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#MIHBlog ~ Anything Goes ~ Intro to Story-Stars of Seeker by Kat Holmes

Hello everyone! Today for Anything Goes, Kat Holmes is here for an interview/intro to the story-stars of Seeker, 2nd book in the Hekate’s Web Series, paranormal urban fantasy romances.

Welcome Kat…you’re definitely not a newbie at Muse It Up Publishing, nor are you with Muse It Hot ;) You have a number of romance novels out…and if anyone would like to check them out and find out more about Kat and her books – go here: Kat’s Author Page

I’m excited about your latest series, Kat…just finished reading Seeker and let me tell you, what a love story :) I’m hoping there’s more to come with both Atu and Edeline – they both seem to play major roles in Hekate’s Web Series.

Let’s get started with Hekate – who is she and why is the series named after her?

First off thank you. I am so glad you enjoyed SEEKER :-)
To answer your question Hekate is the goddess of magic, death, and the night. She’s also up to something, though no one, myself included, knows just what that is. But the one thing I do know is before she’s done, the vampire world will be forever changed.

Please give us the scoop on Atu – who is he and where do his loyalties lay?

Atu is a vampire, a very old vampire. He’s not a natural born vamp like the two leaders of the separate vampire factions who are at war. He was turned to help the leader of the good vamps fight the leader of the evil ones and his undead army. His loyalties lie completely with the Enclave vampires and their king, Benjamin Fortescu.

Edeline Comstock, 23 year-old, is shunned by her family…why?

That’s rather complicated. When she was very young her mother died and her father couldn’t handle it. Edeline looks too much like his dead wife and he’s unable to cope, so he withdraws. Unfortunately he remarries a woman with ambitions and who despises Edeline for even existing. Throw into the mix Edeline’s psychic abilities and a very serious physical problem, and there is nothing the stepmother won’t do to make Edeline’s life a misery.

What are Edeline’s parents like...well, Phillip and Stephanie that is?

Phillip was once a good and loving father, but his wife dies and part of him dies with her. But Phillip is one of the upper crust families of Boston and when he remarries he makes a bad choice. Stephanie is a social climber.
She has plans for Phillip and intends for him to one day be in the White House, but his daughter Edeline makes that difficult. Edeline has issues. She’s psychic and she also has a more urgent problem.
Because Phillip can’t look at his daughter without hurting he gives Stephanie unfettered control of Edeline’s upbringing, which guarantees that Edeline’s childhood is a nightmare.

How about Edeline’s step brother and sister – Wyatt and Courtney?

They aren’t her step-siblings, but her half-brother and sister. They were raised by Stephanie to be cruel to Edeline. The worse they were to their older half-sister the more approval they received. Plus, unlike Edeline they’re “normal.”

What’s the scoop on the True Ones…who are they?

The True Ones were formed by natural born vampire Montague who over time came to believe humans were nothing but sheep. He wants to rule the world and enslave the human race as both food source and entertainment. To achieve his goals he began creating an army of turned vamps who are every bit as violent and cruel as he has become.

Then there’s Ben and his vampires – the Enclave…what’s so different about them?

The Enclave is the only defense against the True Ones. They need blood to survive but do not kill their human donors as the True Ones do. Also, except in emergencies they only feed from willing donors.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the story-stars in Seeker? Any tidbit you’d like to add about the story:)

Edeline is psychic, but she has another issue going on that you don’t find out about until the end, though there are hints. Edeline is extremely fragile, but in her fragility there is a well of strength that most people don’t have. That is what makes her a strong heroine in my mind.
As for Atu, he starts out with some major attitude. Watching him tumble was a joy for me. And yes, there will be more books. I am currently working on book 3 as we speak.

Kat, thanks so much for giving us some insights into Seeker…now I need to go back and read Hidden – the first in this series :)

Blurb for Seeker: 

Atu is an ancient warrior and vampire long in the service of his king. He has no desire for home or family. But when the Goddess Hekate tasks him with finding an ancient artifact before his enemies do, he is forced to enlist the aid of a woman who drives him crazy.

Edeline Comstock has the sight and has been cursed and reviled for it by her family. When she finds herself under attack from a monster, a dark and dangerous man is her only salvation, or he might be her destruction.

Forced to aid Atu, time is running out to uncover the secrets of the past. But a far greater danger stalks Edeline, one from which there may be no return.

Blurb for Hidden: 

Lilith never expected when she attended her brother’s wedding that the night would end in her own death at the hands of a vicious vampire. Nor was she prepared when the Goddess Hekate took a personal interest in her plight. For decades she’s been hidden away from the rest of the world and her fellow vampires. But with one act of violence, her undead life changes forever.

War is raging in the vampire world between two factions. Female vampires are scarce, so when Benjamin Fortescu comes across an unknown female, he’s not only intrigued but drawn to the secretive creature.

But she bears news that shocks him to his core. And before everything is over, she will be betray him to the enemy. Can love overcome both betrayal and insanity?

About Kat Holmes: I’m a dreamer and a lover of words. Books have been my passion since I listened to my mother reading to me as a child. The love she instilled in me has culminated in my desire to write the kind of stories I have always loved to read. I believe books are the single most important invention mankind has ever created. I started writing when I was only fifteen for my own enjoyment. I still write for my own pleasure, but now I get to share that love with my readers.

