that’s my definition of what really isn’t sexy. Too big, too fake, and far too much work involved. If a man’s spending more time in the gym than he is with me, I think I’ll pass, thank you very much.

To me, sexy is a little more real, a little more attainable. Though I’ve written about billionaires, rock stars and Hollywood actors with impossibly glamorous lifestyles, I do enjoy creating heroes who are ordinary working men with dirt under their fingernails. These men have honed their muscles by carrying bricks on a construction site, not by spending hours on the treadmill or working with weights. They have bills to pay and food to put on the table, but after the grind of the nine to five is over, they know how to kick back and have a good time – and how to make a woman feel like she’s the most desirable person who ever lived.

The guy who lives next door can be just as attractive, considerate and fun to be with as the one who lives in a mansion, and you’re far more likely to bump into him as you both go about your daily lives.

Indeed, that’s exactly the kind of guy I created for my short story, Make Mine a Double, part of the Lacey’s Lamp collection. The premise of this series is that Lacey Flowers is a bartender with a secret – she’s really a genie who has the power to grant wishes. If a woman is in need of some sexual adventure, or is feeling lonely and unfulfilled, she’ll find herself drawn to Lacey’s bar.

I loved this idea when it was first created, and knew I wanted to submit a story to the series, but I wondered what wish Lacey might grant for my heroine. As the only thing better than having one cute man paying you lots of attention is having two cute men paying you attention, I decided that Ronnie’s fantasy should be a threesome. And because wishes often come true when you least expect them, she would find the men of her dreams on her own doorstep.

Sexy is very different things to different people, but if you like to keep it real, then there are many down to earth, blue-collar heroes out there. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoy writing about them.

Story blurb:
Ronnie has a dull office job and no man in her life. Made to work late by her boss, she feels her Friday night has been ruined, until she steps into a bar she’s never seen before, Lacey’s Lamp. Its mysterious proprietor, Lacey Flowers, tells Ronnie she’s a genie who can grant the innermost desires of women. Persuaded to admit what she really wants is a threesome with two hot men, Ronnie doesn’t believe her wish will come true – until she bumps into her hunky neighbor, Luke, and his equally attractive brother, Jamie...

Letting myself into the block of flats where I lived, I climbed the stairway halfway to my floor before stopping. Two men, carrying a black leather sofa between them, were trying to maneuver it up the narrow flight of stairs. One of them I recognized as Luke, my next-door neighbor. He’d moved in about a month ago, and I’d spoken to him a couple of times. He worked the night shift as a security guard in the City, which meant I normally bumped into him as my day ended and his began. His companion was a stranger to me.

“Having fun there?” I asked, as Luke gently eased the sofa down. Dark patches of sweat marred his gray T-shirt, and I wondered how long he and his friend had been struggling with their wayward piece of furniture.
“Oh, hi, Ronnie. Sorry about this, but when my brother said I could have his old sofa, guess I really should have thought about how I’d get it up to the flat.”

Luke’s smile stretched wide as he greeted me, dimples appearing in his cheeks. Looking at him, I remembered my words to Lacey, “A man to exercise my brain and a man to exercise my body.” His damp T-shirt clung to an enticingly broad chest, and the faint male smell of his sweat triggered a rush of liquid heat between my thighs.

I glanced over at his companion, taller than Luke and wearing jeans that molded to a nice, tight ass. Luke must have spotted me checking the guy out because he quickly said, “This is the man to blame. My older brother, Jamie.”

“Nice to meet you.” Jamie wiped his hand on his T-shirt before extending it to me. He had a firm grip. Looking at him, I spotted the family resemblance at once. Both men displayed the same green eyes and dirty-blond hair, though Jamie wore his longer, curling almost to his collar. They shared an identical strong jawline, but Jamie shaved close while Luke sported a slight, sexy growth of stubble. Two hot, charming men, placed in my path just as Lacey promised.

But what I’d discussed with Lacey had been just a crazy fantasy, but in my mind, I couldn’t help picturing these two hunks stripping me of my clothes and pleasuring me on Luke’s new sofa. Real life didn’t work that way. We would make a little more small talk, they would finally move the sofa out of the way so I could pass and my evening would end as I’d originally planned it. Sinking into a scented bath, alone.

Buy links:

Elizabeth’s bio:

Elizabeth Coldwell lives and writes in London. She’s always loved to make up stories, particularly ones involving hot men. Her other big passion is her home town football club, Rotherham United, and at weekends she can be found cheering them on to victory (hopefully!).

