Monday, March 28, 2011

MuseItUp and Hot to be at Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention

April 6th through 10th, 2011 hundreds of romance authors, editors, agents, librarians, bookstore owners, other industry professionals and thousands of readers will gather at the classy silver glassed cylinders of the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles for the yearly romance-love fest. Workshops by day and elegant dinner dances by night,


the event will be topped off by the crowning of the new "Mister Romance" on Saturday evening. He will receive a bookcover shoot contract with a major publishing house as well as the substantial boost this award gives any aspiring model's career.


The elite group of candidates will mingle weeklong, schmoozing authors and readers alike to see the fruits of their candidacy.


MuseItUp and MusetHot will be represented by Christine London. She will be there throughout, available to answer questions about our house as well as take names and contact information of those authors who show interest and promise.

Both the electronic Book Expo on Friday the 8th from 4-6p.m. AND the print Book Faire on Saturday the 9th 11a.m.-2p.m. will feature hundreds of signing authors. Separate entry to these events is only five dollars--an opportunity to meet the biggest names in romance.
Setting up for e-publisher Expo

Agent's Panel RT 2009

Six of our Muse authors and our wonderful boss have generously donated gifts to be raffled at "Club RT" to one very lucky reader. Champagne, luscious chocolates, dinner at Red Lobster, a night out at the cinema, free Muse romance downloads, candle, lotion, romantic DVDs and author swag are wrapped up in cellophane to be displayed for all to see--valued at over two hundred dollars. Flyers telling a bit about our awesome participating Muse Authors will bookend the basket. We are featured on the RT website as donors.


Many thanks to Lea for her generous sponsorship and our own Karen Cote, Marsha A Moore, Viviane Brentanos, Christine London and Sara Durham for their donations and support of this project!


Barry Eisler & Christine LondonBr/>
Faery on Foot

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Magic Sandcastles--My Favorite Scene

One of my favorite scenes from my fantasy romance, Tears on a Tranquil Lake, inspired me to paint an illustration to enjoy on my walls and use on my websites.

Magic Sandcastles
The painting, shown larger on my website, is entitled Magic Sandcastles, depicting one of my favorite scenes in the book.

I'm very pleased with the way it turned out and had the illustration printed on some cool items to give away in a contest (tote bag, note card sets, post cards). These are also pictured on my web page.

To learn more about the contest and see my painting, go to the contest page of my website. Contest ends March 31.

Here’s an excerpt from my favorite scene which inspired the artwork:

A splashing sound interrupted my sunbathing. Meris pulled up onto the rock next to me.  Without a word, he bent over me and tasted my lips.

My lips grew warm and tingly in response.

He looked up and gazed at the pirate ship for a while. “It looks like the Hawk is stocking supplies to travel.  Are you joining them?”

I nodded, afraid to look into his eyes in case he did not approve.

“Where are they going?”


He sighed and shook his head. “You'll be gone for at least three days.” We sat in an awkward silence.  Then he took my hand and smiled. “I have a new place to show you today. Come with me, Ciel.”

I returned his smile and we pushed off the rock, finding Albeo waiting to join us. Meris and I swam hand-in-hand for a couple miles, arriving in the surf of a beach with powdery soft, white sand. Dunes, grasses, and flowering sea plants made the coast private. The entire area as far as I could see lay natural and undeveloped. It belonged to us.

Meris led me onto a bend in the shore, decorated by a community of sandcastles.

“How fun! They're remarkable!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, they are, but watch.” He waved his arm above the structures, and in moments hundreds of tiny hermit crabs became the ‘people’ of this imaginary world, climbing the ramps and manning the turrets at his bidding.

“Oh!  How do you do that? That's amazing!”

“Merpeople can perform magic. This is only one simple example of what I can teach you.”

“Yes! Please, teach me! I want to know how. That's such fun!”

While the surf lapped at our tails we sat next to one of the castles. Meris instructed me how to focus my mind, and with patience and time I directed a few of the crab ‘men’ to follow my bidding.

“There you go!” He applauded. “Practice will improve your skill. Later, I'll show you more of our magic.”

“I can’t wait!”

The lesson ended and he leaned into me. “Such beautiful golden hair,” he said as he moved strands aside to nibble my earlobe.

I lifted my chin upward, enjoying the sweet sensations.

The tip of his tongue traced along my extended neck and I sighed. His hands passed around my waist, drawing me closer. His lips soon found their way to mine, covering them with butterfly kisses. Nothing could feel softer or more like love itself.