Book Review – SeekerBook 2 Hekate’s Web Series

Author – Kat Holmes

Genre – Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance

First Sentence: The face that stared back at her was wan and haggard.


Atu, an ancient warrior and vampire in the service of the king, is dispatched to find the “seer” who will lead them to a powerful talisman.

Edeline Comstock, a human, has “the sight” and because of it is shunned by her family pretty much her whole twenty-three years of life.

There’s war between the Enclave, vampires sworn to protect humanity, and Montague’s army of True Ones, natural born vampires that love to kill and prey on humans.

Atu captures Edeline for her gift of sight, but Edeline hates being used, until a purpose develops for both of them. 

Ms. Holmes creates a world between worlds with an intricate ‘search and find’ puzzle/riddle that must be solved in order to keep the True Ones from actually taking over humanity. It’s a great well-developed plot and the evolving relationship between Atu and Edeline held my attention through their story.

I haven’t read book 1 in the Hekate’s Web Series, Hidden, and it was not an issue for following along in this story (although now that I’ve read this book, I’d like to read the first in the series because of Hekate and her Goddess web of control :) Compelling.

There’s a definite unexpected twist at the end, which is a reason to read the next book in Ms. Holmes series. It opens up a whole new world of creatures/beings, and I look forward to getting to know them all better.

Kay Dee

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#MIHBlog ~ Richard Burns ~ Springboards for writing (Part 2)

Hello everybody, I’m Richard Burns and I’ll be filling in for Mark Casigh, and I can’t thank him and you enough for this opportunity again (Part 2)…  I’m the author of “Sweet Chocolate’s First Taste,” and a couple of stories coming out soon.

There’s a first Springboard post aired earlier today – if you missed it click here (or scroll down to the last post):

Let’s try another springboard.  But a different sort.  I’m talking about a narrative that briefly touches on a point of human nature.  Probably best, that it would be a point that you plan to make a key factor in the story you’re writing.  But let’s see if this short one doesn’t inspire your fingers on the keyboard…

89:15:50.8 seconds, is the current position of Polaris.  The Northern Star.  Viewed from another planet, it’s just another planet.  But on earth, it is uniquely important.  Fixed in place, it serves as an anchor.  No matter where you are in the Northern Hemisphere, if you face Polaris, then you face north.  You know where you are. 

But there are other ways to get lost.  And the choices we make, and the events that overwhelm us, even those within our own minds, what is our anchor then?  What beacon can we turn to, to guide us from Darkness into light?  What if it’s other people?  The lives that touch our own, in both big and small, because unlike Polaris, the light they bring, will never fade.

I really like this one because it can steer you in a dozen different directions.  You could start out being geographically lost, but then, nearly immediately, emotionally lost.  It all depends on where you want to take your characters and story line.  Does this help?

Now, I would be remiss, if I didn’t include another SHAMELSS plug for my good friend, Mark Casigh’s next release, “Auld Lang Syne,” which launches on December 13, 2013, here at MuseItHot. 

This is a Christmas tale, set in Brooklyn, New York, of two lower income Irish neighborhood kids and classmates who suddenly reconnect after decades of lost time.  To cut to the chase, a little bit, this deals with a Wounded Warrior’s return home and some readjustment phase that he has to undergo.  Here is an (UN-Edited) excerpt…

Brooklyn Public Library,  Brooklyn Heights,
280 Cadman Plaza West at Tillary St.
 Brooklyn, New York;

Friday, December 14, 2012: 
Humans are social beings.  We will constantly seek out others and attempt to establish a contact.  This will often take the form of eye contact, a shared glance, a nodded greeting in passing.  From that, we will seek to make a connection, most often in the form of a conversation.  And if the connection was made well, we’ll seek out physical contact.  Typically, this comes in the form of the simple hand shake, a greeting or affirmation that the connection was a good one.  However, often, if the connection was made on the right wavelength, that physical contact, will not be enough.  We’ll long for more.

So much more…

Sheila Callahan was about to find out just how much more.  Sheila was the Chief Librarian for the main branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, and the Librarian on Duty just before closing.  The Library was decorated perfectly, with a meticulously trimmed tree in the foyer between the glass doors.  Naturally, this was due in no small part to her.  She was always in the Christmas spirit, until recently when it had become a period of loneliness.

Mike Riley was already in the Christmas spirit.  He always was. But as he approached the Library, he looked at the festive decorations and he was further into the season, despite the unseasonably warm temperatures.  At 50F, it hardly seemed like Christmas.  Still, when he entered the foyer, the sound of “Sleigh Bells,” playing over the public address system, just further wrapped him in the warmth of the holiday spirit.

She looked up as he came through the door, giving him just a glimpse of her pleasant face, despite her furrowed brow, as she went about checking books back into the library’s inventory.  She thought to herself, here he comes now.  At last, after so long… those books must be overdue…  Wearing his hat again.  Maybe somebody should tell him people don’t wear those anymore.  The smaller brims are in.  But it does look good on him.  In fact, he’s still a good looking man.  I bet those are the same books he checked out three months ago, so they’ve got to be mighty damned late!  I wonder what he’ll have to say for himself.

