Saturday, June 22, 2013

L.J.Holmes and Kat Holmes - Sexy Summer Reads - the Holmes' way;)

We were just about finished with this interview when our computer crashed and we lost the entire interview so here we go again. Please bear with us as we try to be clever once more.

Kat: Yeah…Mom’s mind isn’t always up to that challenge but she tries.

L.J: Thanks So Much Daughter of Mine! Comments like that are why we’ve only collaborated on TWO books so far.

Kat: Though we ARE working on the third. See, memory!

L.J: Moving on…Let’s talk about what we’re drawn to when meandering around bookstores for HOT reads. I don’t actually NEED to ask you…You LOVE vampires.

Kat: True…Blood suckers are cool…as long as they make certain you’re so turned on by their…technique…you don’t feel that prick…much the way men need to make certain you’re all hot and bothered and ohhh so wet before they prick you.

L.J: Does that mean you’re on the look out for a GOOD vampire?

Kat: Hey I’m no dummy!

L.J: One of the nice things about being down here in the deep south is we get to enjoy the summer heat early.

Kat: Like swimming in April. Speaking of…summer heat…Ma do you remember the other night…the guy who overheard us talking about you being my mom when we were headed to the pool and he couldn’t believe you were my mom…do you think he was hitting on you?

L.J: Guess the legs are still smoking…and let’s face it, I think you inherited them, ’cause he was checking you out, too.

Kat: Hmmm. You think that’s why he was paying such close attention to me doing my laps?

L.J: Could be. When you flap those legs… But we’re digressing. We need to talk about ONE NIGHT STUD our amazing collaboration. Since you’re the one who came up with the idea I think you should tell everybody about it.

Kat: Actually it’s a simple short story. You have centaurs who are a randy group but they’re also shape-shifters living secretly among us. At night they go to this happening bar as humans and get it on. See they can only do the down and dirty in their human form, but there comes a time, one night, when they have until daybreak to find their one true love and convince him/her to commit forever or at daybreak the centaur loses his/her ability to shift into human form. This is a fate worse than death since they’re immortal and they can never engage in sex again after they lose their ability to shift into their human side.

L.J: And we made our stud’s mate loathe to commit to anyone on HIS one night. That day she finally got her divorce from her first class creep. All she wants is to get a good lay. Permanent is the very last thing on her mind.

Kat: So he’s really got his work cut out for him.

L.J: Luckily he likes his work.

Kat: Still, he IS sort of under the gun.

L.J: Yeah he is. That’s pressure. Makes you wonder how a studly horse can perform with that kind of heaviness, doesn’t it?

Kat: Awww Mommmm!

L.J: You also love gods, especially the GREEK ones. Are we gonna talk about your vampire series…the one the Greek goddess Hekate controls?

Kat: Do you think we should?

L.J: Oh yeah! Absolutely. I mean how many vampire groups have a kick ass female that can drop the guys the way your Lilith can?

Kat: (giggling) HIDDEN is different; in fact, I found the image used for her on the cover and I positively love that about her. She certainly makes both the good vamps and the bad vamps of both genders sit up and re-evaluate everything they believed they knew about their heritage.

L.J: What IS Hekate up to besides fashioning Lilith into one of the hottest female sex-mates I’ve ever found in ANY book anywhere?

Kat: The series is called Hekate’s Web and nobody knows what the goddess is about. Hekate maneuvers ALL the immortals, not JUST the vampires. For instance she has Royce a water demon watching over Lilith. Royce hates vampires…we don’t know why, but he’s under Hekate’s directions, so watch over Lilith he does. The title HIDDEN refers to Lilith being hidden away after she’s turned for thirty years while she cooks…not sure why Hekate wants her to cook, but she remains hidden away so that the good vamps and the bad vamps have no idea she exists…but when they discover her…she rocks their world like you would not believe.

L.J: The second book in this series SEEKER is coming out at the end of this year and I’m lucky that I get to read your work while it’s in progress. I cannot wait to read the third, fourth, fifth and so on. I’m sitting here trying to figure out what Hekate might be up to. I tried doing that while you were writing Seeker and I was SOOOO wrong. May I say, daughter of mine, you have one POWERFULLY wicked mind!

