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Just A California Girl With A British Heart

Just A California Girl With A British Heart

Help! I’m a British soul in a surfer girl body. Awe, poor you, I hear you a’thinking. You could be Bi Polar stuck in an Elmer Fud physique. Not really the point though because I’m not complaining.

One of the most amazing things that could ever happen to a person happened to me in July of 2005. I discovered that my long ago year of university in London jumped to the forefront of my life with the deluge of a story I simply had to tell. My love for the people and place of the United Kingdom finally found a home in writing a good tale!

This Tuesday Liverpudlian hard rocker Colin Dunlow’s struggle to re-launch his career as lead singer of the world renowned Dumbarton will be told in all its messy, wonderful frightening glory. It doesn’t help matters that his AA sponsor has forbidden him any serious relationship and that someone is taking pot shots at him with deadly intent. He’s a tough Scouse, a man from Merseyside with a big heart and a disease that would challenge the strongest of men.

What’s an author woman to do when she knows a novel can touch the lives of so many readers-- can uplift and inspire? When a place and her people are at the root of so much of popular culture, when artists from that place are amongst the most beloved in the world, when a character, a man-- from that place can learn to overcome one of the most difficult circumstances in life to reengage the world-- how much better a reason to shout from the rooftops---this is a great read!

Shadows Steal the Light
will entertain, inspire, uplift and educate. Be prepared to fall in love with not one, but two fabulous men. Live the life of a woman catapulted into fame under the auspices of one of these men—a woman with the heart of a tiger and the voice of an angel. A woman who hates rock and roll. Experience the glare and thrill of the spotlight, the rush of audiences bewitched, the love of two men who just happen to be business partners and best friends. What’s a woman to do when two fabulous men reach out for her?

I'm just a California Girl With A Bristish Heart---care to join me?


It’s love at first sight for rock star Colin Dunlow when he runs into sultry jazz singer, Jenna Lindstrom, with a few complications. The woman of his dreams hates rockers and there’s someone who wants him dead.

He heard the pop of a gun. Diving behind the mailbox bolted to the edge of the curb, heart racing in his throat, he rolled back into a crouch. The silver coupe had turned and was now coming at him along the sidewalk. He bolted across the street and ran, full tilt into a side street bordered by old twenties houses interspersed with more modern apartment complexes. Craning his neck for a brief backward glance, he spilled over the tire of a bicycle and into a row of similarly parked bikes outside the entrance to an apartment building. Tumbling onto the grass easement between sidewalk and street, he scrambled to his feet, looking for the coupe. It was turning the corner from 32nd Street parallel to the Shrine, onto his side street. Searching frantically for someway, something to slow the vehicle down, he picked up one of the bicycles, now flattened in a domino effect against the others and flung it into the street.
He looked back toward the approaching coupe: a maelstrom of jacaranda blossoms swirled in its wake as it accelerated toward him. He took off down the sidewalk again, this time not looking back. The centrifugal force behind the speed of his flight projected him out into 30th Street as he flew around the corner toward Figueroa. At an all out sprint, he dashed across the major artery, dodging the still clogged traffic exiting the Shrine toward the freeway. Running past Carl’s Junior, he headed for the overpass just the other side of Flower Street.
Shite. Who the hell? His mind raced on ahead of him as he pumped his arms in Olympic exertion. Having the green chain link mesh of the overpass fencing in clear view, he risked a glance back. The coupe was weaving around the cross traffic of Figueroa in perfunctory fashion, nearly clipping the bumper of a black SUV. Only one way out; he bolted toward the fence, leaping in upward propulsion, reaching for the top crossbar, propelling himself over with raw strength, determination and adrenaline.
His body slammed against the freeway overpass sign, dangling like the condemned from the gallows. Hands clamped tightly to the crossbar, teeth gritted, he lowered his chin to look below him. A catwalk of sorts, supporting lights for the sign, was but a few meter drop. He stole one more glance toward the street, just catching a blur of silver going north around the corner on Flower, toward downtown, the freeway flyover and against traffic. The metallic clunk and reverberation up his legs as his feet landed on the catwalk jarred him into a contracted crouch. Looking behind and down, he saw the rooftops of lethargic traffic scooting forward in preemptory battle to get ahead.
The unmistakable sound of large masses of metal being compacted came from the direction of Flower Street. An ivy cover fence screened any view of what had occurred. It wasn’t thirty seconds later, as Colin assessed the distance to the pavement, that he saw the form of a man catapulting over the ivy clad fence, leaping onto the overpass.
Head and face covered with a black ski mask, the identity of his pursuer was impossible to detect. Judging from the agility and muscularity of the man, Colin was in for some serious trouble. Damn! He timed his descent to coincide with the eighteen-wheeler passing under him. Pulling in a resolute lungful of air, he leapt.
The roof of the truck gave slightly with the impact of his weight. Its forward movement was slow enough, that it jolted him from his feet onto his knees, but did not propel him head over heels. Palms flat, he braced himself in anticipation of greater force. Shooting a glance at the receding over pass, he saw the darkly clothed athletic figure of the man in the ski mask land on a truck with a short red trailer, not two lengths behind him. Colin searched three hundred sixty degrees, twisting his crouched body to obtain the widest possible panorama of the rapidly degrading situation. His options were narrowing.
As the red truck moved forward, its driver signalled a lane change toward the left. Traffic was beginning to pick up speed as the effects of the merging onramp were diminishing. Wind now played a factor in not only his stability, but his ability to see as his long hair whipped about his cheeks and eyes. He moved along the roof toward the cab, remaining crouched to preserve what advantage a lower center of gravity might afford.

