Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hi from Arlene Webb a few Days Late

I write—paranormal, sci-fi, historical, undefinable, always with layers of romance from sweet to spicy—every free second I can steal.
Not always easy with holidays around every corner.
I run a florist shop located on Main St, USA.
That white building reflected in the glass of this absolutely adorable window display is a funeral home I visit often.

I also have to take care of the bookkeeping side of things since my mom ran off to sunny California and abandoned me. Here’s my filing. Well, one box at least. Hope the accountant doesn’t shoot me, but if so (cup half full and all) I won’t have to do the funeral flowers.
 Boring, boring, boring--that's all I have to repeat about the paperwork and the roses.
These green dianthus balls are cool.
I’m currently working on the finale to a sci-fi series, and counting the days until my debut novel—Ashes—a paranormal thriller is released sometime in May. The worst month of my life (thanks to the holiday out of hell--mother’s day) will be the best ever, thanks to MuseitHot publishing.

That's a little window into my world. I'm so happy I'll be able to share the larger picture soon. One hundred and two days until May 1, when Ashes hits the Muse bookstore. Yippee.


Jennifer Hoffine said...

Yay! So cool about ASHES. Congrats, Arlene!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Very nice post, Arlene. I can't wait for Ashes to come out but I want it in paperback too!!!!!!!!

Cate Masters said...

Thanks for the fun glimpse into your world. Congrats on your upcoming release, very exciting. And I love that cover.

Anonymous said...

It's so fun to learn more about you!

Chrystalla said...

So nice to know more about you, Arlene! And Ashes... The cover alone makes me want to read it!