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#MIH Blog - The Twists and Turns of OOOH-LA-LA - Kat Holmes

The Twists and Turns of
Kat Holmes
What Happens When Poseidon Gets Randy Handy?

OOOH LA LA is erotic shorthand for “play with my head first,” because if you turn me on there the skies the limit.

When I wrote book four in my Gods At Work Series, Crimson Waters, I wanted to make Poseidon more than JUST a sexy Greek god with powers up his…well…Wahoo.

The premise of my series is the gods aren’t living high off the hog any more because humans aren’t sidling up to the godly temples leaving all manner of glorious things for Zeus to dive his lazy butt into.

Zeus is really used to allowing others to do all the real work while he sits back and tosses the occasional lightning bolt around, just to remind one and all he’s still here and his power hasn’t faded despite the human’s chintzy offerings, but things ARE starting to get a tad serious.

The very LAST thing he wants is to actually don a working man’s cap…can you imagine the King of all gods wearing…{shudder} a hard hat? Or something even worse…{a welder’s mask}? No self-respecting King of all gods would EVER slip that low.

Luckily for Zeus he spent a lot of his immortality begetting tons of godlings he can farm out the dirty deeds to.  He decrees his children must mask their identities, (it wouldn’t do to let their lessers know the gods are {gulp} poor) and earn the dough Zeus needs to continue flinging off his well crafted lightning bolts when the urge hits, and keep his unruly Titans where they can’t interfere with any of his godly luxuriousness.

Poseidon isn’t really under his brother’s overbearing thumb, but he sees how much happier his family members are living and loving amongst the so-called “lessers.”

But being as powerful in HIS liquid domain as Zeus is in his ziggedy one—lightning bolts ARE ziggedy you know, I wanted Poseidon to be a gentler, wiser god, who’s learned from the millennia rather than one who’s just sat back and carelessly absorbed despotery, and I wanted him to have a passionate edge making him more than JUST drool worthy.

Okay, I know I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but hey, why not? Come a little closer. This is a secret so you have to promise me you’ll tell NO ONE!…Shhhh…okay…I THINK we’re alone…What Poseidon does with the ebbs and flows of his ocean foam is downright…decadent.  Of all the male gods I’ve covered in this series so far, what he and his pet, the mighty Kraken come up with, I think will ALWAYS be my favorite. Seriously…I’m STILL foaming in my libido and I wrote this story well over a year and a half ago!

Crimson Waters is Book Four in my Gods At Work Series, and what Poseidon puts into foreplay…well let me just say…Oh My, I want a Water God of my very own...Phew!

Crimson Waters…Muse It Up Buy Page

Back Cover:
Poseidon, Lord of the Sea is shocked when his brother Zeus informs the gods that they are broke and will have to go out into the world of mortals to earn a living. Deciding to set up shop on the beach of New Jersey, he takes the mortal name Neil Waverly and starts up his own swim club and aquatic rehabilitation center. But when he hires a new housekeeper, he finds himself drawn to the beautiful and highly mysterious young woman.

Sonya Peterson is a woman on the run. The last thing she wants is to become involved with a man, even one as gorgeous as her new boss. But when he discovers her past and becomes determined to protect her, Sonya can’t help feeling her heart melt. But her past is fast catching up to her and it has deadly intentions.

Can Poseidon keep the woman he loves safe? Or, will the waters he loves and rules be stained crimson by a madman?

Sonya placed the towels on their racks and smoothed them down. Turning, she bumped into the sink and accidentally knocked the soap off. Grumbling, she watched as it rolled down to the floor and behind the toilet. Naturally, things always fell in the places hardest to reach.

Sonya got down on her hands and knees in front of the toilet and stretched to feel for the soap. It took a moment of patting the ground blindly, but she eventually got her hands on the offending bar. “Aha there you are!”

“Well, this is an interesting sight.”

About Kat Holmes:
I’m a dreamer and a lover of words. Books have been my passion since I listened to my mother reading to me as a child. The love she instilled in me has culminated in my desire to write the kind of stories I have always loved to read. I believe books are the single most important invention mankind has ever created. I started writing when I was only fifteen for my own enjoyment. I still write for my own pleasure, but now I get to share that love with my readers.

My e-mail

My Gods At Work Series includes the Following Books:

1.)   Working Under Covers (A computer dating service is right up the alley for the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, or is it? When women begin disappearing, all bets are off.)