He felt, rather than saw, his assailant landing on the cold reflective grey of the truck’s roof; vibrating shockwaves caused by the weight of his body striking the rear of the trailer telegraphed through the metal like a seismic shock. Colin turned to see the man leaping across the long surface of the roof. Who is this…f**king Spiderman? Colin’s racing thoughts jumbled in an upset of twisted incomprehension as he tried to force his mind to cooperate through the serge of adrenaline-laced resolve coursing through him.

Available February 1st

Shadows Steal The Light - Cover

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Introducing James McIntyre from Written in Stone

Am I late? Sorry. Story of my life, but in my defense, I just flew in from a shoot. My name is James, by the way, James McIntyre, photographer extraordinaire and grand pisser offer of important men. I used to be a fashion photographer but I now I do mainly editorial. To steal a phrase from the revered Capt James T Kirk, {Star Trek for you non-nerds} I like to boldly go where no man has gone before. Unfortunately, certain heads of state do not share my enthusiasm. For some reason they take umbrage at me capturing on film the truth as I see it. Well, as we all see it really; as they say – the camera never lies.
You gave up photographing beautiful women for that? Are you mad – I hear you men out there asking? {Incidentally, nice to see so many guys reading and writing romance. Way to go on getting in touch with your feminine side}. I hate to shatter your illusions but once you’ve seem one beautiful girl, you’ve seen them all. Some of them are so thin you could use their ribs as cheese graters.
I digress. I always do that. It drives my controller mad. My controller is Viviane, btw, a nutty Brit who lives in Corfu and is obsessed with her Rabbit. {A real one, btw – not one that takes batteries} She doesn’t mind me calling her the controller, as long as I don’t tag FAT on the front. You know – Fat controller – as in Thomas the Tank? Ok, strike that. It’s a Brit thing. And I’ve done it again.
So, Viviane decided, {God knows why}, to write a story about me. At first I was miffed; I tend to be a private person but she pointed out that as she created me, she can do what she bloody well wants with me. She swears a lot but that is the Greek influence, I expect. Great swear words in that language. Oops, there I go again. Anyway, I read her story and I was quite impressed, mostly because she made me out to be so handsome and an all round cool guy. {Lol} But more important, she really captured the essence of Cassie.
Who is Cassie? Oh Cassie - big sigh. Cassie is the most wonderful woman I have ever met; she’s smart, funny, sensitive but most of all, she is so in tune with who I am. It was so weird. We connected from day one, that first meeting in the park when she saved my sister’s mutt – and me – from near death. My sister, Meg would have had my nuts for breakfast if anything had happened to her prize walking Yeti. But back to Cassie.
