Monday, June 6, 2011

In From the Cold coming soon!

In From the Cold by L.J. Holmes
Releasing June 10
Contemporary Romance Erotica

Mari loves men who are intimately communicating with the Grim Reaper, like her only mountain neighbor, ninety-plus year old Hector. Twelve years and now she's enjoying her solitude, till Hector ups and dies.
He leaves everything to her, with one stipulation...she must sell his cabin to collect her inheritance.
Determined to keep her world testosterone free she commands her real estate agent to not even show the curmudgeon's cabin to anyone under the age of sixty-five.
Mari must leave for her son's wedding in the mid west for one month. Necessity requires she sign temporary power of attorney for a possible quick sale over to her real estate agent. A bad, but necessary move.
He's moving in and her son's age with rippling muscles, and far too much testosterone. All summer, Mari hunkers inside and drools.
Determined to make this stop, she sees only one solution...jump his bones, do the deed and get the annoying SOB out of her system once and for all.
Like most well designed plans, something always happens to blow them to smithereens, and now, three agonizing days later, a huge blizzard is about to hit the mountain, isolating the two cabins from the outside world...Oh Dear!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hog Wild by Christine London

Hog Wild by Christine London
Contemporary Romance Erotica

Kyle Matthews might have the music world by the horns, but when he loses out in love to his most famous client and best friend, he escapes into the wilds of the desert southwest on a restorative motorcycle trip. Will the hard driving, salty tongued gorgeous mechanic he relies upon to fix his Harley be able to mend his heart, as well?