2.)   Heart of the Queen (If you think you know the real Hera, you are SO wrong. The quiet Midwife is so much more than the small town she now calls home can begin to imagine.)

3.)   In death’s Arms. (Can Hades make a mortal woman forget the IMPUDENT god who already took more than just her trust?)

4.)   Crimson Waters (Poseidon knows how to make your water really ripple and your heart sing like a siren at sea.)

5.)   Dances at Dawn (Apollo swings to a song that may rock more than Mount Olympus to its foundAtion when he’s done.)

6.)    Under the Huntress Moon (There’s nothing about the outdoors Artemis doesn’t know…except how to protect the boy tugging on her heartstrings from the pain in his soul while another form of danger swirls around him she may have to reveal her true self to save him from.

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#MIHBlog - Sexy or Not Sexy? - Marion Webb-De Sisto shares her take on it:)

Sexy or Not Sexy?

Please welcome Marion Webb-De Sisto. She began writing Non-Fiction
books back in 2000, and then branched out into Fiction several years
later. Marion is offering a free copy of her latest Fantasy Romance
story – Taken – to a winner whose name will be drawn from the
‘comments.’ If you would like to enter the draw, leave a comment and
don’t forget to include your email address so that Marion can contact
you. This drawing is open until 07/22/13.

What does our guest think makes or breaks 'Sexy' in a story? What is
sexy to her? Let's find out.

Thanks for the welcome; it's great to be here. I didn't attempt penning a sexy story until 2011, so I don't consider myself to be an expert, but I’d like to share my opinions. Previously, I’d written three non-erotic Fantasy Romances. Then my first erotic story was written for a publisher who was planning to release an ‘Adults Only’ anthology. By doing that I guess you could say I quickly became hooked into writing naughty-but-nice tales. Presently, I'm creating my fourth one.

To answer your questions - Heroes who are only do-gooders aren't sexy to me. They might be 'eye candy', but I'm one of those girls who like the bad boys. If the hero only strides through the story, fighting the villain, while declaring his love for the heroine, he doesn't interest me. He has broken my hope of reading a 'Sexy' tale, and needs to show me some duality within his character in order to make me take notice. I want the hero's personality to be somewhat on the dark side, but he has an inner self that is definitely not evil. 

In my opinion, this makes a story sexy. For example, the hero in one of my stories is a fallen angel who became an incubus. In the early part of the story he’s doing his dirty deeds, but then realizes he mustn’t lead the heroine on a downward path. In another, entitled Taken, the hero is a demgel, meaning he’s half demon, half angel. I had fun allowing both sides of his nature to take turns at being revealed.

When a story has sex scenes throughout most of the chapters, I believe this breaks the ‘Sexy’-ness in it. For me, it then borders on pornography rather than detailing the feelings and actions of love that develop for the hero and heroine. I prefer them to have some type of conflict between them while trying to ignore the mounting attraction to each other they are also experiencing. If they only fully display their true passion in one or two chapters, this makes the story sexy.

Purple prose in a sex scene is a ‘turn off’ for many readers, as is, for me, an abundance of crude sexual words/terminology. One reviewer cited my sex scenes as explicit, not erotic, but that doesn’t mean I’m stuck in a Biology class. I enjoy reading, or writing, the odd easily-recognized slang word, but too many of them breaks the ‘Sexy’ in a story.

If a story has a Fantasy setting, it has that ‘Sexy’ factor for me. I love those demgels, demons, fallen angels, shifting-weres and vampires. {I actually prefer the spelling – vampyres. To me it’s sexier.} Several of my stories are set in the magical world of Cymllon where hunky bad boys abound. It’s also fine for the action to take place on Earth, as long as the hero isn’t just a ‘normal’ human guy.

Finally, I haven’t mentioned what should be sexy about the heroines. I don’t want them to be wimps or prudes, and they don’t have to be gorgeous, other than in the eyes of the hero. However, they do need to be spunky. And, of course, they must be unable to resist the bad boy hero.

Taken – Tales of Cymllon Series
Book Blurb:

A blind date with a guy dressed as an angel is what Esther Nolan's friends give as her thirtieth birthday present. Reluctant to accept, she nevertheless goes to dinner with the pseudo angel, named Zortek, and he's rude, chauvinistic and very odd. The following night he suddenly appears in Esther’s apartment and takes her captive to the magical world of Cymllon. There she learns he's a demgel, someone who is half demon, half angel. Rescued by another demgel, named Dreydon, she spends time with him in his home. Esther quickly develops feelings of attraction toward Dreydon, but tries to ignore them because he isn't human.