There is something about her, apart from her striking beauty – and that’s my professional take talking, btw. She has a vulnerability about her that tugs at my heart. I want to be all-macho and protect her. I hadn’t planned on falling in love with her and here, dear audience is my dilemma. I am not free to love her. I am involved with another. Is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time? Before, I would have said no but now I know it is too damn possible. Meg says I am playing a dangerous game; an unfair game because my darling Cassie wears her too-fragile heart on her sleeve. I know what she wants from me but I am not in a position to give it to her. I am so confused but, hey, that’s the story of my life. Conflict, always conflict: if not with my disapproving father then with my partner. And there’s a relationship that is floundering but I am not ready to give up on it yet. As I said before, there is still love there. So what do I do? Whichever way you look at it, someone is going to get hurt. I’m not a bad guy. I hate this situation but, in my defense, I never lied to Cassie; she knew from day one I was involved but….well, we have no control over our lives. I thought we could be just friends but I realize it’s not going to work. Ok, well now I have thoroughly depressed myself. Lucky I have my controller to sort me out. Take care all and hey – buy the book. It’s called Written in Stone. I came up with that one. It’s riveting stuff even if I do say so myself.
Live long and prosper,
James McIntyre.

P.S. That’s Cassie on the cover. Isn’t she gorgeous? Oh –and the pooch is Madonna. I suppose I better say she is hot too or Meg will kill me.

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Ophelia's Mess

A rail-thin woman sits in the center if a twin-size bed and crosses her legs. Her sweater’s so long, the sleeves drop six inches past her fingertips. She pushes chin-length strands of hair behind her ears and clears her throat.

“My name’s Ophelia,” she sighs. “I guess I’m supposed to tell you I’m insecure, or whatever. I’m not. It’s just that Trace is … well, wonderful. But he’s a rock star, and a very popular one.” She raises her hands. “I know, I know, every woman’s dream right? Rich, famous, oh-my-gosh-good-in-bed. But we all know how men get that talent. Practice.” Ophelia scoffs.

“I mean, come on. There’s only one kind of man that says the ‘L’ word during casual sex.” She turns slightly to wipe at gleaming eyes before facing forward. “Okay, so I fell for it. But I took care of it. I’m not a complete idiot.”

She leans forward, eyebrows drawn together. She points a finger. “Don’t roll your eyes at me, Danielle, I can see you!”

A Trace of Love, August 2011


Lyle materialized, center stage. He brushed cyber-ink of his shirt.  “Ahem. Attention please.”

No response. Men and women chattered and pecked at keyboards.

“Hey—narcissist bastards,” he bellowed. That did it. A multitude twisted to glower at him. “Er…sorry. I’m here under duress. One of your cohorts, Arlene Webb, is under the impression I’m her minion. She used every excuse in the,” he snickered, “book. Head cold, writers block, her dog that died two years ago ate her scribbling, blah blah. I said I’d pop over and introduce myself.”

“Lyle Logan.” He plastered on his full wattage grin, snapped his arm out, bowed and straightened. “I can’t show my actual face, copyright laws and all, but my brother--Myles--uses these pictures quite often.”

Stupid hoosers gawked at him like he should be one-dimensional or something. “Could you all relax? I’m only a figment of one perverse mind and whatever you do, don’t abuse the messenger.”

He swallowed hard and plunged in. “To get to the point of my visit, my story will be told in May—or so the almighty thinks.”
Lyle fought his shiver. A frown filled Lea’s lovely face. That woman was no dummy. She knew exactly where the delete key was. He had to play nice, threaten these good people, and get the hell out of here before the wise leader caught on.