He wore a wide brimmed fedora, which made him look like a 1940s caricature.  He didn’t care.  Riley also carried with him half dozen books that he had checked out previously.  He knew they were late and knew that he’d pay a fine.  He didn’t care.  To him, the books were a sort of therapy.  He left the books on the counter.  There was a bell, but didn’t think that it was worth interrupting the librarian from her current task. 

He couldn’t help but give the librarian a thorough once over.  She was tall, with wavy brunette hair brought into a bun at the back of her head. Her blouse was buttoned at the collar with a red ribbon and a cameo, then fell at a sharp angle to cover what had to be D cup breasts.  The blouse was pulled tight and tucked around her narrow waist, into a dark green velvet skirt, accentuating her very well rounded and nicely spread hips with the hem about six inches above her knees.  He never paid much attention to shoes at all, but he did notice the black three inch heels she wore and he loved how heels added that so graceful curve to the woman’s muscular calves, how they tipped her pelvis forward, raised her rump higher and rounder, made her thighs go taunt as her toes reached the floor.    She is beautiful…  What is it?  There is something about her…

He was fairly certain that she was the same librarian that was here the last time.  But, no, that wasn’t it.  He remembered having this discussion with himself last time too.  Trace evidence of a connection, once, well made.

Perhaps I know her?  From my previously life?  She looks about the same age…  There’s just something so familiar about her…  I must know her from somewhere…  She is a striking figure.  He shook himself back to reality and checked his watch, 5:30.  He had a half hour until closing.  He looked the branch over, only two other patrons in the place, one college student and one middle aged woman.  Granted, he couldn’t see into all corners, but like most Fridays, a person had better things to do and places to be, especially this close to Christmas.

The sound of the librarian at work stopped and the sudden silence made him look her way.  There she stood looking at him, her face was not so pleasant now.

“I’m afraid I owe a fine on these,” he said.

She nodded and said, “I know.  Are you going to check out some more books?”

“Yes.” He wondered, how did she know that I owe a fine?  Yes, she was the librarian on duty when I checked them out, but why, how would she remember me, out of hundreds of patrons, over three months? 

“You can settle up when you check out.”  And with that, she went back to her task.

And he went to his.  It took him about fifteen minutes to find another four books and he brought them up to the checkout counter, as she finished making her announcement over the PA system, “The library will be closing in 15 minutes.”  On his way, he noticed that the previous two patrons were now gone.

Without looking at him, she took his books with a bit of huff, and asked as though it were obligatory, “Did you find what you were looking for?”

“As a matter of fact, I did.”  He was wondering where all this attitude was coming from.

The librarian took the first book and then looked away, as though it caused her pain, and she threw it on the countertop, “Really?  Really?  Seriously?  A Walking Tour of Brooklyn’?  Are you serious?”

“Perfectly,” he said sharply.  He was starting to get a little angry and looked back into her eyes, telling her that he was completely serious.

“Do you realize that these books are the property of the New York Public Library?  That they’re not yours?  To do with as you please?  To keep on a permanent basis?”

“I do.”  Puzzled, but not wanting to give her anything more than what she was asking for, he tried to draw more conversation out of her by minimizing his input.

“I have to wonder, after your casual attitude towards the last batch you checked out.”

 “Well, I was a bit over ambitious last time and I bit off more than I can chew right now.  There’s a bit of story behind that, but I won’t bore you with it.”

She then turned to one of the books Mike returned, she pulled the print out receipt, scrawled on it in blue ink was a note that said, “Let’s catch up!  Call me,  Sheila!”  “Mmm-hmmm, so why didn’t you call me?”  She stood, bent slightly at the waist with her fists on her hips, scowling at him in clear, obvious anger.

Seeing the note for the first time, Mike was stunned.  He thought, So, her name is Sheila…, He stammered in response, “Look, there’s a long story here…   I mean…  You’ll have to forgive me, I…?  Look, let me explain…”  He suddenly didn’t want to get bogged down into the details of the last few years.  So, as was his custom in these situations, he acquiesced with the minimum. 

“Look, I haven’t been able to read a book for over three years, so checking out so many books last time was far too ambitious.  I never got to that book, so I never found that note.  Sheila, I’m sorry.  I didn’t recognize you last time,” His next thought was, Hell, I don’t know who you are now! 

Suddenly, there came images of her, at age 10, 12, then 14.  Fairly tall, a little gangly for her age, always skinny, not much of a figure then, My God, that has changed!  At every school dance, but he couldn’t remember ever seeing her dance.  Just like him.  He’d been a professional wall-flower then, but clearly, he did know her.

With the knowledge of her name, he instantly felt faint traces of that connection with her, and clearly they had one, at one time.  If nothing else, right now, that connection was: She knows me from before!  It must be Sacred Hearts, one of Brooklyn’s Catholic schools, 1st grade through High School.  He really wanted to go out with this woman, to get to know her, again.  To relive his formative years here.  No, it was more than just that.  The longer he stared at her, the more beautiful she became.  But he felt that attraction had some history.  If I could only remember…

Sheila stood behind the counter, with her hand to her forehead, shaking her head in what seemed like disproportionate anger.  This kind of mad, over a few late books?