Rescuing Esther is a very unusual act for Dreydon. He doesn't normally concern himself with what other demgels are doing. Yet he feels drawn to her. Having her company fills the loneliness in his life. Dreydon discovers and shares with Esther a truth about herself that she finds impossible to believe. He also realizes she is his mate.

Will Zortek want revenge because Dreydon took Esther from him? And will two unalike individuals from different worlds find lasting love?


When she reached the corner, she dared herself to take a peep around the bend. If she came face to face with Dreydon, she’d want to die of embarrassment. Holding her breath, Esther allowed herself a quick look in his direction. It wasn’t possible to see him clearly because this second waterfall was even more turbulent than the one under which she’d stood. His wings were outstretched and vibrating, as though the water was energizing them. Then he curved them forward, letting their underneath sections benefit from the plummeting flow.

Esther withdrew her gaze. She should go back to her clothes and get dressed, but she hadn’t yet gained a proper view of him. She’d take just one more peek, and then she’d behave herself. Carefully, she peered around the corner. Now, Dreydon was standing at the side of the waterfall, facing the body of water below. This side view of him left no doubt in her mind that he was extremely well-endowed down below, and with regards to his ass, Anna would describe him as having “gorgeous tight buns.” He really was a magnificent creature.

Dreydon’s folded wings vanished; he leaned forward and dove into the water below. She presumed wings would be a hindrance when swimming. For a few moments Esther watched his powerful strokes carry him away from the waterfall. Then she went back to her clothes and toweled herself dry.

Buy Links:

Marion’s Bio:

I was born and grew up in England, but spent many years working and raising my family in the USA. After taking early retirement in 1999, I was finally able to find time to write and began pursuing a life-long dream. At the present time, I live in the Greater London Area of England with my American husband.

I believe my writing career was inspired by my passion for reading from a very early age, and I describe myself as a people watcher. In particular, I’m fascinated by males who appear to be somewhat dark and threatening, but have a core of goodness within them. I use my many years of working and communicating with people as a blueprint for 'fleshing out' my fictional characters.

My Fantasy novels are filled with demons, angels, shifters and mythical creatures, while my non-fiction books offer information on metaphysical subjects.

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The Many Levels of Being Hot & Bothered ~ #MIHBlog

Throughout the years, I have written to various levels of sensuality. Some of my stories have been incredibly tame while others have been scorching let-me-get-the-fire-extinguisher hot. While each story requires a different mode of thinking when I’m writing because of the content, there is one item that will never change:  the levels of intimacy. There are many articles written on this subject with good reason. For the romance writer be it erotic or sweet or sensual, the stages of intimacy are all the same.

Everyone is in agreement that these steps need no verbal queue but all lead from the first advance to intimate contact. It’s all in the body language, folks and body language doesn’t lie. If you need some lessons in body language, watch the Fox show, Lie To Me and you’ll learn everything you ever wanted about body language. They do it right. Now, there are others out there as well and then there are those where the author in us screams ‘why aren’t you reading the body language.’

When we write love scenes, it’s imperative that you follow these steps. Occasionally, you can skip a step if the story calls for it BUT for the most part, these steps need to happen for your reader to get into your story. We all know love scenes can make or break a novel.

Eye to body – This is commonly known as the once over. In addition, it is usually very subtle. The gaze will drop from the upper face, meaning the eye and nose area, to the lower face then on down to the upper parts of the body. Sometimes, the person will step back to get a better, fuller look at you. If that happens their whole, posture will change as they glance at you up and down to see how your face matches your body. This can happen in a covert glance or a frank stare. It can happen up close and personal or from a distance.

Eye to eye – Intimacy increases the moment two people have eye contact. The more eye contact, the more soulful the looks. The looks will become more and more meaningful as more are exchanged. If a person refuses to gain contact in this sensual charged moment they will send a message one is not interested. Think of the many books you’re read where your hero or heroine tries to catch the eye of the other only to be rebuffed.

Hand to hand – Contact is usually lingering but light. It can be disguised as being accidental or occurring in a social setting, which is considered acceptable. This would be like one putting a hand under an elbow to guide someone, two people reaching for the door handle at the same time or a handshake that slowly ends. It could also take on a comedic flare with the two bumping heads with hands seeking to soothe the hurt. Look at the way the Victorians or those of the Regency period acted toward each other and you will see this step everywhere.

