Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Incubus Lust

Incubus Lust by Charlotte Davila

Marcus, an accomplished demonic incubus is sent by Lilith, the Mother of All Succubi, to seduce Elizabeth Benoit, a small town diner owner whose fianc√© has just left her. What he doesn’t count on is the feelings that Elizabeth stirs within him.

I waited until closing time, lingering until it was just me and Elizabeth.  Slowly, I walked over to her. She watched me with cautious eyes. “You’d better be on your way. Kitchen’s closed, and I’m not brewing another pot of coffee.”
“I’m not interested in another pot of coffee.” I turned on the incubus charm, pushing power into my words to sweeten the seduction.
She licked her lips and turned away. “Then what do you want?”
I drew closer to her, running my fingers over the bare skin of her arms. Her breathing quickened as my magic worked to build the lust between us. I nuzzled her neck, gently moving wisps of raven hair out of the way to take in the scent of her apricot soap. Just under that was something else—the raw scent of her pheromones—beckoning to me to take her. She’d give me her soul and Lilith would take her.
“Elizabeth,” I whispered.

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