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MIH Sizzling Author Theme Days - Sexy Summer Reads with Dana Littlejohn

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For those who don’t know, I am Dana Littlejohn, author of sensual and erotic romance. With characters from my WIP badgering me to complete their stories to doing edits for current stories, I rarely have time to read. However, when I am on vacation I don’t take my computer. Since I’m hardly ever apart from it, I fear damage if I have it with me when I am water skiing. J

Though I like fantasy stories very much and have read some really excellent fantasy books, like the ongoing Xanth series by Piers Anthony I consider myself a romance reader. I write it. I read it. I love it! But alas, because I write, I don’t have much time to read it. So when vacation time comes along, I take full advantage and read some really good books by other great authors.

When I look for a good summer read the first thing I look for is length. Since I don’t have a lot of time, I look for books under 10k. I can get through them when my husband and I are apart doing separate things. For example, he likes snorkeling and I don’t. While he does that I sit on the beach sipping Mai Tai’s and reading. I need a book I get through quickly but that is stimulating enough to make it through my Mai Tai fuzzed brain. J

I also look for a specific genre. Although I have one historical inspired book in my arsenal, I don’t write them. The reason I don’t write them is because I love them! I love them so much that I want to keep them pure in my mind’s eye by not doing one of my own and messing it up for me. I would have to do all this time period research to make sure African Americans were there, if they were what were they doing, blah blah blah, etc… That would turn it into work and not fun anymore. BUT, I did want to play with it just…a little.

The book I speak of is part of a four book series about Aphrodite’s children. Eros and Himeros, twin sons with Ares, Hermaprodites is the son she had with Hermes and the daughter Poseidon sired, Herophile. Her story is called Charles’ Goddess. It is my tribute to my love for historical romances. Perhaps it will be a good summer read for you. J

Charles’ Goddess
Erotes series: Book 3

Goddess Herophile is set for punishment by Zeus for misusing the powers given to her from her father, Poseidon, and causing precious humans harm and distress. 

Aphrodite, her mother, and the Erotes, her brothers, only have one chance to save Herophile from further harm once Zeus carries out his sentence. 

Will it be enough time to enhance Aphrodite’s dormant gifts and make Herophile’s future better than her present?

Thanks for checking out my post. If you’re looking for short reads like I am this summer, feel free to stop by my site and pick up one of my free reads and other books with short, medium and long lengths. Enjoy your summer!

Dana Littlejohn

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Anonymous said...

I can definitely vouch for Charles Goddess - in fact, all of your Greek Mythology, with excellent plots. Love 'em!! They'd make excellent Sexy Summer Reads.