Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

SEXing it up...but where?

My name is Liam Stalls, author of the erotica short story: The Enchanted Bathroom, now available at MuseItHOT, the sensual side of MuseItUp Publishing.

I've been asked...well, before I continue let me offer you the back cover to my story:

Sandy Warner finds more than she bargained for in the Three Lillies bathroom. Overcome by the moans and groans from the couple in the next stall, she begins to fantasize a hunk obeying her every wish.

Richard didn’t expect to find the woman of his dreams flustered in his restaurant. After a surprise grab to his groin, he smiles.

Sandy, unsure if the man before her is real or her imaginary hunk, steps back. After an embarressing moment, she now must decide if she should make a move while the smile is plastered on his face, or apologize and walk out with her dignity.

I was at a standstill where to host my sensual scene for this story. The bedroom was typical, but lo and behold, while taking a shower, I visualized the woman of my dreams standing beside me, and my story's location was born. Naturally my dream/fantasy continued in the shower, but that's a whole different topic for another post. LOL

My question to you fine readers, and also writers, is this:

Where have you fantasized making love? Or where have you made love beside the normal confines of a bedroom? Was it more sexually appetizing to be daring?

Before I end this post, I will leave you with my excerpt of The Enchanted Bathroom, available now for only 99cents at the MuseItUp Publishing bookstore.

Having finished the pukes and cussing I took out my handy mouthwash and rinsed several times at the mirror and sink area. The door opened and I heard footsteps approaching. When I looked up I had to take a double take...

“Miss, are you all right? I heard...well...someone being sick and just wanted to make sure no one needed my help.”

I stared at him from the mirror. My hunk! My imaginary hunk stood behind me. In a daze I turned around and grabbed his crotch.

“Hey!” He stepped back.

I must have turned all shades of red because I felt the embarrassed heat flaring my cheeks and neck.

“I’m...so...sorry.” I just grabbed this guy’s crotch. What am I? Nuts? “I just wanted to make sure you were real and not a part of my fantasy. Oh my God, you must think I’m nuts.”

Totally surprised, he didn’t run out like a mad man. He actually approached me and...

Now that you are all hot and bothered...looking forward to reading your responses.

Liam Stalls