He gritted his teeth and prepared to lie. “Ashes is a fantastic book. Nothing terrible happens, guys and gals fall in love, ends with a gallop into the sunset. It’s sure to be the hottest seller in 2011, show the world exactly how progressive a relatively new publisher can be.” 

Frickin’ vultures. They loomed over him, sipping drinks and licking their lips. He clenched his fists and muttered, “Trust me, you’d best listen carefully. Tragic events are destined. For deities, not minions. Myles Logan is not a sacrifical goat, understand?”

Vultures suddenly became chirping bluebirds. Heads dipped, condescending smiles curved lips, they hung on his every word. The vast imagination crackling from above made Lyle’s skin crawl. He had to stop dithering and get on with this. Wheels were in motion, crimes committed. No author, fickle fingers of fate, whatever, would separate him from his twin.

A sudden booming noise made him jump.
What the ! Lyle was getting soaked. Oh. Right. He sighed and shook water off his eyelashes.

“Yeah, yeah. Arlene has another contract with Muse. The lead for Lacey’s Lamp series—Let It Rain—January 2012. She expects me to brag about it even though I live in Los Angeles where it doesn’t rain all the blasted time, and I could care less. No way that sappy romance will ever get a better cover than I got. If the almighty asks, rain is all I talked about, got it? Kay. Thanks. Bye.”

He'd figure out a means to prevent words from being published later. 
Time to skedaddle.

arlene's author page
arlene's blog


“Why Am I In This Mess??

“Good question, since it isn’t of my making. Well, maybe it is, but I hate admitting to anything. Hi, folks, Brea here.

“Guess you could call me the heroine of Big Girls Don’t Cry Wolf, only there really isn’t anything heroic about getting shoved down, having a sexy guys face planted in my derrière, getting ripped off by a half-naked, pissed-off guy, getting rescued ~ I think ~ by a pair of giant wolves…only…I’m still lost. And, should I even go on… *Big Deep Breath*

“I’m on a roller coaster as soon as these big hunky dudes walk into the resort expecting a relaxing vacation. Well, that’s another thing, there’s no way in hell those two guys would ever kick back for a little R&R or should I say B&B Family and Fishing Resort.

“Grey and Blake, hot, virile twin werewolves, end up changing everything in my life, but not in a ménage sort of way. Gads, no. Grey is enough for any girl to handle, and besides Shayla (my closest friend) went off the deep end for Blake.

“Those two find each other and have a tough time of staying away from each other. They may say the same about Grey and me, and…maybe they’d be right.

“Wait a minute…what’s that?” *rustling from the next room* “OH…

“Kay Dee’s going through my closet again. She loves my T-shirts and sweatshirts, although, like I’ve mentioned before, I fill them out so much better. But, don’t mention it to her. She felt bad enough when my story ended. In fact, I’ve made a few attempts at convincing her about writing another book or two about what happens at B&B. It might be fun, the next big adventure for all of us.

“I’ll keep at her. Maybe eventually enough of us here at B&B will get to her…until then, check out Big Girls Don’t Cry Wolf, by Kay Dee Royal, released January 1, 2011 through Muse It Up Hot Publishing. See for yourself, should our story continue?”

Signing off for now,

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Get FREE erotica ebook!

Want to get a FREE and very steamy erotica e-book?

All you have to do is join our Muse HOT readers group before midnight Sunday, Jan you'll receive:

Sandy Warner finds more than she bargained for in the Three Lillies bathroom. Overcome by the moans and groans from the couple in the next stall, she begins to fantasize a hunk obeying her every wish.

Richard didn’t expect to find the woman of his dreams flustered in his restaurant. After a surprise grab to his groin, he smiles.