Hand to shoulder – This behavior can again be hidden within what is considered socially acceptable behavior. Until this point, either person can withdrawal gratuitously without any real hurtful feelings. Once this boundary has been crossed, there is no going back without one’s pride being severely injured. This is just a touch to the shoulder for a variety of reasons, like getting ones attention, removing something from their shoulder or clothing. This is also a form of claiming ones territory and can be used to ward others off.

Arm around waist – This is the signal that one wants greater intimacy. This is the time to get out if one does not desire this relationship. Feelings will be hurt if one doesn’t respond positively to this gesture. It can take on many forms but the one most generally used is dancing. People notice each other when they dance especially if it’s an intimate dance.

Mouth to mouth – No, we don’t mean the rescuitation kind. LOL! This is the actual act of kissing where chemical information is passed from one person to another. If you don’t believe me, just Google it and you’ll be amazed. The kiss adds another sense to intimate contact and that is taste. The first sense, encountered way back in step one, is smell and pheromones are a very powerful odor for some. Taste can tell one all sorts of information about people like body temperature, hygiene level and a variety of other things. If the people are really involved in the kiss, their temperature will go up since the stimulation will cause sexual excitement. When people are emotional cold, they are usually physically cold as well which means they are not that interested in continuing the encounter. The more passionate a person gets, the more their temperature increases. All of this can be determined in your kiss.

Hand to head – This is a trust issue. The more one person trusts another, the more likely they will allow their head being touched. Women tend to do this way before men. Caressing ones head indicates an increasing trust between the two people involved. Our heads are extremely vulnerable and only someone we trust are ever allowed to touch us there with a negative reaction.

Hand to body – This fondling can happen through clothes or under them. Some people will close their eyes as they are unconsciously gathering more information about the person they are with. However, keeping ones eyes open while maintaining total eye contact is a more powerful gesture. There one uses even more senses, touch, sound, taste and sight as well as smell. During the physical portion of our encounter, our sense of smell is very powerful, as it will help us to become more in tune with our sexual partner, making us more sensitive to their unique smell. Odors are a powerful aphrodisiac, which helps to prepare us for a pleasurable experience and to etch our partner in our memory. The best source are natural smells, so keep the perfumes to a minimum.

Mouth to body – This can be very stimulating and a real turn on for both parties. Breasts and necks are very sensitive for both sexes as is the lower abdominal region. Fellatio and cunnlingus can be very rewarding as long as both partners are into oral sex.

Hand to genitals – Gentle caresses are always best in this stage. If you have gotten this far, intercourse is usually imminent. One can heighten the sexual tension in the story by making the characters get this far without fulfillment. Once one gets to this step, each partner trusts each other explicitly in a normal relationship. There are some other types of relationships where trust is never achieved.

Genital to genital – This is the final act in lovemaking. Everyone is different and the emotions as well as all the senses need to be utilized when writing a great love scene. Vaginas and penises are utterly boring when none of the stimulus is present.

Now, not all of these steps need to be present in your novel. Just remember, each step is a sensual journey. Everyone has their own idea of what sexy is and can be. Hot & Bothered can be anything from a touch, to a kiss to full blown orgasm. The choice is yours to read and write.

MuseItUp Publishing has a variety of stories to fulfill every need from tame to sensual to HOT. Go check them out today here.

Have a great week!


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Naked Truth Interview: Getting Steamy with Kay Dee Royal and Savage Smoke #Erotic #Romance #PNR #MuseItHot

Happy Hump Day everyone. Glad to see you all back for another visit with one of Muse It Hot's fantastic authors. This week, I've put the screws to Kay Dee Royal, plus I get to share her new release, SAVAGE SMOKE with you all as well.

Let's get to it, shall we?

Kay Dee: Thanks so much for the interview, Rebecca, and for inviting me to take part in your Naked Truth day at MIH Blog:) 

Bex: Happy to have you. You one of my favorites here at Muse It Up.

Kay Dee: Hugs…and I’ll do my best to keep my responses short *grins*

Bex: Hey, I can get a bit long winded, especially when I get talking about writing, so no worries there. I'm really looking forward to your answers to some of these questions. *grins* What inspired you to write Savage Smoke? Is there an interesting story behind it?

Kay Dee: Book 1, Staring Into the Eyes of Chance started with a fifty-something year old friend who had lost her husband and she found out at the funeral about his philandering ways. This became a part of my heroine, Olivia…along with her natural gift to communicate with animals. My friend also had a natural way with wildlife.

