Monday, January 17, 2011

Kalimera and all that Jazz. from Viviane Brentanos

A warm hello from Corfu. It is another glorius day. Temp nearing 20 celcius. I love these days, when the sky is a Monet blue and the olive clad mountains shimmer in the distance.
So, what can I tell you about me? I am British/French married to a Greek{gotta feel sorry for my kids really.Fiesty temperament r what}. As a person, I hate routine. I am a non-conformist and a free spirit and, which is probably why I loved Corfu from the moment my plane landed back in 1984. As I have said before, Greece is a state of mind. It stands for passion, sometimes frustration but always about emotion. When it comes to my writing, however, I turn into classic Virgo faffer. I can be Sheldon Cooper fussy. I have been known to spend hours, trawling stationers just to find the right pen.
What else? Oh yes, I have been accused of being immature. Who cares? I don't. I am 16, always been 16 and I intent to stay 16 This is probably why I have so many crushes. Darren Hayes, Russell Crowe, Enrique, Nadal {all the inspiration behind many a male character of mine}. I adore music of all genres but would have to go with Heavy Metal as my fave. When I grow up I want to be Angus Young although I would settle for Lady Gaga. I am a staunch defender of animal and human rights. I am a nut about Afghan Hounds and this breed is on the cover of Written in Stone {my Feb MuseITHot release} and is heavily featured in the tale.
What is my life like here? Pretty much the same as yours, I imagine; housework, kids, all mixed up with my seasonal work as a Hotel receptionists. One thing it is , its never dull. Corfu has long been somewhat of a cosmopolitan island, home to many ex-pats as well as welcoming tourists from around the world. This mix of cultures is reflected in the atypically Greek architecture,the rich history of music and dance. The Greek calender is full of events. Name days, carnival, easter,{perhaps the best easter celebrations to be found anywhere in the world} Christmas with not much time for recovery in between. All centred around food, of course {and the Mythos beer}.
And then we have summer. Glorious days at the beach, sipping on ice-cold Freddos, a coffee with which StarBucks can never compete. Balmy evening strolls in the beautiful Venetian town of Corfu or the picturesque fishing village of Benitses. Sharing good times with friends and family and the glorious pita.
So when do I find time to write, I here you all ask? Easy - I sneak it in at work, crouching behind the reception desk. I write long-hand. {can't be doing with spell-check's constant interuption to my creative flow} and then, during the winter months, I transfer to pc and begin the tweeking. I love this bit. I must be a rare creature. I enjoy the whole editing process.
What do I write about? Romance but romance that touches on important issues, all washed down with a touch of that famous caustic Brit humour. I am what I call a cynical romantic {or romantic cynic - not sure.} What do I mean by this? Real life experience has left me a tad cautious about this disease called love. I have been party to too much heart-ache - personal and otherwise - for me to be anything else. I think this is why I love penning my little tales. In my world, I can make my characters behave as I want, how I would love the real world to be.
Where do my ideas come from? More often than not, a dream. Sometimes it's nothing more than a feeling. A song lyric may plant the seeds of a plot and off I go, developing the story as I walk around the house or sit on the bus to work.
Which brings me to my first MuseITHot offering. Written in Stone - a love affair with a difference. A story focusing more on the connection of souls rather than the physical - althought I hasten to add, it does hold a few tasteful 'naughty' bits. That's what I love about the Muse family. As a publishing house, they are brave enough to think out of the box. It is a home where, I believe, all we Musers will be able to learn and grow. Yes, talent is important but, as with anything, one's craft has to be improved upon. And I can here Lea in the background saying, Manna mou - she's rambling again. Hey - the Greek has seeped into my soul. We talk a lot. I could go on and on but I will bow out gracefully{for now} and hand the floor over to another. Til next time. If you want more of my rambles, they can be found here.
Yassou to all.



Roseanne Dowell said...

Beautiful pictures and it sounds like a wonderful life. Good for you for staying 16. I have a son who swears he'll never grow up too. I love the attitude. Didn't someone once say - "you're only as old as you feel"?

Viviane Brentanos said...

Or how about , you are only as old as the man you feel? lol

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Oh, Viviane, that was so naughty and NICE!!! As old as the man you feel. So let's pray he's not 101. hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

Hello Viviane - nice to meet you, sister Muser. Your life sounds romantic, your world sounds romantic, how can you not write romance (smile). Congratulations on Written in Stone - it sounds like something I must to add to my 'read' list of books - done.

Lin said...

Oh God, Viv,

Can I borrow your photos? They will add to my array of pics for future cover blogs?

And Oh am I looking forward to doing the cover blog for your next Muse Book, Cold, Cold Heart. Have no idea what it is about...yet...but the cover...WOW...don't suppose I can use your pics for this book? Cold, Cold Heart comes out in July 2011 right? Judging from the cover it looks like the perfect read on a in the air is thick with sweat soaking into the humdity...your book will be better than an air conditioner.

Viviane Brentanos said...

Hey Lin, free free