Sandy, unsure if the man before her is real or her imaginary hunk, steps back. After an embarressing moment, she now must decide if she should make a move while the smile is plastered on his face, or apologize and walk out with her dignity.

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Introducing a New Author: Danielle Ravencraft

I'm usually punctual when it comes to blog posts. Usually. But on Monday, while everyone was introducing themselves, I was sitting in the optometrist's office with an infected abrasion in my left eye. Not fun. No idea how it happened, either. I'm convinced my eye thought it was a hilarious prank. Now that my eye is feeling better, here's my very late introduction. Better late than never, right?

My name is Jennifer. My last name is equally common. Thus, I write under the pseudonym, Danielle Ravencraft. I'm one of MuseItHOT's newest authors. My debut contemperary romance erotica, A Trace of Love, is scheduled for August 2011. There's no better feeling than knowing my work is under contract and looking forward to seeing the cover art and the finished product. Well, actually seeing the finished product might be a better feeling. :)

I was born in San Diago, CA but left when I was only four years old. I grew up in the Chicago area and developed what they call "thick blood", which means I'm no pansy when it comes to cold weather. Though I'm hopeful I'll move south someday and forget what it's like to have to wake up an extra thirty minutes early to locate and then dig out my car.

I absolutely love Chicago in the summer months, though. There's no other place I'd rather be than downtown with friends. I think you'll notice the influences of city life in my writing. My settings, for example, are almost always urban.

After graduating collage, circumstances led my moving to Wisconsin. It was just a hop and a skip over the boarder. No big deal, right? Wrong. My first year living in Wisconsin was a major culture shock. Time slowed, buildings were replaced with corn fields, and people became cows. Seriously. My neighbors are the Swiss Vally farm and the Oberwise Dairy farm. I've gotten used to being a small-town gal since then. I definitely don't miss the traffic ... unless there is a tractor driving in front of me. But in my opinion, I've been lucky to live in both worlds. It helps to have a more rounded view of the world, which in turn transitions to my characters. 

Writing, for me, began with a quote. "If there is a story out there you want to read, but isn't written yet, write it yourself." I've been an avid reader since childhood. I've also always been a daydreamer. But I didn't quite put two and two together until a few years ago. I wish I could remember who said that quote. It was the catalyst that finally got me to sit down and write a full manuscript.

Since then, I've joined several writing groups, attending a dozen workshops (even helped teach one), and have made a hobby of trying to figure out the best way to connect to readers. How am I doing so far?

As you can see by the length of this post, I can ramble on and on. So I'll wrap it up with a blurb for A Trace of Love and some links where you can find me. It was great meeting everyone. I'll be back on Monday with an other post, even if my eye falls out. :)

A Trace of Love
by Danielle Ravencraft

Ophelia has a chance encounter with internationally famous rock-star, Trace Curtis. They share one night together in which she falls in love with the charming Trace. But Ophelia doubts she is anything more than a groupie and sneaks out after he falls asleep. In truth, Trace falls in love with Ophelia. But can he find her in time to tell her?

Hi from Arlene Webb a few Days Late

I write—paranormal, sci-fi, historical, undefinable, always with layers of romance from sweet to spicy—every free second I can steal.
Not always easy with holidays around every corner.
I run a florist shop located on Main St, USA.
That white building reflected in the glass of this absolutely adorable window display is a funeral home I visit often.

I also have to take care of the bookkeeping side of things since my mom ran off to sunny California and abandoned me. Here’s my filing. Well, one box at least. Hope the accountant doesn’t shoot me, but if so (cup half full and all) I won’t have to do the funeral flowers.
 Boring, boring, boring--that's all I have to repeat about the paperwork and the roses.
These green dianthus balls are cool.
I’m currently working on the finale to a sci-fi series, and counting the days until my debut novel—Ashes—a paranormal thriller is released sometime in May. The worst month of my life (thanks to the holiday out of hell--mother’s day) will be the best ever, thanks to MuseitHot publishing.