Why are you this mad at him?  Over a few late books?  No, it’s because you liked him, and you wanted him to like you!  No, it’s more than that even, you wanted him and you wanted him to want you!  Sheila argued with herself.

But in those days, at Sacred Heart’s, it was far better to be thought a non-dancing dweeb by the girls, than a hopeless dork by the boys!  Even being a minor jock on the Football Team would not have protected him.  He just wasn’t one of the cool kids, there was nothing more socially crippling than doing something stupid on the dance floor in front of everybody, much less in the plain view of a girl that you happened to like!  No, Mike took the coward’s way out, pretty consistently in those days.  Don’t kid yourself Mike, you’re still taking the coward’s way out!  Tell her you have problems.

 “Let me make this up to you, let me buy you dinner, tonight?”

Sheila was very suspicious and not at all ready to let him off of the hook.  She put her palm to her forehead and shook her head ‘no’ as she looked at her feet.   As she shook her head, he felt his heart sink down into his stomach.  Already feeling that sickly feeling of rejection, just like he always did in those days, at Sacred Hearts.

Sheila argued with herself, No, don’t set yourself up for another disappointment.  Don’t let yourself get hurt again!  How many times are you going to shoot yourself like this?  But then, he always was a little different.  Come on Sheila!  You are worth a little extra effort and if he has half of the character that you remember, he’s worth a little extra effort too!  Give it a shot…  Just jump in and start swimming…

Whispering she asked, “Why haven’t you been able to read a book?”

He wanted to be with her.  He wanted her company.  He wanted to know what she knows.  He wanted her memories.  He wanted to experience every facet of this straight-laced, prim & proper woman.  She looked so proper on the exterior, but within this super specimen of fine feminine flesh that lay beneath the thinnest veneer, he knew, laid a temptress!  Such a phenomenal body on her!  The contrast…  You’re kidding nobody Mike!  You’re horny and you want to be inside of her!

“It’s a long story.”  He mumbled looking so lost and forlorn at what he felt certain was her refusal for dinner.

She looked up and met his gaze, and her glare seemed to soften.  She liked his hazel eyes, he really has grown into such a handsome man.

“Is it a good story?” She asked.

He looked down towards the counter, shaking his head no, “No, sorry.  Just a long one.”
*                                      *                                      *

SORRY!  That’s all you get!  But this is a Very Romantic story above a love lost and therefore, unsatisfied, the old school flame that suddenly walks back into your life.  What would you do?  Say?  What if you reconnected very well?  What if you didn’t?

In addition to being a very romantic story, it is a Very HIGHLY CHARGED Erotic one too!  And when it comes to the steamy love scenes, nobody writes them like Mark! 

My thought here is that in being a reader and probably a pretty regular one, that there is probably some part in you that would like to be a writer.  And I FIRMLY believe, that everybody (yes, I do mean that without exception!) has a book in them.  It’s really only a matter of putting it down on paper. 

I’d like to think that I am helping to inspire the next generation of writers.  Both in Canada & the US!  Hopefully, one of these has inspired your fingers to feats of greater glory on the keyboard.  Now get busy!!!

Again, feel free, to contact me:, put in the subject line:  “Richard, I have a question…”

From Me & Mine to All of You & Yours
We are wishing you The Merriest of Christmas Seasons!!!

Richard Burns

#MIHBlog ~ Richard Burns ~ Springboards for Writing - Get the initial ball rolling;)

Hello everybody, I’m Richard Burns and I’ll be filling in for Mark Casigh today, and I can’t thank him and you enough for this opportunity.  I’m the author of “Sweet Chocolate’s First Taste,” and a couple of stories coming out soon.

Originally, I was going to focus on “Anticipation,” as my theme, but I’ve since decided to talk about “Springboards for Writing,” instead.  I use these A LOT!  Not typically once I already have a story started, but just getting the initial ball rolling.

I’m going to cite a few examples here and then ask some questions, and then ask you to post in the comments section, in which direction would you take this story?

Some of these springboards are longer than others and have different effects.  For example:  “You are standing in line at the grocery store and the person in front of you, a very attractive and fairly well dressed (if you’re a woman, it’s a man, if you’re a man, it’s a woman), turns to you and says…?”

Now we’re writers.  We’re looking to create a story here, preferably an interesting one!  So don’t just tell, the woman turns to me and says, “I can’t believe I forgot the milk, can you hold my place in line?”

It’s okay that she says that, but don’t just leave it there. Tell us about the wedding ring she is wearing.  About the food in her cart, obviously buying for a family with children?

Okay, now she’s loading her groceries in her mini-van, coincidentally, her car is parked very close to yours, one of her bags splits and the contents spill onto the pavement…  What’s your response?  When do you see her next?  How do you see her next?  Pick up the ball and run with it!!!

Now for simplicity sake, let’s just stick with the male Point of View (POV), since I am one and I don’t want to have to keep stipulating male/female, he/she, etc.