When we paused to catch our breath, I pulled back slightly and wrapped my fingers around the black pearl. “What does your gift mean?  The captain told me . . .”

He placed a hand over mine, enclosing the pearl. The magic of the amulet within our hands pulsed harder.

What a surprise for a young woman, to find herself suddenly transformed into a mermaid.

Ciel’s first thought – track down the merman who changed her and make him reverse his magic. Unable to find him, survival in her new world becomes paramount. She eagerly accepts help from a dashing pirate captain who takes a fancy to her, lavishing her with finery. When her merman does show up, he competes for her affection. One look into his eyes makes her life more complex -- he is her soul mate.

Which man will she choose – pirate captain or merman? Which life – human or mermaid? Caribbean adventures and dangers chase Ciel as she searches for decisions and the key to her happiness.

Warning: This book contains Haitian vodou, sultry wenches, foul-mouthed scalliwag pirates, overindulgence of fine Caribbean rum, and amorous encounters on deserted beaches.

Purchase links:
MuseItUp Publishing
Barnes and Noble

Tears on a Tranquil Lake: Who will she choose: a smooth-talking pirate captain or a handsome merman? Ceil’s shocking transformation into a mermaid forces her to decide who holds the key to her happiness.

Marsha A. Moore, author . . . the magic of romance

Tears on a Tranquil Lake, 2/1/2011 & Sea Glass and Sand Memories, 6/1/2011 - MuseItHot Publishing

Ashes--Favorite Scene

My favorite scene in Ashes? It wouldn’t have been possible without opening paragraph.
 Raw thirst dominated Lyle’s fantasy. Cracked ribs, battered leg, ankle bruised by the shackle, three broken fingers, deep slashes along inner thighs, and bone jutting through muscle in the left arm—it all lay crushed under the need for water. Images of shimmering droplets danced behind his crusted eyelids.
I couldn’t believe I’d written that, and one question dominated the others. Who was this dead guy, and, did anyone care he’d been murdered?
           Lyle stepped up, giving me little choice. Either I made things right, or he’d join his murdered brother and the story would end by page two.
          I had to fight to for every word, each paragraph.
          Because I remained clueless how to fix the problem I created on page one, the saddest scene for me ended with Myles’ lover putting an exhausted Lyle down to sleep.
His chest lifted, slow and deadened—a soft burst of scent filled his lungs.
Oh MyMy. The aroma of almond-vanilla sent an arrow straight into his heart. His spine arched upward, and Lyle’s eyes rocketed open.
Renold handed him a blue T-shirt.
Lyle shoved his face into it, eased over onto his side, and curled into a ball.

           I suppose you’re wondering what a horrible opening paragraph, and the saddest scene have to do with this blog’s theme of favorite.
           Sorry. Cooperation is out of character. Lyle has problems with authority in general.

            Lyle cleared the dust from his throat. “We gonna sit here forever? You must need a sugar fix, Sheriff Dickwad. Get your hands out of your pants and onto the wheel. I’ve rights, right? Lawyer. Phone call to Dad. He’ll love knowing I’m to be buggered in a Vegas lockdown.”
             He shifted against Renold, staring at dark curly arm hairs. “Sorry, Renold. I know you wanted a go. But you have a badge. Maybe you can get a conjugal before I’m toasted.”

             Of course, there’s always exceptions. The following lady manages to get a straight answer out of Lyle. Here’s a clip where he’s trying to pull off pretending he’s Myles, so he can get away from his brother’s lover and off himself.

              Lyle unstuck his wet cheek from Renold’s shirt. An ancient woman wearing that white collar and black hooded habit peered up at Renold. She lowered her chin and stared at Lyle. “A brush in your hand, could you create beauty?”
Tears slid, thick and hot. “No. Myles paints…painted, not me.” Goddamn, who could lie to a four foot nun?
            “He’s dead. Murdered?” she asked.
So, unless you’re an ancient religious figurehead, I’m taking the fifth regarding my favorite scene, it's too interwoven with the plot.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Duke-a-Thon: Ciel responds to Colin and Awni

Colin…you have a choice. Just stop the drugs and go to rehab. At least you have some control of your life. Seems I’m stuck with this flipper. And so what if Awni has to  live in her ice palace? At least it’s right for her icy skin. I have no idea how to be a mermaid. No clue how to find food or where to sleep. Darned good thing that pirate captain, Raphael, came along when he did or I could’ve died. I do feel sorry for queen Awni living a sexless life, since her frozen touch would terminate her lover. What’s she doing in MuseItHot? Ice cold and frigid…brrr. At least I have those privileges with both a handsome merman and Raphael, quite the smooth-talking buccaneer. That might sound wonderful, but actually turned into the opposite problem...too many offers. Those two frustrate me to no end, wanting me to pick one over the other. Doesn’t occur to either I need a bit of time to figure out how to live with a flipper and tail fins. 

