Monday, June 3, 2013

Muse It Hot Heats Up - A little re-vamping, partying, fun, and prizes!

Welcome everyone to our Grand Re-Introduction to Muse It Hot Blog – we have quite a lineup of activity every week and we wanted to open with a BANG including an excellent giveaway opportunity I’ll describe below in just a moment…but first it’s my great honor to introduce our weekly schedule, event, and host for each day:

Monday – Blushing Book ReviewsTonya Calihan hosts MIH book reviews – a collection of book reviews and highlights of our Muse It Hot books.

Tuesday – Cumming Soon & Spicy Hot PicksLin Holmes hosts featured highlights of MIH books, soon to be released, new, and established in wonderful stationary trailers.

Wednesday – Naked TruthR. Brennan hosts Author/Book Interviews – filled with interviews from Muse It Hot authors about their writing life, their books, and their story-stars.

Thursday – Hot & Bothered – Lynn Crain – It is Lynn’s take on this theme…and I’ve heard some rumblings it might include seven lines of a hot scene from any one of our Muse It Hot books! Whatever Lynn brings to you will most definitely be a special hot treatJ

Friday & Saturday – Themed Author Posts – Kay Dee Royal - I get the fun job of thinking up themes for our Muse It Hot authors – Like June’s theme is “What’s your idea of sexy summer reads – what you want, what you don’t, and why?”

The MIH authors post their take and you get a chance to engage and give your take as well – plus you get a little highlight of them and their booksJ

Sunday – Wiggle-Free Day – We never know what Sunday will bring –BUT, we do know June 9th will bring a few winners; drawing and winner announcements will be posted this Sunday. Good Luck everyone!

Yes…about that GRAND GIVEAWAY – our publisher generously put out the goods for this oneJ

Celebration starts today, June 3rd – Drawing is held on June 9th – but the amazing blog posts will continue for…everJ

Help us celebrate, stop in, visit with us, and leave comments…we all love to chat;) And please consider following our blogJ

Here’s what our publisher is offering as prizes for our big first week:
1st prize  -  ten free ebooks of your choice
2nd prize -  five free ebooks of your choice
3rd prize -  three free ebooks of your choice

Come back every day, check out the posts, and leave a comment for another chance to enter this drawing – you must leave a way for us to contact you in case you winJ

For today’s comment a Burning Hot Request Please share what genre (contemporary, paranormal, Steampunk, historical, urban fantasy, fantasy, sci-fi, etc.) or sub-genre (as in M/F, M/F/M, M/M, F/F, BDSM, kinky) you’d most like to see in our Muse It Hot Books.

There is a wonderful core group of authors that helped with revamping the MIH Blog – a big round of applause for: Lynn Crain, R. Brennan, Alix Richards, Lin Holmes, Harlie Williams, Tonya Callihan, Danielle Ravencraft, Kat Holmes, Lea Schizas, Kay Dee Royal

PLUS – I’d like to point out these most artfully talented ladies:

Lynn Crain designed and put together our lovely site pages.

Danielle Ravencraft fashioned and created all of our graphics with the exception of a couple Lea Schizas created.

Thank you so much for stopping by – Please come back every day, check out the posts, and leave a comment for another chance to enter this drawing June 3rd – June 9th   and know our amazing blog posts will continue for…everJ


Anonymous said...

So, what is it that you'd like more of from the Muse It Hot Authors - what genre / sub-genre:)

I want more paranormal erotic romance, steampunk erotic romance, and historical erotic romance:) More is better, right *grins*

Thanks for stopping in and don't forget to leave a comment for your chance to win...and win big! YES, Muse It Hot just got hotter!

Margay Roberge said...

Hey, just wanted to stop by and say congratulations on the re-vamp! The blog looks great! Lots of luck with it, ladies, from another Muse-r.

Alix Richards said...

It's looks awesome! You guys did a great job revamping. :-) I'm very proud to belong to such a wonderfully talented group of Muse authors. <3


Anonymous said...

Hi Margay:) Thanks for popping in and checking the place out...I know you're working on the next Sloan Wolf novel (book 2 - mainstream paranormal romance) and I can't wait to read it. I miss Shiloh and Micah:)

Hi Alix...thanks so much for being part of the crew helping in the re-vamping chats and organizing:) Love your Twin Flames series...and you have another one of those coming up ...yay!!

Alix Richards said...

Hi Kay Dee! Hi Margay! *waves*

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of all this. :-) I truly enjoy being a part of this group of wonderful authors. :-)

And yes, I've submitted and am waiting to hear back. So excited!


Danielle Ravencraft said...

Hey, just want to stop by and congratulate Kay Dee and everyone at MIH for putting this together. It's going to be a blast! So glad I got to be a little part of the magic. :)

Author H K Carlton said...

Congratulations on the Revamp Kay Dee and MuseItHot! Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Danielle, thank you for all the amazing buttons and the header/banner for the site...perfect:) Hugs for being here and all of your time.

Hi HK...hey, aren't you (and me) supposed to be at my place right now *grins* Congrats on your newest release, HK - The Devil Take You.

amelia Andrews said...

I like reading on werewolf romance. Mating for life is a novelty idea in real life.