Let’s try another, and this has really happened to me.  A couple of times actually, but you are standing at a bus stop, just because I’m from there, let’s say it’s Chicago.  A very attractive woman/man is standing close, also waiting on the bus.  There’s a restaurant behind the bus stop, and the music playing on the sound system can be heard easily in the Plexiglas shelter.  Macy Gray flows over the speakers, her throaty blue notes just seem to resonate with you that day.  You find your head is subtly bobbing up and down with the music, your foot barely taps to the beat, and as the sound of her voice floats through the air, you find yourself gently swaying to the music.  But still, no one certainly would call dancing. 

But you lift your eyes, to see that very attractive person next to you, closer now, doing the exact same thing.  Now, nobody would think that the two of you were together, because you’re not.

Now, she raises her eyes and notices that you too, are doing the same thing, and he or she smiles at you.  NOW, you could be together.  Neither of you stops.  You allow the music to hold you and keep you.  If she catches your gaze again, and holds it, you are now, “together,” while at the same time your not.  But it’s the eye contact that establishes that intimacy.

Furthermore, it also establishes a relationship, of sorts.  She knows it and you know it too.  You caught each other, not dancing.  And certainly not dancing together.  You were both alone, together.  Then at the end of the three and half minutes, the bus arrives and you both board.

A).  Do you talk to her?
B).  Do you Introduce yourself?
C).  Do you allow her to fade away into the crowded bus?

The next day, same time catching the same bus.  She’s there again.  It’s an off hour commute, so the crowd isn’t too bad at all.  Again, another song comes on, you’ve heard it before, but it’s never sounded quite so good as it does right now.

          A).  Do you extend your hand to her in a silent offer to dance, on the street?
          B).  Do you maintain the anonymity?

You extend your hand to her as an offer to dance and she accepts.  It’s a slow tune so the two of you can speak.

          A).  Do you?  And if so, what do you say?
          B).  You don’t speak.  Keep things anonymous.

The whole point to these exercises is to get your imagination engaged and your fingers moving over the keyboard.

If you think you can use either one or both of these scenarios, HELP YOURSELF!  Take them and make them your own.  Make yourself a Chicago Violent Crimes Detective and your next call you find yourself standing over the woman’s body…  Or her husband’s body…  The first interview you must do is…  Her!

Okay, post your responses below, and I’ll look at them throughout the day and perhaps throw a few more questions out there, to get the creative juices flowing.

Now, as a bit of a Promo…  NO!  A SHAMLESS, advertising of my works… COMPLETELY SHAMELSS!!!

Here is an excerpt to my Erotic Romance, “Sweet Chocolate’s First Taste.”

 Click cover for more info & buy link

Sweet Chocolate’s First Taste
Columbus, Georgia: April 1979

I was training as an Infantryman in the U.S. Army at North Harmony Church, Fort Benning, Georgia. I was just seventeen years old and regrettably at the time, still a virgin. We were two weeks from graduation, and my buddies, Ed Bristol and Juan Garcia, took a weekend pass to visit Columbus, Georgia. A typical GI town of the late ‘70’s, Columbus offered an endless collection of strip joints, tattoo parlors, and pawn shops. They catered to young inexperienced soldiers, like me, from Tinytown, Kansas; Nowhere, Oklahoma; and Jerkwater, Nevada.

We checked into a cheap, dreary motel near the cornucopia of strip joints, eager for our weekend of fun and freedom. Juan left “for supplies,” while Ed and I unpacked. It was a dump on Victory Drive. Threadbare carpets, thin walls, thin drapes, and even thinner towels that felt as comfortable against your skin as twenty grit sandpaper. I would say it was clean, but the roaches would probably take offense. We were watching one of those pathetic ‘70’s sitcoms when Juan abruptly returned. Grinning, he immediately began unbuttoning his shirt. Following Juan was a surprisingly beautiful black woman. I was caught completely off guard.

She closed the door behind her. I watched intently, as her breasts swayed and jiggled slightly, ever so delicately. Her eyes were downcast as if she was embarrassed. She followed Juan into the room. At the sight of us her eyes went wide and she gave a shrug of her shoulders and a tip of her head, as if to say, “Oh well…” To me, it all said: bashful.

Instantly, I was captivated, and a little intimidated by both her age, almost thirty, and her luscious beauty. The woman—and she was a real woman, not a kid—had a pleasant round face with high cheek bones that gave it depth. She was tall, but still several inches shorter than my six feet, but I was struck by her very dark, coffee brown complexion, which seemed at odds with her flowing, shiny curls of gorgeous shoulder-length hair.

My palms were sweaty at the thought of getting them on her beautiful, perfectly proportioned breasts. Those breasts seemed to call to me, with each sway and bounce. Her soft white cotton dress fit her form sensationally, hugging her upper body alluringly, accentuating the breadth of her torso before tapering down to her narrow waist, then loosely flowing over the graceful, but sweeping curve of her hips.

My arms wanted to encircle that narrow waist, to lay my hand atop that scrumptious, perfectly developed ass, and then just pull her body to mine. To press our chests and hips together, to meld into a single being; to feel her softness pressed against my hardness. To feel the slope and curve of her back as those glorious breasts pressed against my chest. She was perhaps the most beautiful black woman I had ever met. All of these thoughts vanished quickly with my growing anxiety at my impending moment…

Okay, that’s it.  The story is only 4K words and I don’t want to give away the goods.  Lets see what you’ve decided to do with the person at the bus stop…

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is indeed time again for another of my Wicked Wednesday teases... you know you love it, so don't pretend to complain. :P

This week, I have wrangled you all a little tease from fellow HOT author, Thomas Briar and his MuseItHot release, In the Age of Hysteria.

