Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Excited and Enthused

Hello fellow Readers!

I've been reading over February MuseItHot release, Shadows Steal The Light, and getting enthused all over again!

It's been awhile since I've lived with charismatic rock singer, Colin Dunlow and his amazingly magnetic agent, Kyle Matthews. WHen these two men start after the same woman, it just makes my blood pressure spike (and I know what's going to!) Hope y'all get drawn into their world in a tumble of emotion just like I do every time I read..

Shadows Steal The Light

Colin Dunlow is caught in a web of alcoholism precipitated by his skyrocketing fame as lead singer of the world's hottest hard rock group, Dumbarton. When he bumps into legal activist and sultry jazz singer, Jenna Lindstrom, he's no idea what's in store. How can he maintain his newfound sobriety whilst navigating a comeback and investigate who might want him dead? All of this and he has an AA sponsor who won't allow him any serious relationship, not if he wants to live. What's a rocker to do? Especially when the woman of his dreams hates rock and roll.

Shadows Steal The Light - Cover



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Lin said...

Christine, you are one of our secret nova stars. You keep your brilliance low keyed, but you are one mightily talented lady who absolutly rocks.