Thursday, April 28, 2011

Do you

Woke up this morning to a cloudy and very rainy sky. Then it hit me...summer is just around the corner...Okay, more like "I hope summer is right around the corner." How many times during the winter months do we say:

I'm going to exercise my butt off and lose a few pounds, ready for those summer shorts, no more flab. 

Yeah, well, a gal can dream of no flab. LOL

So a certain song hit me this, not while I was combing my hair and frowning in the mirror...just a liar.

I never liked this song for some reason but today that's the only tune going through my head, so enjoy...

and feel sexy no matter if flab is around, no matter if the weight is up there...

because it's the person inside that counts the most.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nearly Wed and Newly Dead

Nearly Wed and Newly Dead
by Carlie Angelus

When Shelby Lynch dies on her wedding day, her new life as a Minder begins.  Now, 20 years later, she's been sent back to her hometown of Loch's Landing, Florida to guide fireman Brax Hennessey into the afterlife.  But will this angel complete her mission or will her assignment be forgotten when things heat up between them?

I couldn’t help but let him linger in the land of uncertainty for a few moments longer. After all, his life was about to change in a very big way. Well…actually he was soon to be without a life, but I couldn’t bring myself to spring that on him right away. I was having too much fun.

First he thought I was a groupie, then he thought I was crazy, now he thinks I’m a call girl sent to him by his buddies.

For some reason, he was now standing there with his hands on his hips trying to look unthreatening and smiling at me like a dork. This was the most fun I could remember having…well…pretty much ever.

“Why don’t we just start with a basic introduction, you know, before you shove me out of the way and take off?”

His eyebrows rose a little higher at this suggestion, and I thought I heard a small groan from the back of his throat.

“I’m Shelby, and it is nice to make your acquaintance…Braden, isn’t it?”

He bit the inside of his cheek as if contemplating his next move very carefully.

“Yes, but most people call me Brax,” he said with a slight shrug.

“Ah yes, as in the Brax Bar,” I said.

“One and the same.”

I turned and surveyed the bar more closely—old fashioned knotty pine wood and obviously well maintained and well loved. I hadn’t seen a speck of litter in the parking lot, and this was a rare thing for a bar.

“You take very good care of it, I see.”

With that comment, I detected an almost imperceptible change in his demeanor. He seemed to relax just a hair.

“Thanks, Shelby. I appreciate you noticing.”

I could tell he was just playing my game in hopes I’d wander off and leave him alone. It was time to lay it on the line. No more putting it off. I had to get him to face reality and prepare him for what was to come.

“Brax, I’ll be honest with you. I was sent here but not by your friends and not to be your date.”
He continued staring at me, and I could see his mind working through the possibilities of what words I would say next. It was clear he didn’t yet believe a word I was saying.

“There’s really no easy way to tell you this but…in two days time…you’re going to die.”