Here are the juicy details on the tale:

by Thomas Briar

Genre: Erotic Romance (Historical)


Dr. Joseph Brenner, a twenty-two year old graduate of medical college, has a natural gift for treating hysteria, circa 1878. The only problem is none of his peers in Boston, Massachusetts will offer him an assistantship due to a supposed moral indiscretion on his part. Without obtaining an assistantship he cannot enter the medical field to build a reputation as a competent doctor. Or, so he believes.

The beautiful and affluent Ms. Mary Pyre, a twenty-six year old businesswoman, has heard whispers of Joseph's proficiency in treating the disease. She seeks Joseph out and hires him as the attending physician at her Women's Health and Revitalizing Spa. Though Joseph and Mary are attracted to each other, unfortunate circumstances make them keep their romantic feelings for one another at arm's length. It is only when he learns she needs his expertise to overcome her sexual impotence toward men that their relationship has an opportunity to move forward.

Buy Links:

Now that I have your curious, here is your Wicked Wednesday snippet for this week:


Joseph counted this as a positive sign. He used his fingers to move the stray hair away from Laura's face. He made sure his fingers gently brushed against her delicate skin. As suspected, he discovered the surface temperature of her face hotter than his fingertips. This declared her body was awakening to sexual arousal; the dilation of her pupils heralded this truth as well. He kept looking directly into her eyes.

"Now Laura, I want you to think of these straps holding you in place as if they were a strong man's embrace," Joseph voiced lowly. He gently caressed the soft contours of Laura's forehead and cheeks. "It can be any man you want it to be. You are safe and sound within his embrace. He's holding you in place because you are precious to him. He would never do the least thing to hurt you, or let anything happen to you. He only wants to discover your body's secrets and make you feel good."

Laura's eyes closed under Joseph's soothing ministrations, then flickered back open to stare at him more intently than before. She murmured softly under her breath.

"That's right, Laura. You like him caressing your face. He's such a strong man. He only wants to make you feel special, and he knows how to do this. He knows the kind of gentle touching you like."

Laura offered a slight nodding of her head. Her breathing became slow and deep. She did not close her eyes again; neither did her gaze wander from Joseph's face.

Joseph realized Laura now stared into his eyes without really seeing him; the duel orbs of jet blackness were glazed over in fantasy. He had her now, wholly and completely, her burgeoning arousal keeping an even pace with his verbal and physical ministrations.
About the Author:
Thomas Briar is a pseudonym, this author's secret alter ego if you please, and he encompasses everything this author aspires to be. He's the guy that really wrote Earning The Right And The Name. After discovering pornography at age 25, he was writing erotica by age 27. The years passed by quickly and he quit writing erotica at 35 (right when the market began slowly reviving; imagine his anguish at age 40 when he finally realized this fact while standing in the erotic section of Books A Million). From that fatefully event his first erotic novel in five years was born. He will never turn from writing erotica ever again.
Also, Thomas Briar enjoys any well written erotic story, but especially those stories containing BDSM elements within alternative lifestyles.
What do you think abou the tease? Ready to grab a copy? Have you read it already? What did you think? Always interested in what you all think, so feel free to share.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

#MIHBlog Guest Post by Thomas Briar: Have you heard about Hysteria?

Hi there,

My name is Thomas Briar. Thanks for stopping by the MuseItHOT Blog. If you've got a moment, I'd like to talk to you about a condition that dominated the sexual landscape of the Victorian Era.

To begin, did you know during the 1870's sexual frustration had become so prevalent in America that it was classified as a disease? Called hysteria, it reportedly caused virtuous women a host of physical and emotional disorders. The prescribed treatment: manual manipulation of the female sex organs into hysterical paroxysm by a licensed medical professional. Of course, directly following their induced orgasm, patients declared they felt better and the treatment continued to be a popular cure-all for emotionally distraught women until well into 20th century. 

Shocking, isn't it? It certainly was to me when I researched it out. Now, in retrospect, it makes perfect sense that there must have been some unnatural side-effects to all that chastity in the Victorian Era. Yes, cause and effect governors over all human life.

Thankfully, I'm privileged to live in a time where sexual freedom is the norm and self-pleasure is not only encouraged, but the virtues of it are extolled by sexperts all over the world. Without a doubt the present is a most wonderful era to live in.

But sometimes I'd like to go back into time to see how people lived, what obstacles they faced in their daily pursuits of happiness, how they dealt with the social conventions of their day, and most of all, simply to witness their triumphs. Yes, I’m a big fan of the indomitable human spirit. It's what propels us forward in life, refuses to let us give up, and ultimately helps us achieve our dreams and aspirations.