Colin Dunlow Might be famous, but...

So he’s supposed to be my bleedin’ brother? I don’t care if we grew up together and our parents were like family. Sometimes even blood’s not thick enough to make you tolerate some of the *@# such as Colin Dunlow has dished. And he’s not even blood.

What? Yeah…that Colin Dunlow. Just because a bloke is thrust into the spotlight of fame and has a voice that would seduce the ice princess herself doesn’t mean he’s absolved of being a donkey’s behind. After all I’ve done for him—bein’ his manager has not exactly been a day at Regent’s Park.

Of course he and his band Dumbarton skyrocketed up the charts. The man has more talent in his little finger than all those contestants on Britain’s Got Talent. Oh yeah, you Yanks call it American Idol your side of the pond. But then he started in with the bottle. I should say he escalated his consumption. We all had many a night out down the pub over a few pints, but when Colin started in on the hard stuff too—well let’s just say it’s a miracle he’s still alive.

So I find this talent over in Los Angeles whilst there with my other clients and actually convince her to fly over to sing at the AID’s benefit at Royal Albert Hall. She’d take the place by storm for dead cert with that sultry alto voice and those lavender eyes. Like the royal jewels they are. She’s this pretty way about her. Got a walk like a little boy, but with this allure of the full-blown hot commodity she is.

No, you got it all wrong. I am a professional. I know when to touch a woman and when not. Colin did not need to threaten bodily harm. She’s my client and I’ve got to see to getting her launched. He’s crazy if he thinks she’ll give him a second look, just out of half way house, he is. He can’t even see to washing his socks, much less so much as a double take at a powerhouse of talent such as Miss Jenna Lindstrom. And then he has the *^#@ to ask me not to touch ‘er?

I live in the real world here— today’s Britain and round the globe to see to my clients. You’ll see no make believe in my world. I deal with some of the most talented people on the planet—and the biggest pains in the arse. Anyways, I’ve no concern or sympathy for you others who frolic about the imagination. I’ve got a world of music fans to keep happy…and one effin’ ex drunk that can lose more dosh—oh yeah, money— in one night if he’s not there onstage than the rest of my clients bring in in a year’s time.

If he so much as harms a sun kissed hair on Miss Jenna’s head, I’ll…I’ll not be held responsible for my actions. Hangin’ out with the likes of him can bring nothin’ but unwanted attentions. The man simply spells trouble.

Okay—I’m away. Got some studio recordin’ time to see to.

Kyle Matthews

Shadows Steal The Light - Cover

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Taste of Terror Now Available

A Taste of Terror 
by Chastity Bush

When Cole Douglas is sent in search of a rogue werewolf, he thinks the mission will go off without a hitch as so many before.  As a Guardian, it is Cole’s job to protect all living beings, mortal and immortal alike. But when sexy nurse/newly turned werewolf Chloe Dunn attacks him, his new mission take a surprising turn as he learns that not only is she beautiful, she is his mate.
Refusing to acknowledge his destiny, Cole continues with his intended mission, only to find that the beautiful creature that attacked him is not only his one true mate but his ticket to finding the rogue werewolf he has been assigned to kill.

Despite the danger lurking all around them, Cole finds himself drawn to the Chloe unlike any woman before. From her golden brown hair to her amber eyes, Cole realizes that even though he doesn’t think he is ready for a mate, just a look from her can set his blood on fire.
Chloe Dunn is just learning to live life as a werewolf when the scent of a stranger sends her into a frenzy and leads her to attack him. Cole is dangerous and wild, something she needs no part of but the overwhelming pull he has on her is more than she can bear. The more time she spends with him, the more she wants him, needs him and will do whatever it takes to have him, even if it means placing herself in the hands of the very rogue that turned her.


I am just about picking myself up off the floor. I just received a wonderful review for Written in Stone.

All power to Muse.