Kat: Another thing I inherited from you?

L.J: I doubt it, but let’s move on. Here’s an excerpt from Hidden

And the direct HIDDEN buy page.

Kat: And now, Mom, I think we should talk about YOUR short and steaming hot story THEHIDDEN GLADE.

L.J: Have you any idea how bizarre it is to talk about THE HIDDEN GLADE right after talking about your book HIDDEN?

Kat: They’re NOTHING alike.

L.J: I know. Okay. Mine is about a place I spent a lot of time at when I was a child. It gave me peace, serenity, and a calm place in the storms that formed most of my world. My parents were enamored with alcohol and alcohol didn’t lend itself to creating a world of tranquility. The Glade gave me that. As I grew into adulthood I realized the glade was also a place that would lend itself to having the perfect fantasy encounter…and that’s how THE HIDDEN GLADE came into being.

Kat: Do you remember when you got the cover for THE HIDDEN GLADE from Marion Sipe?

L.J: Oh Yeah. I think I screamed for you. You came out and we both let out a scream.

Kat: You showed me your secret glade when I was about twenty. Marion’s cover captured it so well it was like we were there again. I couldn’t believe it.

L.J: Nor could I. It’s almost like Marion climbed inside my head and pulled the image of my glade from my memories.

Kat: You know Mom, everything I’ve written for Muse has ended up on the HOT side except for our first collaboration HERLAST DAY, and that was rejected four times because it DIDN’T have enough heat. Guess that tells you us HOLMES girls HAVE to do HOT.

L.J: If that young man at the pool the other night is any indication, we just can’t escape the fact that you and I are smoking chicks…so I guess we should leave the readers with what we’re reading right now.

Kat: I know what we’re BOTH reading…but maybe we shouldn’t tell.

L.J: Okay, he’s not a Muse hero…but maybe one of our authors will create a hero like him in the future…I mean…hey Roarke is drool worthy.

Kat: Yeah he is and he and Eve Dallas do get into some creative poking adventures. So The In Death Series because we’re only allowed three weeks from the library down here and I took out twenty books figuring I’d be having surgery…and if you’re lying on your back recovering from surgery I can’t think of a better way to do it than joining Peabody in drooling over Roarke.

L.J: I agree…except I do try to avoid the In Death’s that deal with Eve’s intense Daddy issues. Anything that takes her to Texas I know to give a pass on.

Kat: Mind if I divert a moment? There’s a big question circulating about covers. Mom, are you drawn to almost naked guys or girls on covers when looking for hot reads?

L.J: I don’t know. Maybe I’ve climbed up and slid down too many hills. No. That just smacks of pseudo porn. I have a cover for a book of mine that came out in May also by Suzannah Safi called ECHOES FROM THE PAST and I find the power in the hero’s eyes far more seductive than if he was standing staring at me in his almost all together. That may just be me, but I’d be drawn to buy a book that uses the power of the eyes as seducers. I think Suzannah understands subtlety is far more powerful than blatancy.

Kat: I agree. I like the mystery of unwrapping the prize inside the book. Can you think of anything else we need to share?

L.J: Our links?

Kat: (shaking her head) Ah Ma, you and I are going to have to sit down and finish your website soon.

L.J: As soon as we find time…I promise!

Kat: Okay e-mail addresses…yours and mine. Mine: Mykitty130 AT Yahoo DOT com

Your: Spatzdkat 1212 AT Yahoo DOT com

My blog

Your MAIN blog…you’ve got what…12

MY website

Your face book…what do you mean you don’t know it…okay I don’t know mine either…and truth is I would have to dig up my Twitter as well.

We can be much more easily tracked through our Author’s pages at Muse It Up’s Bookstore anyway.

I guess that’s everything for now…except HAPPY READING!


meme Oliveri said...

You guys are busy little beavers. How do you write so many great books? Do the ideas just pop in your head while your in the pool teasing the men?

Alix Richards said...

Nicely done Ladies. :-) I truly enjoy the way you bantered back and forth with information. I needed the chuckle...and more books! ;-)