Speaking of which, I've had the distinct pleasure of publishing an erotic romance novella titled In The Age Of Hysteria that I'm very proud of. Steeped in historical facts, it takes place in 1878 Boston, Massachusetts and is about a very gifted young man named Joseph who enters into a business partnership with a very clever young woman named Mary and her best friend Susan. He'd recently graduated from medical college; the women were in need of a physician to administer hysteria treatments in their women's health and revitalizing spa.

As you have probably already guessed since it's an erotic romance story—Joseph and Mary become enamored with each other...but cruel circumstances keep them from consummating their love. It is only when Susan intercedes on their behalf that Joseph and Mary are provided an opportunity to live happily ever after together.

Now, if I've managed to intrigue you a little in their story, please read the excerpt below and click on the cover to take a more in depth look at In The Age Of Hysteria by Thomas Briar, my third published book with MuseItHOT Publishing.

Thanks again for stopping by and visiting with me!           

About The Author
Thomas Briar lives in South Georgia. He strives to exalt the virtues of love and lust in every erotic story he creates, but BDSM within alternative lifestyles is his absolute favorite subject to write about. This will probably always be so, no matter which sub-genre of erotica he finds his mind turning toward.

In the Age of Hysteria

No one spoke in the aftermath. Laura lay peaceably in the chair with her eyes closed and mouth open. Her breaths were coming quick and shallow. Ms. Pyre and Ms. Bowling stared walleyed. Joseph retired to the corner of the room to quickly wash his hands in a standing washbasin filled with a chloride and lime solution.

Drying his hands on a towel, Joseph came back to Laura's side. He began unbuckling the restraints, starting with her left arm to then work his way down her left leg and then back up her right side. He kept a vigil by her side after he completed her release. Some women were prone to hysterical crying and needed additional comfort afterward, though Joseph noticed none of the tattletale signs of Laura being one of those kinds. 

Nonetheless, he stayed at the ready, prepared to do whatever necessary. When dealing with the aftermath of women's orgasms, he knew nothing was out of the ordinary.

All at once, Laura opened her eyes to stare up at the ceiling. She swallowed several times before managing to speak. "I'll do it, Ms. Pyre. I'll agree to work here as the bathing attendant at the wages you offered yesterday…so as long as I get a free treatment every Friday afternoon before I take leave for the weekend. This condition is non-negotiable. And it has to be none other than Dr. Joseph who treats me. Sheer magic flows out of his hands and mouth."

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#MIHBlog ~ Sooo, What's on your mind? Guest Post by S.S. Hampton Sr.



          Draw up a chair, make yourself comfortable, and take time out from a busy day or night to relax for a few moments. The world won’t come to an end if you set aside a few moments for yourself.

          Have you ever wondered about what a complex creature a human being is? We have the ability to dream, imagine, think, plan, act, and remember. Sometimes we even remember lessons learned. However, that doesn’t mean our thinking is always logical or the epitome of common sense, but one can always hope—especially when you’re married or in a relationship.

          Sometimes our imagination and our thinking might be “outside the box,” perhaps even exciting.

          As you read this, sneak a peek at your spouse or your significant other—your other half. Maybe you’ve been together for awhile, or maybe only for a short period of time. Life is busy, especially if you have kids. Maybe life is comfortable and enjoyable; you and your other half, have a routine including setting aside some time for yourselves, especially on the weekends.

          And you know, a routine is good, even when the routine seems to stretch endlessly into the future before you.

          But sometimes don’t you wish life was a little less routine and a little more exciting? Maybe you and your other half have talked about that. Or maybe you haven’t. But, what if your other half feels the same way? Will you be the first to say something, or will your other half?

          And none of this has anything to do with “keeping up with the Jones’s” or buying into some media hype of what life should be like for a man and a woman.

          It has to do with what appeals to you and your other half, what the two of you might like to try, or explore.

          And you know what?

          If your marriage or relationship is strong, if the two of you have always communicated well, if you’re confident in yourself, and comfortable with yourself, then you have the whole world before you.

          And if what the two of you want to explore, which the majority of the world may not explore for one reason or another, then so what? After all, it’s all about you—as long as no one is hurt in the process.

          Go ahead, sneak another peek at your other half. If the two of you haven’t talked, haven’t shared fantasies, maybe it’s time you do so. Maybe it’s time to have some fun. Life is short—too short to someday say to yourself or say to each other, “What if?”

          Sooo, what’s on your mind?



SS Hampton, Sr. is a full-blood Choctaw of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, a divorced grandfather to 13 wonderful grandchildren, a published photographer and photojournalist, and a member of the Military Writers Society of America. He retired on 1 July 2013 from the Army National Guard with the rank of Sergeant First Class; he previously served in the active duty Army (1974-1985), the Army Individual Ready Reserve (1985-1995) (mobilized for the Persian Gulf War), and enlisted in the Army National Guard in October 2004, after which he was mobilized for Federal active duty for almost three years. Hampton is a veteran of Operations Noble Eagle (2004-2006) and Iraqi Freedom (2006-2007).

His writings have appeared as stand-alone stories and in anthologies from Dark Opus Press, Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy, Melange Books, Musa Publishing, MuseItUp Publishing, Ravenous Romance, and as stand-alone stories in Horror Bound Magazine, The Harrow, and River Walk Journal, among others.