That's a little window into my world. I'm so happy I'll be able to share the larger picture soon. One hundred and two days until May 1, when Ashes hits the Muse bookstore. Yippee.

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Hello Everyone from Kay Dee Royal

Hello everyone and welcome to Muse It Hot Blog site. Our publisher, Lea Schizas, asked us to introduce ourselves and give a little background on why we write, what we’ve learned in our writing process, and maybe talk about our favorite genre.

I’m Kay Dee Royal. I write paranormal erotica romance. Since I began writing in my youth, fantasy and science fiction have been my preference, mostly because those have always been my favorites to read.

The first time I read a shifter book (werewolves), I developed an instant passion for the genre. Being taken into a reality that includes beings of supernatural abilities and strength gives me hours of entertainment. And once in a while I get really lucky and hold a piece of those characters with me for much longer than the story lasts. I read many different genres within romance, but paranormal and fantasy are my absolute favorites.

What I’ve learned along the writing process:  Knowing more about my characters before I start writing the story works better for me. I used to think my characters would develop themselves over the pages without my knowing ALL about them from the beginning. But, after taking a Paranormal Writing course where character development is so important (to have their abilities down, their motivations, drive, purpose) I came to a new understanding, characters flow onto the pages fuller and faster if I know them inside and out before writing my first line of a story.

My first paranormal erotica romance, Big Girls Don’t Cry Wolf, was released January 1, 2011.

My current work in progress is, Staring Into the Eyes of Chance, the first of the Lycan International Investigation Agency series.

Thanks for visiting Muse It Hot, and I hope you come back again soon.

Kay Dee

Elizabeth Coldwell Checks In

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Coldwell, dropping in to introduce myself. I’ve been writing erotic fiction for over twenty years, firstly as part of and alongside my job as the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine, and now full time (a scary step to take, but a very enjoyable one, as I’ve always loved to write).

My credits include short stories and longer works for many of the major erotic publishers, including the late lamented Black Lace, who pretty much defined the concept of erotic fiction for women in the UK, and in the last couple of years I’ve been venturing more and more into the world of writing for e-publishers (although my first e-story came out around eight years ago). As for style and genre, I’ve covered pretty much everything from intense BDSM themes to light-hearted vanilla stories, with forays into the paranormal and romantic suspense. The only genre which really does nothing for me is cowboy fiction – there seem to be some writers who produce nothing but, but for whatever reason I can’t see the appeal. Though here in England there’s really no tradition of big men roping steers and riding the plains – though we have given romance fiction some of its other big fantasy figures, like mediaeval knights and swashbuckling sea captains. Of course, if anyone reading this can explain just why cowboys are so hot, please leave a comment – I’d love to know what you all think.

It’s hard to say what style I enjoy writing most – I’m having a lot of fun penning m/m stories at the moment, which puts the lie to the theory that you need to write about what you know. The thrill of writing for me is in trying to create characters people really believe in, not impossibly perfect heroes and heroines or storylines where there’s never any doubt they’ll overcome the obstacles placed in their way. And I like to tackle interesting and unusual themes, whether that’s writing about a woman selling cupcakes with suggestive names, a couple who make a DVD of themselves playing a bondage game then leave it where they know their cleaner will find it or a Victorian washstand haunted by the ghost of the hunk who once owned it...

My first release for MuseItHOT! was Be Good To Your Elf, a naughty but nice story set in Santa’s grotto that came out in December. I have two more on the way – The Face In The Glass, which tells what happens when a clairvoyant starts seeing visions of a handsome stranger in her crystal ball, is due out in May. And next year, I’ll have a story in the Lacey’s Lamp collection. If you don’t yet know about Lacey Flowers, she’s a genie who runs a bar for women only and offers her customers the chance to explore their most cherished erotic fantasy. It’ll be great fun to see how the other authors in the collection handle the theme.

