Monday, January 24, 2011


“Why Am I In This Mess??

“Good question, since it isn’t of my making. Well, maybe it is, but I hate admitting to anything. Hi, folks, Brea here.

“Guess you could call me the heroine of Big Girls Don’t Cry Wolf, only there really isn’t anything heroic about getting shoved down, having a sexy guys face planted in my derrière, getting ripped off by a half-naked, pissed-off guy, getting rescued ~ I think ~ by a pair of giant wolves…only…I’m still lost. And, should I even go on… *Big Deep Breath*

“I’m on a roller coaster as soon as these big hunky dudes walk into the resort expecting a relaxing vacation. Well, that’s another thing, there’s no way in hell those two guys would ever kick back for a little R&R or should I say B&B Family and Fishing Resort.

“Grey and Blake, hot, virile twin werewolves, end up changing everything in my life, but not in a ménage sort of way. Gads, no. Grey is enough for any girl to handle, and besides Shayla (my closest friend) went off the deep end for Blake.

“Those two find each other and have a tough time of staying away from each other. They may say the same about Grey and me, and…maybe they’d be right.

“Wait a minute…what’s that?” *rustling from the next room* “OH…

“Kay Dee’s going through my closet again. She loves my T-shirts and sweatshirts, although, like I’ve mentioned before, I fill them out so much better. But, don’t mention it to her. She felt bad enough when my story ended. In fact, I’ve made a few attempts at convincing her about writing another book or two about what happens at B&B. It might be fun, the next big adventure for all of us.

“I’ll keep at her. Maybe eventually enough of us here at B&B will get to her…until then, check out Big Girls Don’t Cry Wolf, by Kay Dee Royal, released January 1, 2011 through Muse It Up Hot Publishing. See for yourself, should our story continue?”

Signing off for now,


Arlene said...

Brea, sounds like your life is as turbulent as it can get. Twin weres, yummy and dangerous, and the local, a B&B, is a interesting setting. I'm adding to my must read list. Congrats on the release and good luck getting Kay Dee to continue your story.

S.Durham said...

Hot, virile twin weres...nope can't get any better than that:)

Cheers, Sara