As far as Savage Smoke – it carries on this initial story idea, plus continues on with Smoke, the rogue villain who insisted on living through the end for a chance at redemption when all I wanted to do was put his lights out;)

Bex: Mmmm... violence. Oh, sorry... Are you a pantser, like me, or a plotter?

Kay Dee: I’m more pantster than plotter…although I start with a line-up of events going from beginning to end, but those rarely stay the same throughout the story.

Bex: Do you have any writing rituals or special processes you complete before sitting down to write?

KD: I used to light a fragrant candle, get me a cup of tea, put on some spa type music and camp out…now I pretty much decide what room/chair I want to sit in for the day…and it’s rarely in my writing room (that’d be way too easy).

Bex: Which of the characters in your current release is your favorite? Why?

KD: Chance…he’s the Alpha leader of the Lycan International Investigation Agency, and well he totally stole my heart when he stole Olivia’s *smiles* He’s loyal to his pack, cares for their safety, wants justice in the way of the Elders (respects their ruling), and loves satisfying his mate…she’s pretty much the only being who can bring him to his knees.

Bex: If allowed to keep only one book on your bookshelf, what would it be?

KD: Oh my goodness…I’m a book whore, there’s no way I could survive with only one book on my shelf…well, unless it’s my kindle (because that’s got about 1,000 something books loaded on it). Could this count as one book?

Bex: Morning person or grumpy bear?

KD: I love getting up early…but then once in a while I stay up late for a couple nights in a row (but still get up early)…staying up late is as special as getting up early. It’s a mood thing I think:) But I can get a lot accomplished in the quiet of either time.

Bex: What is the one thing about the book publishing process that has surprised you the most?

KD: It’s got to be the aftermath – promoting and marketing the book. I’m still learning the best ways to do this…ever evolving. AND, I have a long way to go in this department.

Bex: Tell us one thing it would surprise us to know about you?

KD: I love to fish:)

Bex: What is next for you? Any new stories in the pipeline to tell us about?

KD: Working on a couple YA books under another name, one is fantasy and one is contemporary. Also a mid-grade sci-fi I want to polish. As Kay Dee, I’m getting Smoke –n- Bliss set up to start (book 3). There are a couple call-outs for short stories I’m working on as well.

Bex: Do you have any unique skills or talents? If so, what?

KD: I’ve dabbled in a number of things – jewelry making, greeting card creations, knitting and crocheting, gardening, ceramics, tole painting, but I don’t consider any of these unique or that I’m any more talented than the next guy or girl :)

Bex: Tell us something about your current release we won’t find in the back cover blurb?

KD: It contains a lot of sex – I mean, the whole Lycan species are stimulated and aroused by pretty much everything…their heightened senses have a lot to do with it – seems their natural instinct and they all roll with it;)

Bex: If I were to look in your closet right now, would I find frills and lace or demin and tees?

KD: Denim and Tees – it is pretty much my daily wardrobe.

Bex: If you were only allowed to eat one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?

KD: Crème Brulee

Bex: Excellent choice, Kay Dee, though I am still a sucker for cheesecake. Now that we've had a chance to get to know you, let's have a look at that sex-filled, steamy release of yours.

 Will Trevor rescue Lindsey in time to save her from shifting into Smoke’s pack, and will she even want saved?

 Savage Smoke – Book 2 Lycan International Investigation Series

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Blurb: Chance and his LIIA pack of agents search for rogue Lycan mastermind, Smoke, kidnapper of Lindsey and fifteen other human women he plans to use for procreating his own army.

Trevor, Chance’s right-hand Lycan, wants his mate back, but believes she’s fallen for her captor. Lindsey loves Trevor but believes he’s given up on her.

Will Trevor come around in time to rescue Lindsey and save her from shifting into Smoke’s pack, and will she even want back with Trevor after spending so long apart?

Sizzling HOT! Warning: Lots of two-somes, three-somes, even more-somes, like it stimulating, arousing, and positively natural…or supernatural.

Kay Dee Royal Bio:
Kay Dee Royal writes paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary erotic romance—maybe because it's also her favorite genres to read! She pens tales with wild, rugged heroes and strong, intelligent heroines. She'll give them both a few shadowy secrets, making her stories intriguing and fun. She resides in Southern Michigan with her family (her dog, her cats, her caged husband... you get the idea). 

You can find the latest on her titles from her publisher, MuseItHot.