Enjoy learning more about my fellow Muse authors, and if you’d like to know more about me and my writing, check out my blog at

Kalimera and all that Jazz. from Viviane Brentanos

A warm hello from Corfu. It is another glorius day. Temp nearing 20 celcius. I love these days, when the sky is a Monet blue and the olive clad mountains shimmer in the distance.
So, what can I tell you about me? I am British/French married to a Greek{gotta feel sorry for my kids really.Fiesty temperament r what}. As a person, I hate routine. I am a non-conformist and a free spirit and, which is probably why I loved Corfu from the moment my plane landed back in 1984. As I have said before, Greece is a state of mind. It stands for passion, sometimes frustration but always about emotion. When it comes to my writing, however, I turn into classic Virgo faffer. I can be Sheldon Cooper fussy. I have been known to spend hours, trawling stationers just to find the right pen.
What else? Oh yes, I have been accused of being immature. Who cares? I don't. I am 16, always been 16 and I intent to stay 16 This is probably why I have so many crushes. Darren Hayes, Russell Crowe, Enrique, Nadal {all the inspiration behind many a male character of mine}. I adore music of all genres but would have to go with Heavy Metal as my fave. When I grow up I want to be Angus Young although I would settle for Lady Gaga. I am a staunch defender of animal and human rights. I am a nut about Afghan Hounds and this breed is on the cover of Written in Stone {my Feb MuseITHot release} and is heavily featured in the tale.
What is my life like here? Pretty much the same as yours, I imagine; housework, kids, all mixed up with my seasonal work as a Hotel receptionists. One thing it is , its never dull. Corfu has long been somewhat of a cosmopolitan island, home to many ex-pats as well as welcoming tourists from around the world. This mix of cultures is reflected in the atypically Greek architecture,the rich history of music and dance. The Greek calender is full of events. Name days, carnival, easter,{perhaps the best easter celebrations to be found anywhere in the world} Christmas with not much time for recovery in between. All centred around food, of course {and the Mythos beer}.
And then we have summer. Glorious days at the beach, sipping on ice-cold Freddos, a coffee with which StarBucks can never compete. Balmy evening strolls in the beautiful Venetian town of Corfu or the picturesque fishing village of Benitses. Sharing good times with friends and family and the glorious pita.
So when do I find time to write, I here you all ask? Easy - I sneak it in at work, crouching behind the reception desk. I write long-hand. {can't be doing with spell-check's constant interuption to my creative flow} and then, during the winter months, I transfer to pc and begin the tweeking. I love this bit. I must be a rare creature. I enjoy the whole editing process.
What do I write about? Romance but romance that touches on important issues, all washed down with a touch of that famous caustic Brit humour. I am what I call a cynical romantic {or romantic cynic - not sure.} What do I mean by this? Real life experience has left me a tad cautious about this disease called love. I have been party to too much heart-ache - personal and otherwise - for me to be anything else. I think this is why I love penning my little tales. In my world, I can make my characters behave as I want, how I would love the real world to be.
Where do my ideas come from? More often than not, a dream. Sometimes it's nothing more than a feeling. A song lyric may plant the seeds of a plot and off I go, developing the story as I walk around the house or sit on the bus to work.
Which brings me to my first MuseITHot offering. Written in Stone - a love affair with a difference. A story focusing more on the connection of souls rather than the physical - althought I hasten to add, it does hold a few tasteful 'naughty' bits. That's what I love about the Muse family. As a publishing house, they are brave enough to think out of the box. It is a home where, I believe, all we Musers will be able to learn and grow. Yes, talent is important but, as with anything, one's craft has to be improved upon. And I can here Lea in the background saying, Manna mou - she's rambling again. Hey - the Greek has seeped into my soul. We talk a lot. I could go on and on but I will bow out gracefully{for now} and hand the floor over to another. Til next time. If you want more of my rambles, they can be found here.
Yassou to all.


Marsha A. Moore saying hello!