Second-career goals include becoming a painter and studying for a degree in photography and anthropology—hopefully to someday work in and photograph underwater archaeology. After 12 years of brown desert in the Southwest and overseas, he misses the Rocky Mountains, yellow aspens in the fall, running rivers, and a warm fireplace during snowy winters. As of December 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Hampton officially became a homeless Iraq War veteran.

Melange Books

Musa Publishing

MuseItUp Publishing Author Page UK Author Page

Goodreads Author Page

“Sharing Rachel.” MuseItHot Publishing, forthcoming Spring 2014.


Burt and Rachel Markham are ordinary small business owners of a seed & feed store in a small Kansas farming and ranching community. Many years before, as young university graduates eagerly anticipating exciting overseas employment, a lifetime in Kansas was the furthest thing from their minds, particularly Rachel who was raised overseas and dreamed of going back. 

By July 2013 their twin 18-year old daughters, having graduated high school several months before, go east to attend a university. Burt and Rachel settle into their new life of an empty house and a predictable and unchanging routine that threatens to stretch far into the future. 

One summer evening Burt has an idea—but will Rachel accept the idea? If she does, will the idea add new excitement to their marriage, or destroy it?


          She stood and grasped his hand. “It’s a little windy out, but it looks like there’s only a slight drizzle. We won’t get too wet walking home.”

          Burt glanced at the steaming dancers again and smiled. “It’s been a long time since we walked in the rain.”

          “It has been,” she said and leaned against him.

          “I always liked walking in the rain. A light rain that is. A slight drizzle is better.” They stepped into the cool twilight. “Anyway, when your blouse is soaked your nipples really stand out.”

          “Oh God,” Rachel giggled. Silent lightning lit the wet road as if showing the way home.

          Burt slipped his arms around her, pulled her back against him, and kissed her cheek.

          “Hi,” he whispered in her ear. She responded with a little sigh and reached back to place her hands on his hips.

          It was their little signal to one another when in public—“Hi” was a hint that one or the other was horny. Burt and Rachel first began whispering the greeting to each other shortly after they became lovers in Flagstaff; now they also whispered the greeting when he slipped inside her or when she seated herself on him and they were looking into each other’s eyes.

          The storms passed and the humid summer heat returned. The feed store remained busy. The trains rumbled past Four Corners, past their home, as they had done for the past two decades. Burt always thought that the late night train whistle that echoed across the moonlit prairie was one of the loneliest sounds he ever heard.

          One night on their after dinner walk they passed by the dark school. Rachel paused and stared at the small wooden building. Twinkling fireflies floated through the schoolyard.

          “Are you going to volunteer this year?” he asked. Classes would start in a few days.

          She was silent for a few moments before shaking her head. “No. I enjoyed being a volunteer teacher’s aide, but with the girls gone…” Her voice trailed into silence. “It wouldn’t be the same.”

          Burt brushed her long hair away from her face. “What about soccer?”
          “They asked me and I said I’d help on special occasions, like the end of season awards banquet.” She folded her arms around herself as if she were cold, though a warm breeze blew across the moonlit prairie. “But otherwise, no.”

          “It wouldn’t be the same?”

          “Jah, jah,” she whispered.

          “Well, okay. I mean, there’s been a big change in our lives, but it doesn’t have to mean cutting most ties.”

          When they returned to the farmhouse Rachel announced she was going for a swim. She poured a glass of Sauvignon Blanc for herself and picked up a CD player. She usually listened to classical music, waltzes, and operas when floating in the pool. There was a chakra wind chime hanging near the pool for the times when she felt like floating in near silence except for the chimes and the sound of the prairie wind.

          A few moments later Burt followed with beer in hand. Maggie trotted behind him, rawhide bone in her jaws. Classical music floated through the night; fireflies played hide and seek among the neatly trimmed hedges along the perimeter of the yard. Others drifted in and out of the nearby cornfield, while the insects of the night droned on in disharmony.

          He saw Rachel drop a dark robe to her feet. In the silvery light of the moon her nude fleshy form had a ghostly white sheen to it. She glanced over her shoulder, flashed a lusty smile at him, and dove into the pool. He stood by the edge of the pool and watched her gliding beneath the sparkling moonlit water. Then she surfaced, rolled and floated on her back with closed eyes. A pair of fireflies circled above her face.

          It was the second time she was skinny dipping. It was like she was shedding the older, busy exterior of motherhood so that her younger carefree personality could reassert itself.

          He sipped his beer and watched her face with Bettie Page bangs plastered to her forehead, surrounded by a fan of long hair and the glimmering water. She looked so content.

          A thought was born.

          A surprising thought.

          A thought he never entertained before about his wife of 21 years—and the mother of his children. He walked unsteadily to a wooden chair with thick cushions and sat down heavily. He gulped his beer. A warm breeze flowed through the night; the trees rustled and the field of corn swayed like watery currents. Fireflies sailed past him.

          “Dammit,” Burt whispered to himself in disbelief…disbelief and excitement. And trepidation. What would her reaction be? What would she say? Could he even find a way to suggest it?


          He returned to the poolside. Her eyes were open. Moonlit water droplets on her beautiful face sparkled like tiny diamonds.

          The thought wouldn’t let go. It took root…