Monday, January 17, 2011

Elizabeth Coldwell Checks In

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Coldwell, dropping in to introduce myself. I’ve been writing erotic fiction for over twenty years, firstly as part of and alongside my job as the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine, and now full time (a scary step to take, but a very enjoyable one, as I’ve always loved to write).

My credits include short stories and longer works for many of the major erotic publishers, including the late lamented Black Lace, who pretty much defined the concept of erotic fiction for women in the UK, and in the last couple of years I’ve been venturing more and more into the world of writing for e-publishers (although my first e-story came out around eight years ago). As for style and genre, I’ve covered pretty much everything from intense BDSM themes to light-hearted vanilla stories, with forays into the paranormal and romantic suspense. The only genre which really does nothing for me is cowboy fiction – there seem to be some writers who produce nothing but, but for whatever reason I can’t see the appeal. Though here in England there’s really no tradition of big men roping steers and riding the plains – though we have given romance fiction some of its other big fantasy figures, like mediaeval knights and swashbuckling sea captains. Of course, if anyone reading this can explain just why cowboys are so hot, please leave a comment – I’d love to know what you all think.

It’s hard to say what style I enjoy writing most – I’m having a lot of fun penning m/m stories at the moment, which puts the lie to the theory that you need to write about what you know. The thrill of writing for me is in trying to create characters people really believe in, not impossibly perfect heroes and heroines or storylines where there’s never any doubt they’ll overcome the obstacles placed in their way. And I like to tackle interesting and unusual themes, whether that’s writing about a woman selling cupcakes with suggestive names, a couple who make a DVD of themselves playing a bondage game then leave it where they know their cleaner will find it or a Victorian washstand haunted by the ghost of the hunk who once owned it...

My first release for MuseItHOT! was Be Good To Your Elf, a naughty but nice story set in Santa’s grotto that came out in December. I have two more on the way – The Face In The Glass, which tells what happens when a clairvoyant starts seeing visions of a handsome stranger in her crystal ball, is due out in May. And next year, I’ll have a story in the Lacey’s Lamp collection. If you don’t yet know about Lacey Flowers, she’s a genie who runs a bar for women only and offers her customers the chance to explore their most cherished erotic fantasy. It’ll be great fun to see how the other authors in the collection handle the theme.

Enjoy learning more about my fellow Muse authors, and if you’d like to know more about me and my writing, check out my blog at


Emily Pikkasso said...

Oh Liz, Oh my! Why are cowboys so hot?? Hmmm let me think, tight wragnlers for a start! I guess they appeal because they are a mixture of tough guy and little boy, they straddle a snot throwing bull or a 1200 pound horse who buck for a living without a qualm but then they look for their mom in the crowd. Cowboys have a sense of honor, they help each other out, trade notes on the stock, lend horses, drive another injured driver's chuckwagon for him. Sorry, carried away, again!
I lvove the cover of your Be Good To Your Elf, and look forward to reading more of your work in the future.
Hugs, Emily

Anonymous said...

Wonderful intro Liz. I enjoyed your story Be Good to Your Elf - fun, fast, sexy. Congratulations on this book and your up coming releases also - The Face in the Glass. Looking forward to reading it.

Lin said...

Howdy Elizabeth...ooops, I think the couwgirl in me just surfaced...which is daunting when you consider I grew up in PA, just hangnail
s length north of Philadelphia. I did ride a horse, once. Man are you far up off the ground.

Be Good To Your Elf was a fun cover blog for me to do and brought bought a lot of memories from my year working retail while in college. (I wasn't one of Santa's elves...I was security...I got to climb into some very bizarre places that had tiny peep holes for us to watch the activity happening below us...No NOT in the dressing rooms...I mean...ooooh...who in their right mind would want to watch 300 pound ladies in mini-skirts sausaging themselves into bikinis or men with beer enhanced bellys that played tag with their knee caps?

I am really looking forward to your next cover blog for THE FACE IN THE GLASS that I beleive is coming out May I right?

Great posting, but I have to say toodles for now if I am going to be at my peak tomorrow when I call in to our editors Blog Talk Radio Show tomorrow...OMG...later tonight.

Night All.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, ladies, for helping to educate me about the allure of cowboys. My own favourite men are mostly football (soccer, not American football, which also baffles me when I've tried to watch it) players, but I suppose any man who can master a fiercely bucking bronco is going to have plenty of fans...