For our first themed day of group posts on MuseItHot, I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m Marsha A. Moore and I write fantasy erotic romance, playing with mermaids, mermen, pirates, witches, wizards, dragons, and a wide variety of other magical beasts of my own creation. I also enjoy writing paranormal erotic romance with all manner of ghostly spirits.

I love writing because it lets my creativity flow like a stream, creating new worlds and new characters who are terrific playmates.

My writing process is an adventure, both singing and grieving with my characters. After that fun, it’s all about making lots of new friends with other writers and readers. Networking and promoting can be intimidating, given the contrast of living in a world of a handful of characters within your mind, but I’ve found such good friends. It’s a wonderful part of the journey.

My book Tears on a Tranquil Lake releases in just over two weeks, on February 1st. 
Who will she choose: a smooth-talking pirate captain or a handsome merman? Ceil’s shocking transformation into a mermaid forces her to decide who holds the key to her happiness.

Stop by my website to learn more about me and my writing.

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Sea Glass and Sand Memories

Sea Glass and Sand Memories
by Marsha A. Moore

Expecting only a relaxing vacation to paint coastal dunes, a young woman entangles herself in much more -- falling in love with a ghost who needs her to escape a witch’s spell.

Looking forward to a relaxing week at a Lake Michigan coastal resort, Kate gets much more than the picturesque dunes she intended to paint.

Adventures start when her requested room is switched beside an unusual couple – a witch and her lover, a ghost.

During her stay, the handsome ghost, Anson, tries to ensnare her into helping him escape the witch who killed him and then enslaved his spirit. The witch holds him captive on the property of his mother’s resort. Anson wins Kate’s heart and loyalty; she goes to great lengths to free him.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Excited and Enthused

Hello fellow Readers!

I've been reading over February MuseItHot release, Shadows Steal The Light, and getting enthused all over again!

It's been awhile since I've lived with charismatic rock singer, Colin Dunlow and his amazingly magnetic agent, Kyle Matthews. WHen these two men start after the same woman, it just makes my blood pressure spike (and I know what's going to!) Hope y'all get drawn into their world in a tumble of emotion just like I do every time I read..

Shadows Steal The Light

Colin Dunlow is caught in a web of alcoholism precipitated by his skyrocketing fame as lead singer of the world's hottest hard rock group, Dumbarton. When he bumps into legal activist and sultry jazz singer, Jenna Lindstrom, he's no idea what's in store. How can he maintain his newfound sobriety whilst navigating a comeback and investigate who might want him dead? All of this and he has an AA sponsor who won't allow him any serious relationship, not if he wants to live. What's a rocker to do? Especially when the woman of his dreams hates rock and roll.

Shadows Steal The Light - Cover



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Friday, January 7, 2011

Our 100th cover!


This is our 100th cover.

Big congrats to Delilah and a thank you as well for not only producing these amazing covers but for being who she is--an amazing down to earth lady I so respect.

And congrats to Dana Littlejohn for hosting our 100th cover.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sea Glass and Sand Memories cover

Sea Glass and Sand Memories, the June 1st paranormal erotic romance short story release by Marsha A. Moore now has a cover!

Credit goes to artist Delilah Stephans for her work. I especially like how the text she created resembles sea glass. The setting, in the dunes area of Lake Michigan is a favorite spot of mine, having many childhood summer vacation memories. I'm glad this story is being published, as a tribute to those wonderful memories.

Looking forward to a relaxing week at a Lake Michigan coastal resort, Kate finds much more than the picturesque dunes she intended to paint.

Adventures start when her requested room is switched beside an unusual couple – a witch and her lover, a ghost.

During her stay, the handsome ghost, Anson, tries to ensnare her into helping him escape the witch who killed him and then enslaved his spirit. The witch holds him captive on the property of his mother’s resort. Anson wins Kate’s heart and loyalty; she goes to great lengths to free him.

Warning: This story contains paranormal sex, pagan abuse of a ghost spirit, nightmares, and happy family memories.