Friday, January 28, 2011

Introducing James McIntyre from Written in Stone

Am I late? Sorry. Story of my life, but in my defense, I just flew in from a shoot. My name is James, by the way, James McIntyre, photographer extraordinaire and grand pisser offer of important men. I used to be a fashion photographer but I now I do mainly editorial. To steal a phrase from the revered Capt James T Kirk, {Star Trek for you non-nerds} I like to boldly go where no man has gone before. Unfortunately, certain heads of state do not share my enthusiasm. For some reason they take umbrage at me capturing on film the truth as I see it. Well, as we all see it really; as they say – the camera never lies.
You gave up photographing beautiful women for that? Are you mad – I hear you men out there asking? {Incidentally, nice to see so many guys reading and writing romance. Way to go on getting in touch with your feminine side}. I hate to shatter your illusions but once you’ve seem one beautiful girl, you’ve seen them all. Some of them are so thin you could use their ribs as cheese graters.
I digress. I always do that. It drives my controller mad. My controller is Viviane, btw, a nutty Brit who lives in Corfu and is obsessed with her Rabbit. {A real one, btw – not one that takes batteries} She doesn’t mind me calling her the controller, as long as I don’t tag FAT on the front. You know – Fat controller – as in Thomas the Tank? Ok, strike that. It’s a Brit thing. And I’ve done it again.
So, Viviane decided, {God knows why}, to write a story about me. At first I was miffed; I tend to be a private person but she pointed out that as she created me, she can do what she bloody well wants with me. She swears a lot but that is the Greek influence, I expect. Great swear words in that language. Oops, there I go again. Anyway, I read her story and I was quite impressed, mostly because she made me out to be so handsome and an all round cool guy. {Lol} But more important, she really captured the essence of Cassie.
Who is Cassie? Oh Cassie - big sigh. Cassie is the most wonderful woman I have ever met; she’s smart, funny, sensitive but most of all, she is so in tune with who I am. It was so weird. We connected from day one, that first meeting in the park when she saved my sister’s mutt – and me – from near death. My sister, Meg would have had my nuts for breakfast if anything had happened to her prize walking Yeti. But back to Cassie.
There is something about her, apart from her striking beauty – and that’s my professional take talking, btw. She has a vulnerability about her that tugs at my heart. I want to be all-macho and protect her. I hadn’t planned on falling in love with her and here, dear audience is my dilemma. I am not free to love her. I am involved with another. Is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time? Before, I would have said no but now I know it is too damn possible. Meg says I am playing a dangerous game; an unfair game because my darling Cassie wears her too-fragile heart on her sleeve. I know what she wants from me but I am not in a position to give it to her. I am so confused but, hey, that’s the story of my life. Conflict, always conflict: if not with my disapproving father then with my partner. And there’s a relationship that is floundering but I am not ready to give up on it yet. As I said before, there is still love there. So what do I do? Whichever way you look at it, someone is going to get hurt. I’m not a bad guy. I hate this situation but, in my defense, I never lied to Cassie; she knew from day one I was involved but….well, we have no control over our lives. I thought we could be just friends but I realize it’s not going to work. Ok, well now I have thoroughly depressed myself. Lucky I have my controller to sort me out. Take care all and hey – buy the book. It’s called Written in Stone. I came up with that one. It’s riveting stuff even if I do say so myself.
Live long and prosper,
James McIntyre.

P.S. That’s Cassie on the cover. Isn’t she gorgeous? Oh –and the pooch is Madonna. I suppose I better say she is hot too or Meg will kill me.

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Christine London said...

Ah poor sweet James. Men handle being in love X2 perhaps as badly as we women. Yes of course, it is not only possible, it happen more times than most are willing to recognize. ANd in the end there can be more hurt than gain---unless---
Well it shall be interesting to see how you handle it.
Anyone who has had the dilemna might seriously consider having a read of Written In Stone.
Christine London