Monday, March 7, 2011

Duke-a-Thon: Ciel responds to Colin and Awni

Colin…you have a choice. Just stop the drugs and go to rehab. At least you have some control of your life. Seems I’m stuck with this flipper. And so what if Awni has to  live in her ice palace? At least it’s right for her icy skin. I have no idea how to be a mermaid. No clue how to find food or where to sleep. Darned good thing that pirate captain, Raphael, came along when he did or I could’ve died. I do feel sorry for queen Awni living a sexless life, since her frozen touch would terminate her lover. What’s she doing in MuseItHot? Ice cold and frigid…brrr. At least I have those privileges with both a handsome merman and Raphael, quite the smooth-talking buccaneer. That might sound wonderful, but actually turned into the opposite problem...too many offers. Those two frustrate me to no end, wanting me to pick one over the other. Doesn’t occur to either I need a bit of time to figure out how to live with a flipper and tail fins. 


Kat said...

Well I have sympathy for you of course. Changed from one thing to another. But in the end, you can touch. People, merpeople, fish, dogs, cats. I can't touch anyone or anything or they die. It just plain sucks. I can't even have a pet to ease the lonliness.

Kyle Matthews said...

A fish out of water story, eh? Or should I say a fish in water withouth the proper knowledge. As I said, I've not much sympathy for those living in the sea or any place other than dry land where we mear mortals struggle to make things right.

Get this--Colin's been told by his AA sponser not to have anything to do with the fairer sex. Ha! ANd he still warns me off of Jenna? The nerve. I know I've a bit of a reputaiton to deal with, but I am Jenna's manager and shall not betray that no matter the temptation.

Too much interest you say? Piff. Nothin' like that in the music world. The attention is not the problem. It's not bein' able to have the woman that you truly fancy. Some supposed best mate orderin' you about. Makes my blood boil. No Ice queen for me, or cold fish. I've a red blooded woman the likes I've never imagined, to promote.