Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hot & Bothered Thursday with Chuck Bowie ~ #MuseItHot

This week’s Hot & Bothered item comes to us from Chuck Bowie and his book, Three Wrongs.    

            Upon opening the door to his room, he was surprised to see Katie lying on her belly on his bed. She had crossed her legs at the ankle in the air, her head facing the door. Her tanned arms rose from the bedspread and supported a bemused smile. She wore crimson panties and matching pumps, delicate gold chains dangling at earlobes, throat, and ankle. Nothing else. Donovan closed the door, walked past her to the bathroom, glanced in. Empty. He returned to the foot of the bed, unbuttoned his naval pea jacket, and tossed it onto a nearby chair. Her eyes widened, and she turned, just a little, to reveal a pert, rounded breast.
            “Small room.”
            Ignoring her, Donovan glanced to his left. He found no one in the closet either, and owing to the size of the suite, he knew they were alone. “Toss me your phone,” he commanded. Her smile faltered as she obeyed. He powered it down, noting her displeasure. He took a moment to lock eyes with her.
            Her frown lasted two seconds. “Come admire my panties,” she purred, “and we can talk business.”
            “I have three daughters your age,” he lied, “and I’d rather screw one of them than a little brat like you. Does your momma know you pull tricks like this?”
            Neither of them smiled at his cruelty. He moved over to the window to close the drapes, not bothering to glance beyond them to the building across the street. Now that the situation was more to his liking, he took a moment to study her.
            Her eyes darted from his bandaged finger, to the scar on his chin. He felt reassured to note her uneasiness. *Maybe she’s beginning to understand you can’t hire people like me—criminals—and think everything’s a cakewalk*. He moved to the phone by his bed, lifted it, and with a final gesture, disconnected the wire without even looking. Alarmed, she sat up, grabbing three times for her dress before managing to capture it. Her cocky smile had faded.

You can get Chuck’s book from MuseItUp Publishing here.

See you next week when we bring you another sexy seven. Remember, everyone has their idea of sexy is...what’s yours?


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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn - Hi Chuck, nice to virtually meet you. And, you got sexy down in this post;) Definitely need to check out your sort of left me hanging her with this excerpt *grins*