Friday, June 14, 2013

Give Your Take on Summer Reads - The Ice Cream Strategy

The Ice Cream Strategy

Ah summer....

The season of sundresses, barbeques, road trips and ice cream.

Ah ice cream...

I’ll take my ice cream in any form I can get it while basking in the sun. A nice big bowl with fruit and berries so I can fool myself into thinking I’m being healthy, thick and headache inducing milkshakes, even cake if I’m lucky enough to find myself at a birthday party. I’d like to say that ice cream is my one seasonal weakness. Of course, it isn’t. Iced coffee, iced tea, mashed and frozen bananas (try it, it is way better than it sounds) – these are just some of the items I consume to stay cool.

But we’re not here to talk about food and beverage, are we? We’re here to talk about summer reading. And when it comes to summer reading, I follow what I call The Ice Cream Strategy for keeping it cool while soaking up the heat. The Ice Cream Strategy is simple; winter themed erotica! More specifically, I like to pick up winter themed erotic short stories. Just like a bowl of ice cream or tall glass of ice tea, winter themed erotic shorts give me that icy blast I need to survive the summer heat.

If you’re like me, you become immersed in a good story. Why not try some winter themed erotica this summer? Temporarily transport yourself to snowy mountain top or a romantic skating rink. Or, if I might be so bold, pick up a sexy little story of mine, A Decent December.

Folks, I’d love to stay and chat but the sun is calling me. In fact it’s begging me to don my sexiest sundress, an oversized set of shades and to hit the nearest ice cream shop with an e-reader in hand so I can peruse MuseItHot’s short and spicy line up for some icy hot winter themed erotica. Before I go, though, I’ll leave you with some info about A Decent December.

A Decent December, blurb:

After finding her louse of a boyfriend playing hide the sausage with a local deli clerk, Nina moves to Toronto. Determined to swear off men for a yet to be determined amount of time, she shells $60 for a Hitachi Magic Wand and calls it a night. When her abnormally handsome neighbour, Ned, takes a liking to her English bull dog, Betty, however, Nina realizes that December just might be the hottest month of the year.

A Decent December, mini-except:

The next big discovery I made was the actual magic that is the Hitachi Magic Wand. I’d been putting off shelling out the sixty bucks for that little toy for over a year. Since I’d sworn off men, however, and had yet to make any friends in Toronto to distract me from my distinct lack of quality orgasms, I decided to give it a go. Wowzers, am I glad I did! That thing gets me from zero to oh in about three and a half minutes. Two minutes if I switch it to the high speed, which is very convenient for me if I don’t want to miss Conan’s opening monologue. Yep, Mr. Hitachi became part of my late night routine.

Available at MuseItHot, Amazon and other online bookstores.

About the Author:

D.C. McMillen enjoys writing about dirty sex in questionable places but has been known to write about other subjects, on special occasions. She is featured in MuseItHot’s Short & Spicy line up with The Rental, The Wedding and A Decent December. D.C.’s short stories and flash fiction can be found in several anthologies and other print and online publications. She is obsessed with Twitter and invites you to look her up at @mcmillendc, on her blog, or Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, D.C., you've given me a whole new concept of sexy summer read picks;) Now, why didn't I think of the ice cream stategy *grins*

Makes perfect sense! Thanks for sharing...and WOW - love the cover of A Decent December...really pops!

Mary Waibel said...

What a great idea to stay sort of cool while it's hot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kay Dee! They did a great job with the cover. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting, Mary! Glad I'm not crazy with this Ice Cream Strategy thing. :D